No Frills Store Clerk

Job Description


Applicants in search of entry-level jobs with a major Canadian supermarket chain should consider work as a store clerk with No Frills.

What Do They Do?

Store clerks work in a variety of capacities at No Frills grocery stores. Most store clerks work part-time schedules. Primary job duties include organizing shelves and maintaining product displays, general sanitation, and customer service.

Help With Sales
Assisting customers in sales often proves the most essential part of No Frills store clerk jobs.

The hiring process involves basic, one-on-one interviews with managers.No real work history or experience proves necessary for employment as a No Frills store clerk.

How Old Do You Have to Be?
No Frills asks applicants to meet the minimum hiring age of 12 in order to work store clerk positions. Some locations may require prospective store clerks to stand at least 14 at time of hire due to the often physical demands of the job.


Like other entry-level employment opportunities at No Frills locations, store clerks receive minimum wage pay to start. Increases in hourly wages may lead to pay rates between $10.00 and $11.00.

Future Growth
The position of store clerk often provides entry-level workers opportunities to grow into supervisory or managerial roles. No Frills careers in management provide exceptional salary options and access to employee benefits. Salary rates and specific work benefits available generally depend on proven abilities and time spent with No Frills.

Job Outlook
Major grocery store chains like No Frills conduct hiring on a regular basis for new entry-level team members. Most entry-level job titles available represent ideal opportunities for high school students and part-time employment hunters. Many No Frills cashier and similar entry-level positions retain high turnover rates and require consistent re-staffing. No Frills also generates several million dollars in annual revenues and continues to open store locations across Canada. With each new store, the large, Canadian supermarket company needs to hire motivated and dedicated workers to fill all store positions.

Video interview with No Frills Stock Clerk