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Michael Kors employees work in over 2,000 boutiques located around the world in prestigious cities such as London, Paris, Tokyo, and New York. Associates promote sophisticated luxury accessories and clothing designed in modern, iconic styles. Retail associates who possess eyes for style help customers purchase items, such as handbags, clothing, shoes, optics, watches, and jewelry. In addition to stylistic sensibilities, workers must display dedication to customer service.

Aside from selling fashionably designed jewelry and accessories, Michael Kors heads several philanthropic initiatives geared toward improving the lives of the underprivileged and ending hunger around the world. Workers contribute to the generous activities by promoting the sale of certain timepieces, the proceeds of which go towards giving meals to hungry schoolchildren around the globe and feeding disadvantaged victims of illnesses such as cancer, HIV, and AIDS. Applicants must possess traditional retail traits, such as strong communication skills and the ability to work flexible schedules, as well as desires to give back to surrounding communities and worldly causes.

On the retail side of operations, employment opportunities offered at Michael Kors stores and boutiques entail demanding yet rewarding work. Individuals with backgrounds in retail, customer service, or supply chain management often make great fits within the company. Many associates enjoy working in environments rewarding creativity and promoting collaboration. Prospective workers may search and apply for available positions online via the company website.

Michael Kors Jobs and Salary Information
Employment opportunities at Michael Kors prove highly desirable for candidates seeking careers in the luxury retail industry. Online application forms exist for the following entry-level job positions:

Sales Associate – Building positive business relationships with customers remains one of the key responsibilities of sales associates. Engaging with clients and addressing personalized needs and desires allows associates to meet sales goals and provide high levels of service. Core duties of the job entail developing thorough knowledge of products and services, greeting customers, fostering positive interactions, closing sales, following through with personal requests, and resolving customer issues or complaints with diplomatic tact. Sales associates also assist with inventory operations and execute point-of-sales transactions. Hourly wages between $10.00 CAD and $13.00 CAD represent typical starting pay rates for workers who demonstrate excellent communication skills, previous retail experience, and strong sales backgrounds.

Stock Associate – Qualified stock associates who exhibit attention to detail, dedicated work ethics, and the ability to stand for long periods of time typically earn hourly salary packages close to $11.00 CAD. Employees hold the responsibilities of maintaining clean and accessible store areas, organizing and stocking inventories, handling shipping and receiving duties, and assisting sales personnel by operating point-of-sales devices. Individuals must prove customer-service oriented and hold flexible availabilities.

Benefits of Working at Michael Kors
Part-time associates at Michael Kors receive job benefits, such as company-sponsored RRSPs, employee discounts, and new wardrobe pieces each month. Full-time workers garner additional employment benefits including new wardrobe articles each season and performance-based bonuses. Maternity leave, flexible scheduling, paid time off, paid vacation, and professional development programs remain available, as well.

USA Michael Kors Application

Fashion designer Michael Kors founded the brand in 1981 and opened the first company retail stores in 1996. As of 2015, the company employs nearly 10,000 workers worldwide and experiences widespread popularity in Canada and the United States. In order to promote ethical business practices, the fashion house takes an active stance against obtaining materials, labour, and minerals from conflict zones or areas known to participate in slave labor or human trafficking.

The luxury fashion retailer sells many styles of handbags made from leather, suede, cloth, fur, and other materials. A signature brand, the fashion company offers varying styles of tote bags, satchels, clutches, shoulder bags, and saddle bags. Clothing also represents a large portion of retail offerings, including styles for men and women, watches, and jewelry. Optics stores and glasses manufacturers often carry Michael Kors brand frames, as well.

As a brand, Michael Kors continues to grow and added nearly 100 new retail locations in 2015 in over 95 countries. Total revenues for the company increased by over 7 percent in 2015, with totals reaching in excess of $985 million. While growth remains strong in North America, the largest growth in revenue came from the Japanese and European markets, which underlines the global appeal of the luxury brand.

Minimum age to work at Michael Kors: 18

Official Site: http://www.michaelkors.com/mobile/browse/common/staticContent.jsp?slotId=2800511

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