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When looking for No Frills jobs, applicants should consult the online application form for specific details on positions for hire. Entry-level jobs represent the most widely available form of employment at No Frills stores.

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No Frills Job Opportunities

Full-time & Part-time

Most No Frills employment opportunities offer part-time schedules. Like most grocery store chains in Canada, No Frills must hire dedicated associates to fill part-time and full-time jobs. No Frills offers flexible scheduling, competitive wages, and paid training to part-time and full-time workers.

Basic Requirements

Open availability and motivated personalities often prove beneficial during No Frills interview. Apply online to find No Frills jobs today.

The minimum hiring age starts at 12 for entry-level positions.

No Frills Positions and Salary Information

Dependable, self-motivated workers often represent ideal candidates for No Frills jobs. The nationwide supermarket chain also needs to hire managers and supervisors for professional careers.

Positions regularly available at No Frills include the following:


Available in both part-time and full-time shifts, No Frills cashier jobs involve various aspects of customer service.

  • Associates scan purchases and coupons, process payments, complete transactions, and greet customers.
  • The position consists of standing in place for long periods of time and interacting directly with shoppers.
  • Applicants with sound interpersonal skills often make the best cashier employees. No Frills pays cashiers hourly rates beginning at minimum wage.
  • The average No Frills cashier earns between $10.00 and $11.00 per hour.
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No Frills clerks work in assigned departments and carry out specific responsibilities.

  • Deli workers slice deli meats and cheeses.
  • Produce associates clean and wash fruits and vegetables.
  • Dairy workers with No Frills arrange product displays and ensure freshness of goods.
  • Seafood and meat clerks prepare cuts of meat. Many clerk positions involve manual labor.
  • Applicants must stand in good health and possess the ability to perform required job duties prior to employment.
  • No Frills clerk employees generally start out earning minimum wage. Pay often increases with experience and solid work performance.
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Night Crew

A large percentage of No Frills inventory shipments arrive during off hours. The Canadian grocery store chain needs to hire applicants with open schedules to work nights and weekends as night crew members. Primary responsibilities of night crew associates with No Frills include:

  • Loading and unloading delivery trucks, breaking down boxes, and unpacking raw goods.
  • The ability to lift heavy objects and perform regular, manual labor greatly benefits night crew applicants during the hiring process.
  • Average starting pay for No Frills night crew employees hovers around minimum wage. Experience may lead to hourly wages between $11.00 and $13.00.


Each department at No Frills stores requires supervisors and designated managers. Entry-level workers may advance into supervisory roles or managerial careers with experience. Individuals searching for grocery store careers with No Frills may also apply online for work as supervisors and managers. Common job duties shared among supervisors and managers include:

  • Hiring and training new employees, setting schedules, delegating work, processing payroll and time sheets, and driving sales.
  • Specific job titles available include supervisor, department manager, and store manager.
  • No Frills supervisors often start out at $12.00 per hour or more.
  • Average annual salary rates for department managers fall between $30,000 and $35,000.
  • No Frills store managers may make in excess of $50,000 in annual salary.
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Benefits of Working at No Frills

No Frills cares for employees and offers extensive work benefits packages through corporate parent Loblaw Companies Limited. Known for encouraging personal and professional growth, No Frills offers continued education programs and advanced training to employees. The nationwide grocery store chain also provides lucrative hourly wages and yearly salary options. Flexible schedules, scholarship programs, and job benefits packages also exist for part-time and full-time No Frills employees.

Loblaw Companies Limited financial assistance plans stand as some of the top rated in Canada. Workers enjoy employee profit sharing programs, 401(k) retirement plans, and education assistance. No Frills associates may also qualify for medical and dental insurance plans, life insurance options, and paid time off. Employee benefits eligibility requirements and availability often vary by location and require voluntary opt-in. Apply online to review No Frills employment benefits packages and find meaningful careers in the grocery store industry today.

More About No Frills

What is No Frills?

No Frills, often stylized as no frills, operates as a Canadian chain of discount grocery stores. Founded in 1978, the discount retail chain primarily maintains stores in Ontario but also manages locations in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. The chain emerged after renovation of a converted Loblaws store. The company concept of warehouse-base price points caught on and the brand soon expanded across Canada. No Frills consists of around 200 locations and employs thousands across the network of supermarkets.

A majority of products sold at No Frills supermarkets center around food. Common items for sale include dairy products, meats, deli items, frozen foods, non-perishable food items, and produce. No Frills also regularly sells baked goods, alcohol, and tobacco. Many No Frills grocery stores include fueling stations and pharmacies. Most customers cite extremely low prices and convenient locations as reasons for success of the brand. No Frills customers also enjoy weekly promotions and special rewards programs that provide additional discounts to frequent shoppers.


The first No Frills location opened in Toronto, ON, Canada, in 1978. The location marked the first grocery store under Loblaws to sell only generic, off-brand products. The concept caught on, and by the late 1980s No Frills operated nearly 20 locations. By 2000, more than 80 No Frills stores operated across Canada. The brand continues to grow under parent Loblaw Companies Limited.

Special Services

Unlike many grocery stores, No Frills offers customers strictly off-brand merchandise. No Frills discounts products well below retail value to provide maximum savings for customers. In addition to traditional supermarket services, such as dairy and deli services, No Frills also offers in-house pharmacies at many locations. No Frills maintains an online presence, as well.


No Frills operates as a subsidiary of George Weston Limited. Loblaw Companies Limited owns and operates George Weston Limited and serves as acting parent company to No Frills. A major, national retailer, Loblaw Companies Ltd. owns more than 1,000 properties throughout Canada and generates in upwards of $30 billion in annual revenues. Loblaw lists on the TSX as L. No Frills maintains corporate headquarters in Toronto, ON, Canada.

Minimum age to work at No Frills: 12

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