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Learn about the Loblaws Job Interview & Hiring Process

Loblaws offers a standard and straightforward interview process for the convenience of prospective workers. The grocery retailer accepts job applications online and in stores and usually reviews submitted materials within a few weeks of receipt. Loblaws hiring managers then contact selected applicants to schedule in-store interviews. The initial contact often doubles as an introductory phone interview for managerial candidates.

At the onsite interview, entry-level job seekers typically meet with Loblaws store management one-on-one. Interviews usually last around 15 minutes and generally focus on previous work experience, hours of availability, and the job requirements of the entry-level position desired. Applicants pursuing Loblaws store management jobs often encounter longer interviews with detailed discussions about employment histories and hypothetical workplace situations. Loblaws job interviews sometimes include online testing to evaluate applicant computer skills and personalities.

Regardless of career level or experience, candidates should observe established interview procedures to increase chances for employment. Show genuine enthusiasm for the position by researching Loblaws, reviewing the job description in advance, preparing a few thoughtful questions to ask at the end of the interview, and arriving 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled time. During the interview, maintain eye contact with the Loblaws hiring manager and answer questions completely yet concisely. Follow up a few days afterwards to communicate ongoing interest in the job with the supermarket chain.

Second Interview Expectations
While Loblaws typically makes entry-level hiring decisions after a single interview, leadership positions and managerial jobs frequently require multiple interview sessions. Second interviews often feature a panel of interviewers composed of either the store management team or Loblaws corporate officials, depending on the job title in question. As applicants advance through the hiring process, interviews usually develop into lengthy meetings involving in-depth conversations on the details of previous jobs. Candidates should come to second interviews ready to share specific professional accomplishments and other examples of job-related strengths that prove necessary to work at Loblaws.

Interview Tips

What to Wear
Most jobs at Loblaws feature high rates of customer interaction, and the grocery retailer tends to hire workers with equally high standards of professionalism. Hiring managers often assess the competence and maturity of applicants based in part on interview attire. For the best possible first impression, Loblaws job seekers should arrive to the interview wearing business-casual apparel, such as dress pants and collared shirts for males and skirts or dress pants with appropriately conservative tops for females. Candidates who make the extra effort to look professional will immediately gain additional hiring consideration from Loblaws over applicants who come to job interviews in jeans and t-shirts.

Possible Interview Questions and Answers

Q: What is your favorite Loblaws product? Why?
A: I like the fresh produce. I’m a healthy eater, and I enjoy the fact Loblaws sells a wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables, as I’m sure other customers are, because it helps me live the healthy lifestyle I strive for.

Q: Describe a time when you disagreed with your boss. What did you do about it?
A: I normally don’t have issues with my employers. I try to keep open lines of communication about scheduling and daily tasks, so problems never arise.

Q: What does good customer service mean to you?
A: I’d like to think good customer service serves as the foundation for any company involved in retail.

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  1. Jay

    I worked at Loblaws way back 2006. The employers and workers are so friendly, we respect/value each other like one happy family. The most important thing I learned there was to always give the best product to the customers.


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