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As part of the Husky Energy family of brands, Mohawk Oil operates dozens of gas stations across Canada. Fuels sold at retail fueling locations include ethanol blends of up to 10%. The major chain also boasts convenience stores selling spare car parts, auto accessories, snacks and drinks, and other miscellaneous travel items. Locations primarily sit within city limits or just outside of metropolitan and suburban areas throughout the North American country.

Major gas station chains like Mohawk requires teams of entry-level employees to carry out remedial tasks on a daily basis. However, applicants looking for work in the competitive industry generally need no real experience or professional abilities for employment consideration. Most jobs available centre on interpersonal communication abilities and basic math skills. Workers should also possess some form of physical dexterity and strength, as entry-level positions often consist of manual labor, such as cleaning and organizing sales floors and stock rooms, sanitizing work areas, and unloading shipments.

Mohawk gas stations also employ small teams of managers. Experienced individuals with sound organizational skills and flexible schedules often find work as shift leaders, assistant managers, and store managers. Basic tenants of supervisory roles include leading and motivating entry-level staff, hiring and training new employees, setting work schedules, and performing inventory duties. Shift leaders and assistant managers typically work part-time or full-time, while store managers maintain strict full-time statuses.

Mohawk Jobs and Salary Expectation

The minimum hiring age for employment consideration at Canadian gas stations falls around 15 years of age. Prospective Mohawk workers may find entry-level work as young as 14 in some provinces. Managers must hold high school diplomas or equivalent educations in order to qualify for available jobs as well as backgrounds rooted in customer service and employee oversight. With dozens of locations situated throughout the country, the prominent gas station chain consistently hires for the following positions:

Station Attendant

  • A basic, multi-function position, station attendant places employees in direct contact with patrons.
  • Workers greet customers and answer questions regarding products and services.
  • Other duties comprise of sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning bathroom facilities, restocking empty shelves, ringing up sales, and opening and closing store locations, depending on individual shifts.
  • Station attendants often work part-time and assume schedules of 15 to 30 hours per week.
  • The ability to work nights, weekends, and holidays in addition to traditional day shifts regularly benefits potential associates.
  • Common pay scales range between $10.00 CAD and $11.00 CAD.


  • Gas station managers complete administrative, staffing, payroll, merchandising, and inventory duties at Mohawk locations.
  • Upon hire, most supervisors make between $12.00 CAD and $15.00 CAD an hour.
  • Individual increases in pay or promotion may lead to salary options in excess of $30,000 CAD.
  • Managers assume varied schedules, depending on positions desired.
  • Communication skills, self-regulating personalities, and the ability to effectively lead others and drive sales remain highly important traits in new supervisors.
  • Additional hiring requirements revolve around availability, experience, and education.

Benefits of Working for Mohawk

As a branch of leading oil company Husky Energy, Mohawk Oil provides comprehensive job benefits packages to qualifying associates. Workers in full-time managerial positions often gain access to healthcare programs, including dental, vision, and medical coverage, long-term incentives programs, tax-effective retirement programs, paid time off, and health and wellness programs. Entry-level employees enjoy generous discounts, service awards, bonus incentives, and paid training. Upon hire, associates receive up to three weeks of vacation, depending on position, and may accrue as many as four weeks of paid leave after 10 years of service.


Originated in 1938, Husky Energy expanded into Canadian territories in the mid-1940s. After years of operation in tandem, the U.S. and Canadian entities split to form separate companies. Decades of prosperity and desires to expand throughout the country led to several major acquisitions in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Mohawk, a former independent chain of gas stations, maintained private operations until 1998 when oil magnate Husky Energy purchased the firm outright for over $100 million CAD. The gas station chain receives corporate backing from Husky and sells company products. Combined, the two oil firms maintain over 500 locations nationwide.


Mohawk gas stations sell unleaded and high-test blends of gasoline consistently incorporating at least a 10% blend of ethanol. Customers may purchase gasoline from the pump at either full-service or self-service locations. Some stores also sell propane and diesel fuels along with wide varieties of food and drinks. Other amenities include in-house restaurants, lottery ticket sales, ATM machines, and car washes.


After years of independent operations, Mohawk operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Husky Energy. One of the largest energy companies in Canada, Husky accounts for more than $31 billion CAD. Both companies trade publicly on the TSX as HSE. Around 5,700 entry-level associates and career professionals work for the energy firm worldwide. Global headquarters reside in Calgary, AB, Canada.

Minimum age to work at Mohawk: 15

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