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Popular specialty foods retailer Jugo Juice operates a sizeable network of smoothie shops across Canada. Predominantly found in Alberta and other Western Canadian Provinces, Jugo Juice began in the late 1990s. In addition to Western Canadian operations, Jugo Juice also maintains a presence in Atlantic Canada. Jugo Juice represents a healthy alternative to traditional fast food restaurants and sells organic, freshly made smoothie and food offerings at reasonable prices.

High school and college students often find Jugo Juice an ideal place to find employment. Jugo Juice caters to students with flexible scheduling and an abundance of part-time job vacancies. Applicants must stand at least 14-years old in order to receive hiring consideration for Jugo Juice jobs. Additional hiring requirements typically only apply to managerial roles. Jugo Juice locations thrive on the energy of both customers and employees. Most Jugo Juice stores sit in high-traffic areas or in dense, commercial sectors of busy cities and suburbs. Prospective associates must enjoy fast-paced, energetic, and sometimes demanding work environments in order to success as Jugo Juice workers.

Jugo Juice applicants with customer service experience may receive preferential treatment over other candidates. Most hiring managers look to hire cheerful, courteous, and attentive workers who thrive in fast-paced job settings to work at the Canadian smoothie retail chain. Jugo Juice managerial prospects must often possess high school diplomas and relevant work history in order to gain employment consideration. The Canadian specialty foods retailer provides a straightforward interview process that typically involves one or two face-to-face question-and-answer sessions. Fill out an application form to begin the Jugo Juice hiring process today.

Jugo Juice Positions and Salary

The most common job titles available at Jugo Juice locations include part-time entry-level positions. The smoothie chain also offers full-time entry-level jobs, though historically less accessible. Careers in management also exist for motivated applicants looking for long-term employment. Jugo Juice regularly hires for the following jobs:

Team Member

  • Entry-level job seekers may take interest in Jugo Juice team member positions.
  • Most team member employees work between 15 and 25 hours per week.
  • The position involves the handling of food and regular interaction with customers and fellow associates.
  • Workers must adhere to strict codes of conduct regarding health and safety standards and practices as well as behavior and appearance regulations while employed.
  • Primary job responsibilities include preparing menu items, operating cash registers, completing transactions, and assisting customers.
  • Pay scales begin at $10.00 per hour for Jugo Juice team members and rise to around $11.00 an hour with experience.


  • Applicants over the age of 18 may qualify for work as managers.
  • Jugo Juice needs to hire supervisors, assistant managers, and general managers at locations throughout Canada.
  • Responsibilities range from overseeing hiring and interviewing to training new workers, scheduling associates, completing payroll, ordering inventory, pushing promotions, meeting sales goals, and supervising entry-level employees.
  • Jugo Juice managers receive continuous training and access to competitive pay scales and work benefits.
  • Supervisors and assistant manager typically earn hourly pay rates hovering around $11.00 or $12.00 per hour.
  • General managers should expect to make anywhere from $20,000 per year to more than $35,000 annual salary.

Benefits of Working at Jugo Juice

Discounts on food and drink serve as the main employment benefits of working for Jugo Juice. Associates also receive complimentary uniforms and nametags upon hire. Additional work benefits stand readily available for managers and full-time employees. Job benefits packages may vary by location due to franchising but typically include health and wellness programs, financial planning assistance, and time off. Most Jugo Juice workers enjoy flexible scheduling and career development programs.

Specific work benefits commonly available to qualified Jugo Juice associates include paid time off, holiday pay and sick days, healthcare coverage, and life insurance options. Eligible employees also receive 401(k) retirement plans. Visit a local Jugo Juice or contact one by email or phone to learn more about available jobs and work benefits packages.


Founded in Western Canada in 1998, the first Jugo Juice location opened in Calgary, AB, Canada. The franchise received the 2000 award for Best New Retail Concept from Canadian property management firm Cadillac Fairview Corporation. Building on initial successes, Jugo Juice opened subsequent locations throughout Western Canada and expanded into Atlantic Canada during the 2000s. As of August 2013, more than 130 Jugo Juice locations operate in seven Canadian Provinces.


The Jugo Juice menu consists of healthy varieties of sandwiches, wraps, smoothies, salads, and breakfast foods. Smoothies easily stand out as the most popular menu items available at Jugo Juice locations. Customers may choose from flavors like Watermelon Wiggle and Summer Strawberry and add liquid shots of vitamins, wheatgrass, and powdered protein to further enhance nutrition of available smoothies. Jugo Juice provides full nutritional information for menu items in-store and notifies customers of food-related allergens and irritants.


Jugo Juice operates as a private company. Each Jugo Juice locations average around $165,000 in annual sales. Total revenues for the Canadian specialty foods retailer reach in excess of $80 million per year. As a growing chain, Jugo Juice encourages entrepreneurs to take advantage of available franchising opportunities. Jugo Juice corporate headquarters reside in Calgary, AB, Canada.

Minimum age to work at Jugo Juice: 14

Official Site: http://www.jugojuice.com/en/contact-us