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International fashion retailer Joe Fresh began in Canada in 2004. The concept of the retail chain took two years to develop before the official launch of the brand in 2006. Joe Fresh founder Joe Mimran envisioned an affordable retail chain for men, women, and children offering sensible yet stylish clothing. Originally Joe Fresh sold exclusively in department stores. In 2010, Joe Fresh expanded to physical store locations. As of February 2013, Joe Fresh maintained nearly 400 stores and held plans to expand to more than 700 new stores throughout the United States and Canada with help from JCPenney. The retail chain employs between 5,000 and 10,000 part-time and full-time team members worldwide.

Joe Fresh sells fashions and fashion accessories for men, women, and children. Popular items sold include blouses, t-shirts, vests, sweaters, pants, shorts, and skirts as well as a full line of cosmetics. Colorful and contemporary styles attract and retain customers and serve as a popular draw. Convenient locations and recent expansion into new markets also help spread Joe Fresh brand awareness and increase customer bases. Patrons may also opt into regular email newsletters, which provide exclusive sales information, discounts, and promotional codes for online shopping.

Like most other large fashion retail chains, Joe Fresh hires experience and inexperienced individuals for part-time and full-time work. Joe Fresh jobs serve as excellent opportunities to gain industry experience. Employment opportunities range from part-time, entry-level to corporate positions in company headquarters. The fashion company mainly conducts hiring for entry-level jobs and pays competitive base wages. Knowledgeable, outgoing, and attentive individuals generally fair well during Joe Fresh job interviews. Complete an online application form to receive immediate hiring consideration from Joe Fresh.

Joe Fresh Positions and Salary Information

Applicants in search of part-time work may find viable jobs with Joe Fresh. The prominent fashion retailer holds job interviews for part-time positions on a regular basis at store locations. Most positions for hire involve some aspect of customer service or sales. Minimum hiring age for employment consideration with Joe Fresh rests at 16. Joe Fresh offers employment opportunities in the following positions:

Sales Associate

  • A general retail position, Joe Fresh sales associates perform typical job duties, such as operating cash registers, assisting in sales, and maintaining clean and organized storefronts.
  • During the interview process, Joe Fresh screens for applicants with trendy and hip personalities.
  • Knowledge of the fashion industry or Joe Fresh lines proves greatly advantageous for prospective workers.
  • Sales associate jobs typically offer part-time hours or 15 to 30 hours per week. Schedules may include nights, weekends, and/or holidays, if necessary.
  • Joe Fresh often starts sales associates out at $11.00 an hour.
  • Pay increases up to $13.00 with experience.

Visual Merchandiser

  • A mid-level employment opportunity, the position of Joe Fresh visual merchandiser requires creative and knowledgeable individuals to create store floor plans.
  • Visual merchandisers design outfits to dress manikins, decorate stores for holidays and special promotions, and oversee the artistic direction of the brand at the store level.
  • Applicants must generally hold some experience in the fashion industry and exude confident, vibrant, and motivated personalities.
  • Joe Fresh provides competitive hourly pay around $13.00 to start and as much as $15.00 per hour for associates who excel in the position.


  • Reserved for individuals with strong leadership skills, Joe Fresh managerial opportunities include assistant manager and store manager positions.
  • Each position carries out various administrative, organizational, and clerical job duties ranging from hiring and training new associates and delegating daily tasks to processing payroll, driving sales, and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Assistant managers with Joe Fresh act as supervisors and directly oversee entry-level employees.
  • Store managers oversee entire store operations and communicate directly with company corporate offices.
  • Pay scales begin around $30,000 in annual salary for assistant managers.
  • Salary options may exceed as much as $50,000 a year for Joe Fresh store managers.

Benefits of Working at Joe Fresh

The primary job benefit provided to Joe Fresh employees includes generous discounts on merchandise. Competitive compensation, paid training opportunities, and career development programs also benefit Joe Fresh workers. In addition to basic employment benefits, managers receive financial planning assistance, healthcare coverage, and paid time off. Contact a local Joe Fresh store or apply online to find full details on work benefits now.

Joe Fresh associates employed as managers enjoy a wide spectrum of employee benefits. Common job benefits provided include 401(k) retirement plans, paid vacation, medical insurance plans, and access to programs that benefit surrounding communities. Employee benefits availability and eligibility requirements may vary store to store. Fill out an online application form for further information and to begin the Joe Fresh hiring process.


Conceptualized in 2004, founder Joe Mimran launched the Joe Fresh brand name in 2006. Initially, the fashion brand only sold in department stores and other retail venues. The company moved toward managing standalone locations, and in 2010 opened the first Joe Fresh retailer in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Joe Fresh opened nearly 400 stores between 2010 and 2013. A partnership with department store chain JCPenney in 2011 led to plans for hundreds of more stores to open in the near future, which included plans to expand internationally into the United States.

Products and Services

Joe Fresh operates as a fashion retail chain specializing in outerwear for men, women, and children. The fashion company also sells cosmetics, fragrances, and fashion accessories. The Canadian retailer maintains operations out of standalone locations, shopping malls, and department stores. Most Joe Fresh stores sit in busy metropolitan areas or heavily trafficked commercial sectors of suburban communities.


Loblaw Companies Limited serves as acting parent company to Joe Fresh. A prominent supermarket franchiser, Loblaw Companies Limited trades publicly on the TSX under the stock symbol L. Along with other Loblaw subsidiaries, Joe Fresh helps generate more than $30 billion in annual revenues for the international food retail franchiser. Joe Fresh world headquarters sit in Brampton, ON, Canada. The retail also maintains a flagship office in Downtown New York City.

Minimum age to work at Joe Fresh: 16

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  • Amanda Walker says:

    I worked at Joe Fresh Aurora Superstore during the initial store set up from Nov. 2009 – March 2010. We had to set up all of the shelves with coded items according to the layout provided. Duties included unpacking, inventory, cashier, upkeep and cleanliness. This was when I was first introduced to the Joe Fresh fashion line and am still a great believer in the quality of the product.

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