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The concept of Menchie’s frozen yogurt shops revolves around smiling. The international chain puts heavy focus on customer service and ensuring patrons walk away satisfied. Menchie’s operates primarily in the United States but also maintains a sizable network of locations in Canada and other countries. The first Menchie’s Canada locations opened in 2010. Menchie’s continues to expand throughout the North American country and manages roughly 60 locations in provinces nationwide.

Frozen desserts featuring dozens of fresh and delicious toppings retain customers and draw new patrons to Menchie’s stores on a regular basis. Menchie’s primarily sells frozen yogurt in a variety of ever-changing flavors. Customers pay by the ounce and may add as many or as few toppings as desired. Offerings include low-carb, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, and non-fat frozen yogurt blends. Many Menchie’s frozen yogurt flavors include live and active cultures, which differ from traditional frozen ice creams made with corn syrups and other binding substances. The expansive Menchie’s network of stores also lends to the continued success of the brand. Most Menchie’s locations sit in highly trafficked shopping centers or malls.

Menchie’s job opportunities represent ideal avenues for retail, customer service, and specialty food industry professionals. Entry-level positions revolve heavily around customer service. Applicants must exude friendly, personable, and motivated personalities during Menchie’s job interviews. The hiring process typically includes either a group interview or informal question-and-answer session with a manager. Most applicants participate in group interviews, which gauge abilities to work as part of a team. Complete and submit an online application form to learn more about Menchie’s jobs and receive immediate employment consideration.

Menchie’s Canada Positions and Salary Information

The minimum hiring age rests at 14 in most Canadian provinces in order to work at specialty foods shops like Menchie’s. Job seekers must meet the minimum hiring age and perform well during job interviews in order to gain employment. Entry-level jobs require no previous work history; however, managerial careers often require at least a high school diploma and some experience related to the position desired. Menchie’s regularly needs to hire:

Team Member

  • Traditionally an entry-level, part-time position, Menchie’s team member jobs largely involve interacting with customers and ensuring patron satisfaction.
  • Primary job duties include greeting guests, answering questions about flavors and toppings, and ringing up purchases.
  • Team members also change out yogurt flavors and refill toppings containers.
  • Cleaning work stations and dining areas also proves integral to Menchie’s Canada team member jobs.
  • Workers must adhere to health and safety regulations for handling food and disposing of waste, as outlined by Menchie’s codes of conduct, at all times.
  • New-hire team members earn minimum wage at start.
  • Pay scales increase with experience up to $12.00 an hour, in most cases.


  • Career opportunities available at Menchie’s Canada locations include shift supervisor and store leader positions.
  • Shift supervisors act as team leaders. Job duties include directly supervising and motivating entry-level workers, setting employee schedules, and performing basic cleaning and customer service responsibilities as needed.
  • Store leaders, or managers, oversee all operations at Menchie’s locations, including hiring and training new associates, placing inventory orders, communicating with company corporate offices, and driving sales.
  • Menchie’s shift supervisors often earn between $11.00 and $13.00 per hour.
  • Annual salary options for Menchie’s store leaders generally fall around $35,000 to $40,000 a year.

Benefits of Working at Menchie’s Canada

Menchie’s jobs serve as great lessons in customer service. The company places heavy emphasis on encouraging customers to enjoy visits and to ensure total satisfaction with menu items and services. Associates enjoy intensive paid training and access to career growth programs leading to higher pay scales, annual salary options, and access to work benefits packages. Menchie’s Canada provides new-hire employees uniforms, including aprons and visors, along with nametags. Discounts on Menchie’s frozen yogurt also stand readily available to both entry-level workers and career professionals.

As a franchised company, Menchie’s offers employment benefits packages that may vary by location. However, eligibility requirements typically include full-time employment status. Common job benefits include health and wellness programs and financial assistance. Qualified workers may receive 401(k) retirement plans, healthcare plans, life insurance options, and paid time off.

USA Menchie’s Application


Founded in 2007, the first Menchie’s location opened in Southern California. Within a year, Menchie’s experienced such substantial success that owners Danna and Adam Caldwell decided to franchise. By 2010, the frozen yogurt chain grew to more than 230 locations and expanded into Canada, Japan, and other international markets. Menchie’s manages more than 300 locations in five countries worldwide.


Menchie’s stands famous for varied and delicious flavors of frozen yogurt. A typical Menchie’s location boasts 10 to 15 different flavors, which customers may combine or purchase separately by the ounce. Menchie’s also offers dozens of toppings, including gummy bears, Oreo cookie pieces, granola, fresh fruits, graham cracker crumbs, chocolate sauce, caramel, whipped cream, and whipped marshmallow fluff.


One of the fastest growing brands on the planet, Menchie’s operates as a heavily franchised and rapidly expanding private company formally known as Menchie’sGroup Inc. In February 2013, Menchie’s ranked 49th on the Forbes list of America’s Most Promising Companies. Altogether, the frozen yogurt chain generates roughly $26 million in annual sales. The addition of hundreds more locations in the next few years promises to increase annual revenues exponentially. Menchie’s maintains headquarters in Encino, CA.

Minimum age to work at Menchie’s Canada: 14

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