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International oil refining company North Atlantic operates a chain of roughly 40 gas stations located throughout the Provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador in Atlantic Canada. The major retailer serves as the principle station of the peninsular and islandic territories. Locations sit along main highways in the sovereign areas. The largest concentrations of storefronts reside in the Greater St. John’s area, which houses the capital city and most densely populated metropolitan zone between the two provinces.

Company operations extend well beyond refined oil and gasoline sales. Customers may choose from home heating options, such as oil-burning furnaces and propane as well as lubricants, commercial fuels for mass transportation vehicles, aircraft, and marine craft, and storage equipment. Divisions of labor remain highly invested in surrounding communities at both the local and corporate level. Each year, the major oil company partners with charitable and environmental organizations to raise awareness for social issues and donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to groups like Big Brothers and Sisters and Special Olympics to assist in event planning and reaching organizational goals.

Diverse services, community outreach, and an expansive retail presence create excellent opportunities for job seekers to find meaningful and enriching work with the fuel company. Applicants in search of entry-level positions encounter widespread opportunities for part-time and full-time work offering competitive base pay and training programs spurring career growth into managerial or supervisory roles. Individuals with specialized backgrounds and serious interests in long-term employment with North Atlantic may choose from fruitful job options in fields like logistics, product development, engineering, marketing, and IT.

North Atlantic Jobs and Salary Expectations

Due to the nature of most jobs available, applicants must stand at least 16 years of age in order to gain employment at any North Atlantic gas station or convenience store. Workers typically assume varied and irregular schedules upon hire. General duties also require moderate physical strength, as tasks like inventory, stock, and maintenance consistently require manual labor. Applicants for managerial roles must fall at least 18 and possess some experience in the retail industry or selling gasoline commercially. Brief descriptions of common positions for hire sit below:

Station Attendant

  • Traditional offering part-time hours, station attendant jobs remain ideal for entry-level employment hunters.
  • Base pay scales fall around $12.00 CAD for station attendants.
  • Previous experience may alter initial earnings; however, the gasoline retailer rarely excludes candidates without work histories from applicant pools.
  • Positive traits hiring personnel look for in new station attendants include friendly and attentive attitudes, reliable means of transportation, and the ability to work nights, weekends, and holidays, as needed.
  • Responsibilities vary day to day and include merchandising, customer assistance, and sales processing.


  • Entry-level employees and outside applicants possess the ability to apply for supervisory and managerial roles within each retail location, as well.
  • Individuals with experience in the industry and organized, personable, and dedicated attitudes often qualify for work as managers.
  • Base-level management typically enjoys pay around $14.00 CAD, while store managers often make in excess of $40,000 CAD.
  • North Atlantic employs managers to set work schedules, assign daily tasks, organize and implement realistic sales goals, and onboard new staff.
  • Base-level managers generally carry out entry-level attendant duties in addition to supervisory responsibilities.
  • Shift managers may work part-time or full-time.
  • Most station managers enjoy full-time hours.

North Atlantic Job Benefits

The Atlantic Canadian gas station chain sources employees locally as a way to invest in surrounding communities. Job seekers enjoy generous wages and diverse, inclusive, and supportive work environments conducive to career growth and upward mobility. Part-time and full-time positions at the retail level also provide discounts on products and services and flexible scheduling options. Full-time gas station workers may also qualify for pension plans, healthcare coverage, paid time off, and life insurance options.


North Atlantic began in 1994 after the purchase of the Come By Chance oil refinery in Newfoundland and Labrador. Retail operations expanded into fuel retail soon after. The company changed ownership in October 2006 and again in 2009, with Korea National Oil Corporation assuming full proprietorship of the North American energy firm.


Like most gas stations, North Atlantic locations sell unleaded and diesel fuels at market retail value out of convenient, roadside storefronts. Travellers may enjoy full- or self-service, depending on location. Some company gas stations offer both. Snacks, drinks, replacement parts and vehicle accessories, clothing, and restroom facilities also remain available at each location.


A subsidiary of Harvest Energy Trust, owned and operated by Korea National Oil Corporation, North Atlantic produces around 115,000 barrels of refined oil daily. Domestic headquarters for the major Canadian energy company reside in the capital city of St. John’s, NL. Overseas, the world headquarters for parent Korea National Oil rest in Ulsan, South Korea. The Asian oil firm operates as a public entity. Annual revenues across all subsidiaries reach in excess of $9 billion.

Minimum age to work at North Atlantic: 16

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