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LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, known simply as LUSH, presides over an international chain of retail outlets based in the United Kingdom. As the full brand name indicates, LUSH specializes in cosmetic products made by hand from freshly sourced ingredients. The British company oversees more than 700 stores in over 40 countries worldwide. Retail presence in Canada began in 1996 and continues to include roughly 50 store locations across the North American country. The cosmetics retailer maintains Canadian operations in seven provinces, with stores most heavily concentrated in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec.

Known for offering unique cosmetic creations, LUSH controls each step of the production process for product lines available in stores. Company manufacturing facilities, known as cosmetic kitchens, use proprietary formulas to create full ranges of handmade bath and beauty products featuring only vegetarian ingredients. An outspoken critic of animal-testing practices, the cosmetics company tests products exclusively on human volunteers. The manufacturer and retailer also actively campaigns for a variety of ethical causes ranging from environmental conservation to human rights issues.

In addition to creating distinctive product lines and promoting social activism, LUSH provides Canadian job seekers opportunities to work for a rapidly growing company. The specialty retailer conducts hiring on a regular basis to fill a variety of jobs frequently available at stores across Canada. Jobs regularly for hire include entry-level positions and store management careers. The cosmetics company offers several employment benefits, including competitive pay and virtually limitless possibilities for career advancement. Store associates work for one of the 50 Best Employers in Canada, according to a nationwide survey conducted by Aon Hewitt in 2013.

LUSH Jobs and Salary Information
Ideal for entry-level and experienced retail workers alike, LUSH jobs come with a varied range of responsibilities and hiring requirements contingent on the career level of the specific position desired. While entry-level job seekers seldom need significant related work experience, managerial candidates must often demonstrate several specific abilities to qualify for employment. Commonly available jobs range from part-time seasonal work to full-time, permanent careers and include the following positions:

Sales Ambassador – LUSH hires entry-level applicants to work as sales ambassadors and perform a variety of customer service duties. Basic job responsibilities include explaining and promoting products, helping customers make appropriate selections, and executing product demonstrations and consultations. Employees also clean stores, replenish merchandise on store sales floors, and operate cash registers. Candidates interested in sales ambassador jobs should feel comfortable demonstrating product knowledge and applying cosmetics on customers. The entry-level job also requires flexible schedule availability and the ability to lift up to 30 pounds. While not required, some previous customer service or cosmetics experience often aids prospective workers in securing employment. Hourly pay rates for sales ambassadors usually hover around $10.00 CAD.

Management – Available in floor leader and shop manager job titles, management careers involve the coordination and execution of daily shop operations. Managers hire and train new associates, create employee work schedules, and motivate entry-level workers to exceed predetermined sales targets. Additional job duties include performing opening and closing procedures daily, monitoring and ordering inventory, handling customer issues, and developing strategies to improve the profitability and overall financial performance of each store. While floor leaders should hold some experience working with customers in a sales environment, shop managers must possess extensive retail management experience. Job seekers pursuing careers in management should also exude outstanding leadership skills, the ability to give constructive feedback, and general knowledge of beauty products and the cosmetics industry. Managerial pay scales start around $11.00 CAD per hour for floor leaders. LUSH shop managers enjoy annual salary options often reaching $35,000 CAD.

Benefits of Working at LUSH
Sales ambassadors and managerial employees at LUSH stores gain access to competitive pay, on-job training, and fun work environments encouraging individualism. Workers also take advantage of frequent career advancement opportunities. The retailer reserves certain jobs at the Canadian head offices exclusively for qualified shop associates and managers. Comprehensive employment benefits remain available to eligible workers, as well. Some of the rewards typically available include healthcare coverage, dental plans, bonus schemes, and 50% employee discounts on merchandise.

USA LUSH Application

The origins of LUSH date back to the 1970s, when Mark Constantine and Liz Weir met at a beauty salon in England and decided to form a business specializing in hair and beauty products made from fresh, natural ingredients. After supplying other retail outlets with cosmetic products during the 1980s and selling cosmetics by mail in the early 1990s, Constantine and Weir opened the first shop in Poole, England, UK in 1995. Operations entered North American markets the following year, with the opening of the first international location in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The British cosmetics retailer maintains roughly 50 stores across seven Canadian provinces and operates more than 700 shops worldwide.

Products and Services
LUSH manufactures and sells an extensive range of bath and beauty products. Stores operating under the company banner feature wide selections of bath bombs and bubble bars, shower gels and scrubs, shampoos and conditioners, facial cleansers and masks, body lotions, and fragrances. The international manufacturer creates each item using only vegetarian, natural ingredients like almonds, coconut oil, eggs, seaweed, and wheatgrass and packages items in 100% recycled material and sells products in solid form whenever possible to eliminate the need for packaging and preservatives. Pretax sales of Charity Pot hand and body lotion go toward various charitable organizations supporting animal rights, environmental conservation, and humanitarian causes.

Formally operating as Lush Retail Ltd., LUSH enjoys a presence in over 40 countries worldwide. The international network of stores generates annual revenue exceeding $450 million CAD. Canadian head offices reside in Vancouver, BC, with work headquarters located in Poole, England, UK.

Minimum Age to Work at LUSH: 18

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