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Canadian home department store Linen Chest opened the first store in Quebec in 1961. Founder Sylvia Leibner developed the idea out of disappointment in home décor selections available at the time. Linen Chest sells bedding and bath décor, kitchen furniture, electronics, and accessories, tabletop server ware and linens, and glasses and barware. Housewares and home décor store Linen Chest maintains over 20 stores in New Brunswick, Ontario, and Quebec.

Linen Chest sells furniture and accessories for the home or office. Popular items include duvet covers and comforters, pillows, cleaning and care appliances, and bath accessories and equipment, such as mirrors, hooks and rods, hampers, and electric massagers. In addition to home décor furniture, Linen Chest also sells kitchen accessories including gadgets, mixing bowls, cookware and bakeware. Linen Chest electronics include toasters and ovens, food processors, fondues, juicers and blenders, panini and waffle presses, and specialty electronics, such as slow cookers, fryers, and ice cream makers.

Linen Chest readily hires entry-level workers for part-time and full-time employment to maintain store operations and provide excellent customer service. Common jobs include cashier, stock associate, and sales associate positions. Career-minded individuals may seek employment in management and corporate offices. Outgoing, personable, and knowledgeable individuals gain more notoriety during Linen Chest interviews. Applicants need to apply online to begin the hiring process and discover many career opportunities with Linen Chest.

Linen Chest Positions and Salary Information
Furniture and accessory store Linen Chest hires part-time and full-time workers to staff store locations. Typical jobs suit high school and college students and part-time employment hunters. The majority of available Linen Chest jobs involve customer service. Applicants must meet the required age of 16 to gain employment with the retailer. Linen Chest offers employment opportunities for the following job positions:

Cashier – The Linen Chest cashier position comes in direct contact with customers. Cashiers must display motivated, positive personalities to spread company-brand awareness. Responsibilities include operating POS systems, explaining store policies, services, and values, and keeping work areas clean and organized. Hourly pay for cashiers at Linen Chest stores begin around minimum wage and may increase with experience and time with the company.

Sales Associate – A part-time or full-time employment opportunity, sales associates with Linen Chest interact with customers on a daily basis. Sale associates provide knowledgeable information on store products and services, such as policies, procedures, and product information to establish customer relations. Applicants with positive attributes, such as organization, outgoing personalities, and team values gain more consideration during the Linen Chest hiring process. Typically, sales associates work a part-time schedule, or 20 to 30 hours per week, which may include nights, weekends, and holidays. Typical pay begins at minimum wage. Applicants with retail sales experience may receive up to $12.00 an hour from Linen Chest.

Stock Associate – Stock associates maintain inventory levels on Linen Chest products. Primary responsibilities involve back storeroom duties, which include unloading and loading trucks, moving merchandise to sales floors, and assisting other store employees when needed. Qualified applicants possess good work ethics, follow assignments and orders, experience with dollies and pallet jacks, and practice company safety policies and procedures. Pay scales for Linen Chest stock associates start at minimum wage and may increase to $11.00 or $12.00 per hour.

Manager – Applicants seeking careers with Linen Chest may apply for managerial positions with the retail chain. Typical manager job titles consist of department, assistant, and store manager posts. Each manager role carries out administrative duties, such as process payroll, delegate work to subordinates, hire and train new team members, and schedule workers. Applicants with strong leadership, motivational, and organizational skills, accompanied with great written and verbal communication skills fair well during Linen Chest interviews. Department managers oversee assigned departments and entry-level sales associates with pay options beginning around $30,000 a year. Assistant managers with Linen Chest oversee subordinate team members and work alongside the store manager to drive company sales. Beginning salary rates for assistant managers hovers around $35,000 per year and may increase with experience. Linen Chest tore managers oversee entire store operations and receive annual salary options of more than $55,000.

Benefits of Working at Linen Chest
Upon the hiring completion, Linen Chest employees receive discounts on store merchandise, complementary work uniforms, and competitive pay rates. Additionally, Linen Chest provides paid training programs and career development opportunities. In addition to basic employee benefits, managers may receive financial planning assistance, healthcare coverage, and paid time off. Apply online or visit a local Linen Chest store to view a complete list of job benefits.

Qualified workers at Linen Chest stores enjoy a wide range of health and financial benefits. Eligible candidates receive medical, dental, and vision coverage, disability plans, and life insurance options. 401(k) retirement plans and employee bonuses ensure financial security for Linen Chest associates. Fill out the application form to discover eligibility requirements for work benefits available at Linen Chest.

The idea of Linen Chest came when founder Sylvia Leibner became disappointed with home furnishings and décor selections from stores. In 1961, the first Linen Chest store opened in Quebec. The home furnishings and décor store focused entirely on the home and provided quality products, selection, and services at the lowest prices allowed. Today, Linen Chest operates more than 20 store locations, mainly on the eastern board of Canada, and provides an abundant of home furnishings, décor, and accessories for patrons to choose.

Special Services
Linen Chest operates in the home furnishings and décor retail industry specializing in accessories, furniture, and electronics for the home, kitchen, and office. Patrons may also shop online on the Linen Chest website for items found in store locations and shipped to the customer’s home address. In addition to online shopping, customers may sign up for wedding and gift registry and also make gift selections, as well. Loyal Linen Chest customers may also sign-up for email alerts, which include special promotions, exclusive offers, and sales events.

Linen Chest operates as a private retail company. The store maintains over 20 locations in New Brunswick, Ontario, and Quebec. Linen Chest employs around 25 to 100 employees in entry-level, managerial positions, and corporate careers. With few locations in Canada, the company generates up to $50 million in annual revenue. Company headquarters for Linen Chest sit in Laval, QC.

Minimum age to work at Linen Chest: 16

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