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Lick’s Homeburgers, regularly referred to as Lick’s, operates as a popular Canadian chain of fast food restaurants across Ontario. The Lick’s company concept combines unique and traditional Canadian cuisine with typical fast food menus. Roughly two dozen stores consisting of hundreds of employees reside throughout the Canadian province. Company founder Denise Meehan began Lick’s Homeburgers in 1980.

Customers often cite the variety in choices at Lick’s Homeburgers locations as popular draws to the fast food chain. Lick’s Homeburgers offers signature burgers, including beef, turkey, and veggie options, made with natural ingredients and grilled over open flame. In addition to burger offerings, Lick’s sells hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, ribeye steaks, chicken fingers, and side items. Popular side items include French-Canadian favorite poutine, sweet potato fries, salads, shakes, and yogurt. Lick’s caters to vegetarian and vegan eaters and offers fresh fruit cups and yogurt parfaits, as well. Located throughout Ontario, Lick’s Homeburgers stands within close proximity to most suburban cities and metropolitan areas.

Hiring takes place on a regular basis for entry-level jobs and professional careers at Lick’s Homeburgers restaurants. The fast food company primarily hires part-time job seekers to work entry-level roles as team members. Experienced individuals may find work as Lick’s supervisors or managers. Friendly and personable applicants who work well in fast-paced job settings often represent ideal candidates for Lick’s employment opportunities. Interested applicants may access Lick’s Homeburgers jobs through a convenient application process.

Lick’s Homeburgers Job Titles and Salary Information
Part-time, entry-level employment opportunities represent the most common jobs for hire at Lick’s restaurants. The Canadian burger chain needs to hire motivated and dedicated workers for both part-time and full-time jobs. Applicants 14 and over interested in fast food industry work should apply for Lick’s jobs now. Work available features flexible scheduling, career growth potential, and paid training. Positions regularly for hire at Lick’s Homeburgers include:

Team Member – The position of team member involves a variety of job duties at Lick’s Homeburgers restaurants. Primary responsibilities include operating cash registers, completing transactions, manning drive-thru windows, preparing and serving food, and explaining menu items. Lick’s team member employees also perform sanitation and basic cleanup at restaurant locations. Pay scales begin at minimum wage for most team member workers. Experienced applicants may start out at $11.50 or$12.00 an hour with Lick’s.

Management – Ideal opportunities for career-minded individuals, managerial roles offer Lick’s Homeburgers applicants full-time options for work with excellent pay and access to employee benefits. Most Lick’s managers work 40 hours per week. Jobs may involve both supervisory and administrative responsibilities. Specific job duties include hiring and training new employees, setting schedules, delegating daily tasks, and driving sales. Assistant managers and restaurant managers with Lick’s Homeburgers also oversee inventory and communicate with company corporate offices. Shift supervisors mainly regulate entry-level associates. Average pay for shift supervisors falls around $13.00 per hour. Lick’s Homeburgers assistant managers earn between $30,000 and $35,000 in yearly salary. Lick’s restaurant manager jobs offer salary options upwards of $45,000 a year.

Benefits of Working at Lick’s Homeburgers
As a fast food company with sometimes irregular hours of operation, Lick’s Homeburgers balances work and life and offers employees flexible schedules. Work available also provides paid training opportunities and career development programs. New-hire workers and experienced Lick’s associates earn generous wages. Additional work benefits generally stand reserved for qualified associates. Fill out an application form on site or apply online to learn more about available Lick’s employment benefits.

Lick’s Homeburgers offers employee benefits typical of most fast food restaurants in the industry. Eligible associates gain access to healthcare coverage, 401(k) retirement plans, and paid time off. Lick’s Homeburgers also offers meal discounts. Job benefits availability and eligibility requirements may vary from franchise to franchise.

Company founder Denise Meehan evolved the Lick’s Homeburgers concept from experiences helping with the family business as a kid. In 1980, Meehan opened the first Lick’s Homeburgers restaurant in Toronto, ON, Canada. Less than a year later, a second store opened. The company grew to include more than two dozen locations by 2013 and holds plans to continue expansion throughout Ontario.

Hamburgers and French fries dominate the Lick’s Homeburgers menu. Additional offerings include French-Canadian favorite poutine, salads, chicken fingers, steaks, hot dogs, and Sloppy Joe. Most Lick’s locations operate as standalone stores that include drive-thru windows and in-house dining areas.

A private company, Lick’s franchises most locations and maintains restaurants through the company home offices in Toronto, ON, Canada. Combined, Lick’s Homeburgers restaurants generate millions of dollars in annual revenues and employ hundreds of workers across Ontario. Lick’s often partners with local and national charitable organizations to promote and hold special events and fundraisers, which raise money for various causes.

Minimum age to work at Lick’s Homeburgers: 14

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