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Leading Canadian oil refining and supply corporation Irving Oil sells gasoline and other petrol-related products through roughly 900 locations in North America. Large networks of pipelines, commercial trucks, corporate offices, and service stations work collectively to provide customers with wide ranges of products. Operations expand throughout parts of both Canada and the U.S., with joint ventures and affiliations with other major service station and chemical retail corporations domestically and internationally. Partnerships include agreements with liquefied natural gas distributors, convenience stores, and power plants.

With operations spanning the globe, Irving Oil must hire dependable and trustworthy individuals to fill entry-level retail positions and corporate careers in administration as well as fieldwork on oil rigs and in functioning refineries. Service station jobs generally require education or experience for employment consideration. Typical duties include customer service, site maintenance, inventory, and closing/opening procedures. Workers able to commit to irregular schedules usually make ideal fits for entry-level gas station jobs. Hours may extend overnight and into the morning as well as over major holidays. Added responsibilities and promotion into managerial roles result in more stringent hiring requirements.

Irving Oil uses a massive receiving terminal called Canaport located in the Bay of Fundy, NB. The terminal serves as a storage facility for crude oil prior to processing and shipping. Crude oil sits in the storage facilities until ready for processing in the main refinery also located in the Province of New Brunswick in the City of Saint John. The oil company utilizes railways, highways, and ocean freights to ship the crude oil from one facility to the other. Applicants in search of oil industry careers outside of traditional retail jobs may find exceptional opportunities working in the Canaport or company refinery located in New Brunswick.

Positions and Salary Information for Irving Oil

Individuals able to demonstrate reliable and punctual work ethics in addition to flexible scheduling preferences often receive formal consideration for entry-level job titles. On average, workers must stand at least 15 years of age to work at Irving Oil gas stations. However, some provinces may set the minimum age standards at 16 or 17. Other desirable traits include the ability to stand on foot for long periods of time and comfortability performing regular manual labor. Basic descriptions of common positions for hire sit listed below:

Station Attendant

  • Workers hired into station attendant positions fill multiple functions at Irving Oil gas stations.
  • The position serves as a point of contact with customers and a direct line to suppliers.
  • Applicants must make customers feel comfortable and interact with patrons in genial and attentive manners on daily bases to receive full review.
  • The expectation to work varied hours also greatly determines the candidacies of job hopefuls.
  • Personable, self-starting, and responsible persons typically perform well during the hiring process.
  • At start, gas station attendants generally make around $10.00 CAD per hour, with opportunities to make as much as $12.00 CAD over time.


  • Station attendants showing initiative and consistent performance on the job may receive promotion into shift lead and station manager positions.
  • Workers in managerial roles oversee retail operations and ensure the profitability of stores.
  • Specific responsibilities range from hiring new associates and training employees to marketing products, meeting sales goals, and ordering inventory and supplies.
  • Shift managers often make between $12.00 CAD and $13.00 CAD hourly, while station managers earn between $35,000 CAD and $40,000 CAD annual salary, depending on experience and tenure.

Benefits of Working for Irving Oil

Employees operate under formal agreements with the oil company outlining expected behaviors and in the in-kind employment benefits called Mutual Value Programs (MVP). The programs detail the contributions of associates as outlined in codes of ethics, conduct, and general performance standards. Workers able to meet the standards and maintain solid standing with the company receive job benefits packages consisting of industry-competitive perks. In addition to lucrative pay scales, Irving Oil employees enjoy company-sponsored health fairs, opportunities for career growth and development, medical insurance plans, and paid time off. The international oil company also offers pension plans and RRSP plans for future planning.


Irving Oil began in 1924 in Bouctouche, NB. Company founder Kenneth Colin Irving used railways to expand the oil firm throughout the Atlantic Canadian region during the 1930s and 1940s. After decades of refining oil for commercial use, the North American fossil fuel supplier began selling unleaded gasoline to the general public in 1977. Retail operations continue to grow as the brand receives recognition across Canada and in the United States, with more locations expected to open in the near future.

Products and Service

Service stations owned and operated by Irving Oil often sell unleaded, premium, and super-test grades of gasoline. The stations also serve as general stores offering various travel products and snack foods. Customers may purchase other chemicals and petrol-related products at service stations, such as kerosene, butane, and standard petroleum, as well as auto parts and fluids in both standard and travel sizes.


A private limited company, Irving Oil operates under the proprietorship of Fort Reliance Company Limited. The massive parent maintains full, vested interest in the oil firm proper and off-chute divisions, several Canadian newspapers and TV stations, and environmental services agencies. Annual revenues fall around $6 billion CAD for the major refining and retail corporation. Corporate headquarters reside in Saint John, NB.

Minimum Age to Work at Irving Oil: 15

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