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Employees at Lululemon promote well-being and fitness by educating customers about the benefits of healthy lifestyles and promoting specially designed athletic wear and yoga clothing. The company sells hand-tailored articles of clothing using proprietary luon fabric, with design feedback from professionally trained yogis and athletes. By cultivating friendly and compassionate atmospheres, staff promote positive influences on local communities across Canada.

The company culture at Lululemon encourages workers to pursue physical exercise, nature adventures, and active lifestyles. Many associates spend days off biking, running, kayaking, or enjoying other outdoor adventures, which allows personal connection with customers who share the same interests. Employees in all areas of the company work together to provide excellent customer experiences and athletic sportswear of unmatched quality.

Health-conscious individuals seeking jobs in the retail industry may apply to work at Lululemon by filling out online application forms available on the company website. Prospective employees may search for open positions by province, city, and store locations in order to find the perfect job. Many employment opportunities stand available, such as retail positions, support centre jobs, distribution facility opportunities, and customer service roles at call centres.

Lululemon Employment Opportunities and Salary Package Information
Lululemon welcomes qualified workers demonstrating enthusiasm for healthy lifestyles and passion for helping others achieve the same. Available job openings at the retail level include educators, expeditors, and hemmers. Detailed breakdowns of each position sit listed below:

Educator – Many consider the role of educator one of the most important positions within the company. Employees represent the face of Lululemon and engage customers with courteous, professional manners. By maintaining solid foundational knowledge of the fabrics, features, and function of company apparel, educators assist customers with questions about products and promote the sale of various athletic gear. Daily responsibilities include tasks such as educating guests on which types of clothing best fit active lifestyles, explaining the features and fabric technologies which go into different types of apparel, fostering cultures of friendliness, fitness, and empowerment, stocking shelves, and operating point-of-sales devices. The typical salary an employee may expect falls between $11.00 CAD and $15.00 CAD per hour. Workers must possess grade 12 educations, computer proficiency, and strong personal interaction skills.

Expeditor – Expeditors handle the inventory operations of Lululemon stores outside of normal business hours to support store sales efforts through skilled inventory organization strategies. Associates work as teams to prepare the back rooms of retail stores efficiently. Responsibilities include receiving and processing inventory, packing, counting, folding, and organizing apparel and accessory items, and completing other essential tasks as assigned by management. Individuals must exhibit a sense of efficiency and responsibility and must work during non-standard hours, such as evening, nights, weekends, and holidays. Associates generally earn close to $11.00 CAD an hour.

Hemmer – Hemmers serve as in-store seamsters and seamstresses, which trim, hem, and adjust athletic wear to customer specifications. By employing on-site hemmers, Lululemon offers unsurpassed levels of quality for customers desiring clothes with custom-tailored fits. Wage rates for the position tend to come in at around $13.00 CAD an hour. Qualified hemmers possess previous sewing experience, strong problem-solving skills, and knowledge of yoga practices along with other fitness-related activities.

Benefits of Working at Lululemon
Aside from the friendly work atmospheres and opportunities to make positive impacts in local communities, associates access diverse job benefits packages. Performance-based bonuses, competitive pay, maternity leave, paid vacation, employee discounts on company products and services, paid gym memberships, and comprehensive on-the-job training represent a few of the most common employee benefits afforded to workers. RRSP plans remain available for qualified workers, as well.

USA Lululemon Application

Lululemon began in Vancouver, BC, in 1998 with the goal of becoming a central hub where yogis and athletes congregate and form educated communities of fitness enthusiasts while purchasing athletic apparel made with advanced fabrics. The retail operations of the store soon overtook the educational community aspects, so focus shifted on training employees as educators capable of promoting health and wellness while performing retail duties.

Luon, the proprietary fabric designed by the company, comprises of a synthetic blend which makes up much of the products sold by the company ranging from headbands to leggings. The company offers hoodies, shirts, leggings, tank-tops, sports bras, and accessories such as backpacks, water bottles, and bicycling gear in addition to clothing. Lululemon stands by a quality guarantee, which includes full returns on any unsatisfactory articles of clothing.

As of 2015, the company experienced a 7 percent growth in gross profits and a proportional increase in direct consumer sales leading to a net revenue of over $450 million. The strong performance exceeded growth expectations and paves the way for expanded operations and hiring additional employees. Moving forward, the company expects to continue the strong trend of growth and profitability.

Minimum age to work at Lululemon: 18

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