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Kent Building Supplies, commonly shortened to Kent, operates home improvement retail centers throughout Atlantic Canada. With over 40 locations, Kent ranks as the largest hardware store chain in the area. Despite maintaining a strictly regional presence, the company consistently boasts sales figures on par with national industry leaders. Kent enjoys steady growth with new locations opening virtually every year. The flourishing company employs nearly 3,000 associates in entry-level and supervisory positions. With continued plans for expansion, Kent offers ideal employment opportunities for job seekers at all career levels.

Maintaining public retail stores and contractor warehouses, Kent Building Supplies strives to meet the home improvement needs of all customers. The company operates traditional, mini-box, and warehouse style stores offering up to 50,000 different products. Each location boasts drive-through lumberyards and local delivery services. Kent shoppers take advantage of a companywide price-matching policy committed to surpassing the lowest prices of competitors. The Canadian hardware retailer also attracts customers with periodic contests regularly featuring prizes valued at $1,000 or more. Kent Building Supplies remains equally dedicated to contractors and sponsors a series of trade shows.

As the company continues to expand, Kent needs talented new employees to deliver quality home improvement solutions to customers and contractors. The hardware store chain regularly hires entry-level workers for customer service positions and recruits more experienced candidates for management careers. Entry-level jobs with Kent Building Supplies typically require no prior experience or formal education but may carry qualifications depending on the physical demands of the position. Managerial candidates generally face more rigorous employment standards. Complete an online job application to begin the Kent Building Supplies hiring process today.

Kent Building Supplies Job Opportunities and Salary Info

Kent offers flexible full-time and part-time job options for entry-level candidates. Management jobs usually entail full-time work schedules. While minimum hiring age stands at 14 years in most of the Atlantic provinces, some Kent locations may impose more restrictive limits based on the physical capabilities required for certain hardware store jobs. Like many other employers in the region, hiring managers at Kent may prefer applicants to possess bilingual language skills. The home improvement retailer features opportunities for employment in the following areas:


  • Cashier positions with Kent Building Supplies demand excellent interpersonal and customer service skills.
  • These team members primarily operate cash registers, process payments, and finalize sales transactions.
  • Additional duties include bagging merchandise and cleaning work areas.
  • Although the entry-level job with KBS requires no prior experience or formal education, applicants should possess basic math skills and the ability to stand for extended periods of time.
  • Hourly pay begins around minimum wage and may increase with experience.

Store Associate

  • Kent store associates perform a variety of jobs pertaining to customer service, merchandising, and sales.
  • These employees handle customer inquiries, display merchandise on shelves, and offer product recommendations.
  • KBS associates usually work within a specific store department and need to demonstrate expertise on available products and services.
  • Certain associate positions with Kent Building Supplies may also require workers to explain and promote the store credit card to customers.
  • Applicants must exhibit attention to detail and possess strong communication and multitasking skills.
  • Prior retail experience or knowledge of home improvement products may prove helpful.
  • Pay scales for Kent Building Supplies store associates generally rest between $10.00 and $11.00 per hour.

Lumber Yard Associate

  • Entry-level lumber yard associates perform physically demanding and rewarding work in outdoor areas at Kent stores.
  • Primary duties include fulfilling customer orders, loading and unloading lumber, and organizing materials in the lumber yard.
  • Applicants must value teamwork and have the competence to communicate with customers and work in busy environments.
  • Lumber yard associates with Kent Building Supplies must also demonstrate the ability to lift up to 45 kilograms or 100 pounds.
  • Previous construction or lumberyard experience, though not required, may benefit prospective employees.
  • Kent lumber yard associates earn roughly minimum wage to start, with increased pay rates based on experience.


  • Supervisory positions at Kent Building Supplies provide exciting career opportunities in fast-paced work environments.
  • Managers coordinate daily store operations, delegate tasks among staff, and oversee entry-level staff members.
  • Core responsibilities include recruiting, hiring, and developing new employees.
  • Managerial workers with Kent Building Supplies also develop sales strategies, maintain budgets, order inventory, uphold workplace safety standards, and ensure storewide customer satisfaction.
  • The dynamic position requires exceptional analytical, communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills.
  • Applicants must hold a high school diploma and may need a more extensive educational background in business or a related field.
  • Prospective managers must also possess prior retail experience at Kent or a similar company.
  • Hiring managers may prefer candidates to have some previous management experience, as well.
  • Annual salary options for managers at Kent typically fall between $30,000 and $50,000 or more, depending on experience and potential bonus incentives.

Benefits of Working at Kent Building Supplies

Kent Building Supplies extends generous employee benefits to entry-level associates and full-time managers alike. In addition to competitive wages and safe work environments, Kent Building Supplies employees receive job training, company uniforms, and flexible work schedules. Qualified workers also enjoy merchandise discounts, corporate discounts on various services, and monthly bonus programs. Refer to the hardware store chain to access detailed information on employment benefits at Kent today.

The home improvement retail chain also offers comprehensive health benefits. Qualified Kent Building Supplies employees enjoy dental, vision, and general medical coverage. The company boasts fitness reimbursement and smoking cessation programs to promote the general wellbeing of benefits-eligible associates. Additional job benefits with KBS may include paid time off and 401(k) retirement plans. Apply online today to start the hiring process for rewarding careers at Kent Building Supplies.


Founded in 1974, Kent Building Supplies functions as part of the Retail and Distribution division of J.D. Irving, Limited. The parent company formed in 1882 and operates a formidable conglomerate of companies in Eastern Canada and the United States. Kent Building Supplies currently boasts more than 40 locations in Atlantic Canada and experienced notably steady growth throughout the 2000s.

Products and Services

Kent Building Supplies operates retail centers in three different styles: traditional, mini-box, and warehouse. Stores range in size from 5,000-square-foot shops to 100,000-square-foot depots. The largest locations boast up to 50,000 different product choices. Each retail store features amenities like drive-through lumber yards, delivery services, garden centers, and contractor desks. In addition to standard hardware and home improvement selections, Kent offers specialty service providers like estimators and window specialists in all markets.


J.D. Irving, Limited, operates Kent Building Supplies as a privately held subsidiary. The parent company generates billions of dollars in annual revenue with interests in the construction, consumer products, forestry, retail, shipbuilding, specialty printing, and transportation industries. Kent Building Supplies boasts annual sales of roughly $400 million. The company maintains corporate headquarters in St. John, NB, Canada.

Minimum age to work at Kent Building Supplies: 14

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