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La Prep operates as a chic and trendy Canadian coffee shop, baked goods restaurant, and fresh sandwich shop. Boasting more than 60 locations, La Prep restaurants primarily reside in venues like office towers, shopping malls, major airports, and university campuses. La Prep restaurants operate in communities throughout Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. The franchise even manages some locations in the United States.

Breakfast and lunch offerings comprise most of La Prep menus. Ready-to-go breakfast items include bagels, English muffins, yogurt, and breakfast sandwiches. Other sandwiches include a selection of Paninis, pitas, wraps, and traditional sandwiches. La Prep also features over 40 salad and soup recipes, all made from scratch. Like many ready-to-go restaurants, La Prep features a vast collection of brewed and specialty coffees. The chain even offers personalized catering service for things like corporate events, parties, and just about any occasion.

Each La Prep restaurant features varying staff sizes. With more franchise locations opening every year, owner/ operators need to hire plenty of entry-level associates. Career opportunities also exist at La Prep. The Canadian restaurant chain encourages job seekers to apply online or submit resumes and CVs to the nearest location. Managers may take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to cycle through applicants and contact individuals for an interview.

La Prep Positions and Salary Information
La Prep employees enjoy clean and professional work environments. Workers must display expedient and courteous customer service. Most locations train new associates on operation of the grills, coffee makers, and other restaurant equipment upon hire. New-hire associates receive support and assistance from experienced La Prep workers, as well. Part-time and full-time positions with La Prep include:

Team Member – Perfect for first-time employees and experienced workers alike, team members perform several duties for La Prep. Employees spend time preparing a variety of food, mixing drinks, and ringing up customer orders. Team members also clean work stations and dining areas and assist in opening and closing duties. Successful individuals must learn the La Prep menu in order to work effectively carry out the position and assigned responsibilities. Minimum wage typically serves as base pay for La Prep team members.

Shift Supervisor – Shift supervisors with La Prep act as leaders to other restaurant employees. In addition to regular customer service responsibilities, shift supervisors teach workers on store policy, customer interaction, and administrative policies. Supervisors often hold keys to La Prep restaurants and perform opening and closing duties. Reconciling registers and training new workers round out other major duties for shift supervisors. Managers often hire shift supervisors from the current staff, though experienced workers from similar restaurants may receive consideration, as well. Pay scales sit around $12.00 or $13.00 per hour.

Management – La Prep franchise owners often correspondingly act as store managers. Individuals monitor every aspect of store operations, from employee performance to daily profit margins. Scheduling, payroll, and communication with company corporate offices make up just some of the duties for La Prep managers. La Prep managers also spend a great deal of time cycling through applicants, interviewing candidates, and hiring new employees. Annual salary options begin around $30,000 and range up to $40,000 with experience.

Benefits of Working at La Prep
In order to continue growing with La Prep, the company offers several job benefits to retain the best employees. Employment benefits may apply to both part-time employees and full-time workers alike. Specific job benefits available to La Prep employees usually depend on the discretion of the location manager. For example, company-owned restaurants may offer a different set of work benefits than franchise owners.

La Prep provides weekly pay and direct deposit services. Paid vacation stands readily available, as well. Qualified workers also access 401(k) retirement plans, savings accounts, and frequent raises. Franchise owners may also provide access to healthcare coverage and life insurance options. The application and interview process provides applicants further details on available La Prep employee benefits

A relatively new company, La Prep began in 2010. The specialty cafe and sandwich shop mainly cateres to corporate workers, with restaurants nestled in office buildings in major metropolitan areas. La Prep also maintains location in airports, colleges and universities, and shopping malls. With the help of a franchising program, La Prep quickly expanded across Canada, with restaurants in places like Vancouver, Ottawa, and the Greater Toronto Area.

Breakfast items from La prep include toast, bagels, English muffins, croissants, and a variety of pastries. Customers may purchase fresh fruit, yogurt parfaits, and fruit salad as well as popular breakfast sandwiches commonly featuring eggs, cheese, bacon, sausage, ham, and mayo. Sandwiches from La Prep include Panini’s, grilled, smoked salmon pitas, chicken avocado wraps, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Soups and salads from La Prep include Caesar salad, pasta pesto, beet salad, sun-dried tomato couscous, and Greek salad. La Prep includes various brewed and specialty coffees in drink menus as well as teas, hot chocolate, iced coffee, and smoothies.

The Canadian restaurant chain allows hard-working and business-savvy individuals to become franchise owners of La Prep restaurants. A private company, franchising stands as one of the most profitable aspects of the La Prep business concept. The company generates millions of dollars in annual revenues and employs thousands of part-time and full-time associates. Head offices for La Prep reside in Montreal, QC, Canada.

Minimum age to work at La Prep: 16

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