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Discount retail chain Korvette operates nearly 70 locations through Quebec, Canada. Korvette began after the dissolution of an American department store chain of the same name in 1948. Ten years later, the Canadian spin off of the retailer opened for business under the name Korvette Stores Limited. The company manages a distribution center and corporate offices, which employ hundreds of dedicated professionals and entry-level associates. Korvette accounts for more than a thousand workers throughout Quebec.

Korvette stores implement a strong corporate philosophy of local, community development. Like most department store chains, Korvette locations sell a wide variety of merchandise, including clothing, toiletries, housewares, kitchenwares, toys, office supplies, and seasonal goods. A majority of Korvette stores reside in near-rural communities and suburban towns. Proven customer service also lends to the success of Korvette.

The expanding department store chain regularly needs to hire new and motivated workers. Retail job hopefuls may find part-time opportunities with Korvette in entry-level capacities or full-time employment as supervisors and managers. The hiring process generally takes only a few weeks to complete and traditionally consists of one or two face-to-face interviews with managers. During the Korvette interview process, applicants must demonstrate community-first and team-oriented attitudes with strong customer service skills and positive personalities. Additional job requirements vary by position. Apply online for further details on Korvette jobs.

Korvette Jobs and Salary Information
Rampant growth and development lead many Korvette locations to conduct regular hiring for entry-level jobs and professional careers. New-hire employees typically encounter friendly, supportive, and rewarding work environments, paid training opportunities, and competitive pay scales. The basic minimum hiring age for workers in Quebec stands at 14. Applicants as young as 12 may gain employment with Korvette with a special work permit. The following list highlights positions readily available for hire with Korvette:

Store Associate – Korvette stores often lump several positions under one job title. The position of store associate involves both customer service job duties and departmental work. Primary responsibilities for Korvette store associates may include operating cash registers, organizing and arranging displays, assisting in sales, and answering questions about products, services, and policies. Job duties often require store clerks to work on foot for long periods of time. The average store associate works between 20 and 30 hours a week. Pay starts out around minimum wage at Korvette locations and increases up to $9.00 per hour with experience.

Management – Careers available at Korvette locations include managerial and supervisory opportunities. Korvette needs to hire applicants with leadership skills and experience in the retail industry for full-time opportunities in management. Key responsibilities for Korvette managers include setting work schedules, hiring and training new employees, delegating tasks, processing payroll, maintaining inventory levels and placing product orders, and communicating with company corporate offices. Supervisors often earn between $12.00 and $14.00 in hourly pay. Managers earn salaries anywhere between $35,000 a year for assistant managers and $50,000 for store managers.

Benefits of Working at Korvette
Korvette takes pride in employees and offers sound job benefits to qualified candidates. In addition to competitive base pay, paid training, and career development programs, eligible workers receive financial planning assistance, healthcare options, and discounts on Korvette products and services. Apply online to see a full list of work benefits available to Korvette associates.

One of the largest employers in Quebec, Korvette provides sound healthcare coverage to qualified employees. Eligible retail workers also enjoy 401(k) retirement plans, bonus incentives, and paid time off. Employee benefits availability generally varies by position. Check with local Korvette stores to learn more about employment benefits and job opportunities today.

The Korvette retail chain began with a financial partnership formed between four Canadian businessmen in 1958. In 1972, Korvette officially changed names to Les Magasins Korvette ltee to better represent the surrounding French population. Expansion and increased popularity lead to more than 20 stores by the mid-1990s. Korvette merged the main company distribution center with the corporate offices in 2009.

Products and Services
The provincial department store chain offers mostly domestic products and merchandise. Popular items sold at Korvette stores include health and beauty products, such as fragrances and personal hygiene products, home decor, kitchenwares, housewares, clothing for men, women, and children, and office supplies. A majority of Korvette stores operate as standalone locations in downtown areas of small, Canadian communities.

Korvette operates as a private company. The retail company generates millions of dollars in annual revenues and employs thousands throughout the Province of Quebec. Korvette plans to continue expanding throughout Quebec in the near future. Company corporate offices sit in Trois-Rivieres, QC.

Minimum age to work at Korvette: 18

Official Site: www.korvette.ca/emplois.asp?lan=en

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