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The application process for London Drugs jobs takes applicants through simple and straightforward procedures. Prospective entry-level workers generally participate in one or two job interviews with hiring managers to discuss work history, education, personal interests, and the position desired. Career-seeking individuals may need to participate in several job interviews and hold certain academic certifications and previous job experiences in order to gain employment with London Drugs. Personable, hard-working, and dependable candidates typically receive preferential consideration during London Drugs interviews. Apply online to find which positions London Drugs needs to hire for and discover a wealth of opportunities in the drug store industry today.

London Drugs Jobs and Salary Information

The most common positions for hire at London Drugs stores include entry-level customer service jobs. Workers in search of part-time schedules should consider employment in London Drugs customer service departments now. The minimum hiring age rests at 14 throughout the North American country for entry-level jobs. Careers in management or pharmacy may require applicants to stand at least 18 and hold relevant experience and academic accreditation. Popular positions for hire at London Drugs include:

Customer Service Associate

  • The position of customer service associate with London Drugs involves several responsibilities.
  • Primary job duties include greeting customers and answering questions about products, services, and store policies.
  • Other London Drugs customer service associate duties range from ringing up purchases and assisting in sales to stocking shelves, receiving shipments, and organizing backroom areas.
  • London Drugs regularly hires workers with open availability and motivated personalities.
  • No real experience proves necessary for employment consideration, in most cases.
  • Pay scales typically begin at $12.00 per hour.
  • London Drugs customer service associates often enjoy hourly pay in excess of $15.00 with experience.


  • London Drugs pharmacies require highly skilled and technically sound workers to fill prescriptions and discuss possible drug reactions with customers.
  • London Drugs imposes strict hiring requirements, including four-year degrees, previous and related work history, and the ability to pass criminal background checks, in order for prospective associates to gain employment.
  • Positions available include pharmacy technician and pharmacist.
  • The average London Drugs pharmacy employee works full-time.
  • Salary rates range from $25,000 a year for entry-level pharmacy technicians up to more than $75,000 per year for full-time pharmacists.


  • Managerial opportunities available at London Drugs stores include supervisor, department manager, and store manager job titles.
  • The company often promotes from within as well as hires outside applicants.
  • Experience in the drug store industry or in a managerial role benefits potential employees.
  • Managerial job duties with London Drugs vary but generally include supervisory and administrative responsibilities.
  • Specific work responsibilities may include hiring and training new employees, setting schedules, delegating daily tasks, driving sales, ensuring customer satisfaction, and placing product orders.
  • Supervisors typically receive between $13.00 and $14.00 hourly to start.
  • London Drugs department managers make an average of $45,000 in annual salary.
  • Average salary options for store managers hover around $60,000 a year, depending on experience and London Drugs location.

Benefits of Working at London Drugs

Continued education programs and competitive pay rates serve as highlights of entry-level employment benefits at London Drugs locations. The nationwide drug store chain also provides complimentary uniforms, flexible scheduling, career planning assistance programs, and discounts on products and services to entry-level employees and full-time professionals alike. Each with London Drugs location offers diverse and rewarding job settings complete with paid training and instant access to career growth opportunities. Fill out an online application form for more information on available careers with the pharmacy retailer.

London Drugs also provide comprehensive job benefits packages to eligible associates. Work benefits eligibility requirements typically center on time spent with the company and specific job title. Qualified London Drugs employees enjoy family assistance programs, recognition programs, bonus incentives, healthcare options, 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, and discounts on gym memberships and other health-related programs. Apply online to receive instant access to London Drugs jobs and the opportunity to qualify for outstanding employee benefits packages today.

More about London Drugs

London Drugs stands as one of the most prominent drug store chains in Canada. Founded in the mid-1940s, London Drugs initially opened to serve the growing community Vancouver, BC, Canada. Eventually, the drug store chain sought to capitalize on the expanding industry and opened locations across the North American country. London Drugs operates just over 75 drug stores in four Canadian provinces, including Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Ontario. A network of thousands of entry-level associates and experienced professionals work for London Drugs nationwide.

The large retail chain primarily specializes in health and beauty products and pharmaceuticals sold at reasonable prices. London Drugs also sells a wide array of electronics and general household goods. The Canadian drug store chain sells a personal line of products as well as name-brand and off-brand items. Many London Drugs locations house photo labs. Customers may access London Drugs goods online through the company website in addition to conveniently located stores across Canada. Widespread brand awareness and name recognition often lend to the success of London Drugs stores. The retailer also staffs highly trained and certified healthcare professionals at pharmacies, which help retain and grow customer bases, as well.


Founded by Sam Bass in 1945, London Drugs originally stood as a small operation in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The company concept featured reduced dispensing fees for prescriptions and synergistic retail strategies incorporating camera sales along with health and beauty items and medications. After years of success, London Drugs expanded across Canada beginning in the 1960s. In 1975, Daylin Corporation purchased London Drugs from Sam Bass. One year later, H.Y. Louie Group bought the drug store chain. London Drugs launched a company website during the 1990s. By 2013, approximately 75 drug stores operated under the London Drugs banner.

Special Services

Unique to London Drugs locations, the retail chain sells high-quality cameras and camera equipment in addition to health and beauty products and prescription drugs. London Drugs employees provide sound electronics, camera, and miscellaneous household goods product information and recommendations as well as typical retail services. Customers may access London Drugs products through the company website, which also allows patrons to renew and file prescriptions and offers general health and wellness advice.


London Drugs operates as a private company. The retailer sits as one of the largest private employers in Canada and manages roughly 8,000 associates nationwide. London Drugs generates an estimated $4 billion in annual revenues. Headquarters for the Canadian drug store chain reside in Richmond, BC.

Minimum age to work at London Drugs: 14

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  • Renee Floden says:

    I worked for London Drugs Red Deer from 1987-1992 I could be off a year or so. I worked the til , customer service , night shift , I also looked after a few of the isles . Automotive, and cleaning isle, and appliances. My boss at that time was Bill Statynk ( I might have spelt Bill’s last name wrong ) he was an awesome manager .

  • David Anthony Wild Yalung says:

    At London Drugs you considered yourself as a Dad or Mom to those who are younger than you this makes me love my work even more i started in June or July 2021 Until Present and some are older than you as you treat them like a mom or a dad too i really love my North Vancouver London Drugs section there but i shouldn’t mess with Ignacio too much when his working his one of my favorite coworkers alongside Paula,Abby,Jack,Marco,Zack,Callum and Sharilyn and so on the older ones like Athena,Vahid,Joel and Jose,The Management Team everyone there are too awesome to be true like you wanna hang out with those ones so bad i will stay loyal to my section there.

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