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Popular coffee shop chain mmmuffins operates a network of breakfast-oriented eateries throughout Canada. A subsidiary of Threecaf Brands Inc., mmmuffins primarily serves as the Canadian offshoot of American coffee shop chain Bruegger’s Bagels. Just over 30 mmmuffins locations operate throughout Canada. Most mmmuffins coffee shops sit in major metropolitan areas or suburban communities. The mmmuffins brand originated in the late 1970s.

Small, standalone buildings represent the typical sites of mmmuffins locations. The coffee shop chain often sits inside shopping malls or as part of other large shopping centers. Highly visible locations along busy thoroughfares and heavily foot-trafficked streets also serve as typical locations for mmmuffins coffee shops, which increase brand exposure and help build large customer bases. Delicious, hot, and fresh menu items made ready each morning provide fast access to coffee drinks, baked goods, and other traditional breakfast fare, like egg sandwiches, for patrons on-the-go. The sale of Bruegger’s signature bagels also serves as a popular draw of the mmmuffins brand.

Like American counterpart Bruegger’s Bagels, mmmuffins needs to hire workers on a consistent basis. The most common positions available include part-time, entry-level jobs. During job interviews, mmmuffins hiring managers screen for motivated individuals able to work comfortably with the public in fast-paced and high-energy settings. Experience preparing food in commercial kitchens also benefits prospective associates; however, workers need no real or related job experience for employment in entry-level positions. The coffee shop chain provides career paths for dedicated job seekers, as well. Learn more about mmmuffins jobs and complete an online application form for employment consideration today.

mmmuffins Positions and Salary Information
The minimum age to work coffee shop jobs at mmmuffins locations stands at 14. Applicants vying for managerial roles or corporate careers need to meet the minimum age of 18. Positions available feature competitive pay, flexible scheduling, and opportunities for career advancement and promotion. The most common mmmuffins jobs for hire include:

Team Member – Job duties for mmmuffins team members range from operating cash registers and providing customer service to preparing menu items, serving drinks, cleaning dining areas and work stations, and performing closing and opening procedures. The average mmmuffins team member works part-time upon hire. Base pay often begins around minimum wage, with experienced mmmuffins workers receiving upwards of $11.00 or $12.00 per hour.

Baker – The position of mmmuffins baker requires applicants to possess at least some experience or familiarity working with kitchen equipment and preparing baked goods. Hours for baker associates generally include early morning, before other employees arrive at mmmuffins locations, to prepare food items for the day. Bakers may work part-time or full-time, depending on necessity and availability. Typical equipment used by bakers includes ovens, fryers, and grills. Workers must adhere to safety and health regulations at all times. A baker may start out earning minimum wage. Increases in hourly pay may lead to wages between $12.00 and $13.00.

Management – mmmuffins managers take full responsibility for restaurant operations. Typical job duties include scheduling, training, motivating, hiring, and supervising entry-level employees. Managerial roles also include ensuring food quality, catering to customer requests, driving sales, processing payroll, handling customer/employee disputes, and engaging patrons in friendly manners. Career seekers may find viable opportunities as shift managers, assistant managers, or store managers. Average base pay for mmmuffins shift managers falls around $11.00 per hour. Assistant mmmuffins managers make between $30,000 and $35,000 per year. Annual salary options for mmmuffins store managers rest at $40,000 for new hires and increase up to $50,000 for experienced managerial candidates.

Benefits of Working at mmmuffins
As part of the Bruegger’s Bagels family of brands, mmmuffins offers outstanding employment benefits to qualified workers. Job benefits packages typically require recipients to work at least 40 hours per week. Additional eligibility requirements may vary by mmmuffins location. 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, healthcare coverage, and life insurance options stand as the most common work benefits available.

In addition to mmmuffins employee benefits packages, associates receive complimentary uniforms, discounted food and drink, and paid training. Some mmmuffins locations provide free meals to associates. Workers enjoy bi-weekly pay, opportunities for increases and pay raises, and flexible scheduling, as well

The history of mmmuffins began in 1979, when the first location opened in Toronto, ON, Canada. The following year, mmmuffins opened the first franchised location and began expanding throughout the country. After years of success as a private company, mmmuffins accepted a buyout by Timothy’s World Coffee in 2002. In 2009, Bruegger’s Bagels purchased Timothy’s World Coffee but continued to operate mmmuffins under the original banner. Part of the Canadian coffee shop corporation Threecaf Brands Inc., mmmuffins manages roughly 30 locations.

Menu items available at mmmuffins locations mirror Bruegger’s Bagels selections. The Canadian coffee shop chain sells Bruegger’s bagels in addition to offering coffees, teas, and other breakfast foods at reasonable prices. Pastries, such as muffins, Danishes, scones, turnovers, and donuts, also feature prominently on mmmuffins menus.

The coffee shop chain operates as a private company and wholly owned subsidiary of Threecaf Brands Inc., which maintains Canadian operations under corporate control of Bruegger’s Enterprises Inc. Also falling under control of Threecaf Brands includes the Timothy’s World Coffee and Michel’s Bakery Cafe brand names. Collectively, Threecaf Brands companies pull in millions of dollars in annual sales. Hundreds of locations fall under Threecaf Brands operations, including the more than 30 locations operating as mmmuffins. Company headquarters reside in Vaughn, ON, Canada.

Minimum age to work at mmmuffins: 14

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