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Kate Spade sells trendy apparel and accessories for women around the world. The internationally renowned brand boasts more than 300 retail stores worldwide. Qualified job hopefuls find gainful employment regularly within company locations. Corporate jobs prove accessible for highly dedicated individuals as well as for entry-level workers rising through management ranks at the store level.

Storefront positions available include part-time, full-time, and seasonal work for motivated job seekers interested in retail and fashion. Entry-level Kate Spade associates earn valuable industry, which proves instrumental in obtaining career-level jobs elsewhere in either fashion or retail fields. Generally, professional demeanors and adept social skills indicate desirable employees. While prior retail experience remains beneficial for hiring chances, candidates without prior retail jobs regularly receive hire based on expected team fit and potential to increase and maintain store profit margins. Other desirable traits and requirements such as bilingualism vary from store to store.

Typical shifts for new employees depend on individual store need and personal schedule availability. Store hours range from morning to night and persist through weekends. Some holiday work proves average, though pay increases usually occur to compensate. Kate Spade workers must dress in business-casual clothes and maintain personal hygiene. Some familiarity with the company remains ideal. However, full training opportunities persist for staff, which acclimate new-hires to the cultural atmospheres of the company. Training includes full compensation and introduces corporate expectations and policies, as well. Candidates with great familiarity and past experience in the industry may achieve management-level positions upon hire.

Kate Spade Jobs and Salary Expectations
Most employees must stand at least 18 years old before working at Kate Spade. While candidates should possess high school educations, competent associates receive hiring consideration without educational accolades. The following jobs frequently hire qualified applicants:

Muse – Otherwise known as sales associates, muses provide assistance to customers in various capacities, such as finding appropriate products, suggesting additional merchandise, and finalizing sales. Shifts entail inventory counting and re-shelving duties along with answering phones and operating system computers with prompt efficiency. Cleaning procedures like dusting and rearranging product racks also prove normal. Hiring staff may ask for background checks, drug testing, and proof of transportation. Typical pay for muses stands around $11.00 per hour. Lucrative commission packages may prove available, as well.

Manager – Manager salary options vary according to rank and time spent with the company. General managers usually earn more than $50,000 per year, while assistant managers and shift supervisors earn between $15,000 and $35,000 yearly. Expected duties for managers revolve around maintaining store profitability. Duties include seeking adequate staff to run storefronts, instituting marketing schemes to increase sales, and assisting with customer complaints and other difficulties. Managerial roles typically garner expanded employment benefits packages and introduce bonus potential for meeting or exceeding performance goals and expectations.

Benefits of Working at Kate Spade
Employees receive fluctuating discount benefits for store merchandise in addition to gaining priority access to new product lines. Traditional job benefits remain available, as well. Life insurance, short- and long-term disability, and highly desirable paid time off packages continue to please Kate Spade workers. Retirement savings plans may prove accessible along with profit sharing options designed to enhance employee interest in the wellbeing of the company. Work benefits increase as candidates achieve seniority.

USA Kate Spade Application

The fashion chain originally started as a handbag producer in 1993. Kate Spade gained steady popularity and began to spread across the United States and into international markets soon after. Founder Kate Spade sold her share of the company in 2007. The company continues as a subsidiary of the Kate Spade & Company brand, which includes sister companies Jack Spade and Kate Spade Saturday. The company reached Canada in 2012 and currently maintains about 10 storefronts nationally.

Products and Services
The brand remains famous for handbags and wallets. Kate Spade offers additional products including fragrances, clothing, and shoes. Parents may also purchase child clothing in addition to various house wares, such as dinning sets, decorative wall hangings, and bedding collections. The company also caters to bridal interests, with selections of gowns, jewelry, and other traditional wedding trinkets like matching champagne glasses and cake-cutting utensil sets.

With handbags trending and the company continuing to expand into international markets, the fashion house reported revenues of more than $1.5 billion USD in 2015. Kate Spade opened three new Canadian stores in 2015 and announced plans to carry on expansion, which means more jobs for entry-level workers and career hopefuls.

Minimum age to work at Kate Spade: 18

Official Site: https://www.katespade.com/CAREERS-CANADA/katespade-careers-canada,en_US,pg.html

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