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International fried chicken fast food chain KFC began in 1930 in North Corbin, KY. After years of development, founder Harland “Colonel” Sanders expanded upon the first location and franchised the company. The first franchised Kentucky Fried Chicken opened in Salt Lake City in 1952. Four years later, KFC went international and expanded into Canada. As of June 2012, nearly 700 Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food restaurants operated in Canada.

Kentucky Fried Chicken offers entry-level job seekers prime opportunities for work. Jobs available typically suite high school and college students and part-time employment hunters; however, KFC hires career-minded individuals for supervisory, managerial, and corporate opportunities, as well. Canadian Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants look for workers with open schedules, motivated personalities, and excellent customer service skills. Experience working in kitchen settings may also prove beneficial for interested applicants. Apply online to locate a nearby Canadian KFC restaurant or fill out an application form in person to begin the hiring process today.

KFC Canada Positions and Salary Info
The Canadian off chute of KFC hires applicants in much the same manner as U.S. locations. Applicants must meet the minimum age requirements of 16 in order to work for the international fried chicken chain. The most popular positions for hire include entry-level team member jobs. Fill out the KFC Canada application now to find out more information on the following positions:

Team Member – Applicants often begin careers at KFC Canada in entry-level team member positions. Kentucky Fried Chicken team members carry out a variety of job duties at restaurant locations, including greeting customers, manning cash registers, cleaning and organizing work stations, restocking food trays, preparing meals, and operating drive-thru windows. Pay often begins at minimum wages and increases up to $11.00 or $12.00 per hour with experience. Strong customer service skills and the ability to multitask prove invaluable for team member jobs during the hiring process. Additional requirements may vary by location.

Management – Career opportunities available at KFC Canada most often include managerial and supervisory roles. Applicants must stand at least 18 years of age in order to receive hiring consideration for KFC management jobs, in most cases. Primary job duties include scheduling employees, hiring new associates, training workers, placing stock orders, managing inventory, and communicating with Kentucky Fried Chicken corporate offices. Experience in the restaurant or fast food industry typically proves necessary in order to assume managerial or supervisory positions. Associates with excellent leadership, organizational, and motivational skills often receive hiring consideration over other applicants. Pay rates start around $12.00 an hour for shift managers. Assistant restaurant managers may receive anywhere from $25,000 to $30,000 in annual salary. The average KFC restaurant manager earns salary rates around $40,000 per year.

Benefits of Working at Kentucky Fried Chicken Canada
Like most other fast food chains, KFC Canada offers employees a wide variety of job benefits. Although primarily reserved for full-time employees, Kentucky Fried Chicken employment benefits also stand readily available for part-time and entry-level workers. In addition to competitive monetary compensation, KFC Canada restaurants often provide complimentary uniforms, flexible work schedules, and generous meal discounts. Qualified associates also enjoy healthcare coverage, financial planning work benefits, and health and wellness programs.

Eligible KFC Canada employees receive exceptional benefits packages. Typical employee benefits found at Kentucky Fried Chicken include financial planning assistance and healthcare coverage. Qualified associates receive 401(k) retirement plans, tuition assistance, life insurance options, medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage, paid time off, and access to employee assistance programs. Career development programs and paid training opportunities also benefit workers employed by KFC Canada. Apply online for more information on available KFC work benefits and eligibility requirements.

USA KFC Application

KFC originated in 1930 in southern Kentucky. Harland Sanders, later known as The Colonel, came up with the idea for the infamous Original Recipe using a special blend of herbs and spices. The creation gained instant traction and popularity among patrons. Franchising of the company began in 1952. In roughly a decade of franchising, KFC opened close to 600 locations. Foodservice giant PepsiCo purchased KFC in 1986. After a corporate spin off, PepsiCo began operating as Tricon Global Restaurants. In 2002, Tricon changed names to Yum! Brands Inc., which serves as parent company to Kentucky Fried Chicken. Roughly 17,000 KFC locations operate worldwide.

A majority of KFC Canada locations operate as standalone restaurants. KFC Canada also operates inside shopping malls and airports. The KFC menu primarily includes fried chicken meals, including popular buckets of fried chicken and boxed meal combos. Kentucky Fried Chicken locations also serve side dishes, such as mashed potatoes, corn, biscuits, and coleslaw. Special promotions, such as meal bowls and snacker sandwich wraps, also remain available, though some on a limited-time basis.

Yum! Brands Inc. trades as a public company on the NYSE and S&P 500 as YUM. Kentucky Fried Chicken joins sister companies Taco Bell, Long John Silver’s, Pizza Hut, and Wing Street. Together, Yum! Brand Inc. subsidiaries generate more than $12 billion in annual revenues. Including franchised locations, Kentucky Fried Chicken pulls in roughly $9.5 billion a year. Over 190,000 entry-level associates and seasoned professionals work for the international fast food chain.

Minimum age to work at KFC: 16

Official Site: http://careers.kfc.ca/

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  1. Nelji

    Working at KFC was so great. I was able to develop my physical abilities, especially preparing foods. I’ve learned standard procedures in preparing foods and its considerations, specifically cleanliness and temperature of the product that you have to serve. Additionally, KFC provided a lot of benefits to its employees- I became 1 of their team leaders and learned and developed on how to be a good leader.

  2. Raquel O. Tubig

    I worked in KFC for almost 3 years and also passed my all star exams. Its fun to work in this company. Team work is a must. I really enjoyed the company of my management and my co workers.

  3. Hisham

    I have worked in kfc in the United Kingdom it was a great opportunity, I loved it so much.


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