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Learn about the No Frills Job Interview & Hiring Process

The No Frills interview process begins with a simple application form. Prospective job seekers submit the required paperwork to a local No Frills location where a hiring manager reviews the information. If the applicant information matches the basic qualifications for employment consideration, job seekers typically receive a phone call to schedule a face-to-face interview. Most candidates spend as little as two or three days waiting to receive a phone call from a No Frills hiring manager.

Many managers conduct impromptu phone interviews during the initial call to corroborate applicant information. Based on the outcome of the phone interview, the hiring manager may extend the invitation to participate in a face-to-face interview session at the store. No Frills job interviews generally involve question-and-answer sessions with hiring managers regarding work history, related skills, professional motives, and overall attitudes. Managers also typically use the job interview to explain store policies and outline basic codes of conduct and regular responsibilities. Many previous No Frills job interview participants cite casual and relaxed proceedings. Candidates meeting the set hiring requirements often gain employment on the spot. In circumstances of high volumes of applicants, workers may receive notice of employment by phone call or email a few days later.

Second Expectations Interview
No Frills hires entry-level workers using a straightforward interview process. Most entry-level employees receive hiring consideration after a single job interview. However, second interviews often prove necessary for applicants in search of careers as managers and department supervisors. Drug screenings, background checks, and skills tests may also prove necessary to gain hiring consideration as a manager or supervisor at No Frills stores. Managerial job interviews may incorporate panels or hiring groups to determine eligibility.

Interview Tips

What to Wear
Applicants vying for managerial positions with No Frills should wear button-down shirts and dress pants, if male, and conservative, professional dresses or sport blouses with a simple, appropriate-length skirt, if female. Entry-level workers should also dress appropriately for the occasion. Business-casual attire typically proves acceptable for any and all positions, though managerial candidates may want to take the extra step in order to increase odds of earning employment with No Frills.

Possible Interview Questions and Answers

Q: Do you work well in customer-oriented job settings?
A: Yes. My two previous jobs were in customer service, and I really enjoy working with others.

Q: Are you able to perform all of the required job duties?
A: I am ready and able to perform any task given to me.

Q: Describe your previous job history
A: I worked in fast food for a year in high school and at a fashion retailer for a year in college. I quit my college job because of scheduling conflicts, but I have a lighter class load now, and I’m really interested in working for No Frills.

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