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International Clothiers oversees a major chain of retail apparel stores. Despite the cosmopolitan brand name, the fashion house operates exclusively in Canada. The prominent retailer maintains a nationwide network of more than 100 stores and enjoys an established presence in all 10 provinces. Part of The INC Group of Companies, the retail chain acts as a sister company to other popular Canadian brands like Fairweather, Les Ailes, Pinstripe, Randy River, and Stockhomme.

Stores operating under the company umbrella specialize in stylish fashions generally featuring lower price points than comparable items from more upmarket retailers. Styles sold in store offer apparel solely for men, young men, and boys, which posits the brand as the premier destination for menswear in Canada. The clothing company hires specially trained buyers to visit fashion hubs around the world and select the latest styles appealing to trendy Canadian men. International Clothiers stores maintain a highly visible profile in prominent malls and shopping centres across the country.

In addition to hiring professional buyers, International Clothiers frequently needs to hire new employees to work in retail outlets and serve customers nationwide. Canadian job seekers of all backgrounds often find suitable employment opportunities at store locations. The fashion retailer hires entry-level associates to perform various sales duties and experienced managers to oversee daily store operations. Candidates interested in available jobs may apply online by electronically submitting cover letters and resumes through the Careers page of the company website.

International Clothiers Jobs and Salary Information
Entry-level jobs available usually require little-or-no related work experience, while careers in retail management regularly feature multiple hiring requirements. International Clothiers complies with all laws imposing minimum ages to work in each province and often prefers to hire job seekers with high school diplomas. The fashion retail chain offers the following opportunities for in-store employment:

Sales Associate – Available with part-time or full-time work schedules, International Clothiers sales associate jobs involve a variety of customer service and merchandising duties. Employees work on the sales floor of stores and greet customers, help shoppers find specific items, make appropriate product recommendations, and use cash registers to ring up purchases and process returns. Other job duties include assembling product displays, laying out merchandise neatly and attractively, and cleaning the store. The popular retail chain tends to hire sales associates with energetic personalities, committed work ethics, and flexible schedule availability. Ability to take initiative in approaching customers and work as part of a team also proves necessary to secure employment. Entry-level sales associate jobs feature hourly pay rates typically hovering between $10.00 CAD and $11.00 CAD.

Management – International Clothiers managerial employees work as assistant managers or store managers and monitor various indicators of store performance. Basic job responsibilities include analyzing financial reports, tracking and increasing sales, maintaining budgets, implementing sales promotions, and ensuring storewide customer satisfaction. Managers also create employee schedules, supervise sales associates during work shifts, train and develop new workers, and oversee the hiring of entry-level job seekers. Successful completion of high school and previous retail management experience represent the primary hiring requirements for managerial employment opportunities. Prospective managers should also possess familiarity with current trends in menswear, general knowledge of fashion and standard retail processes, and high levels of computer literacy. Full-time availability, including the ability to work evenings and weekends as needed, often proves essential in the pursuit of retail management careers. Annual salary options generally range from $20,000 CAD to $30,000 CAD per year and usually depend on job title, experience, and location.

Benefits of Working at International Clothiers
Entry-level sales associates and experienced managers alike enjoy a range of employment benefits. The Canadian fashion retailer offers competitive pay scales, flexible schedules, and inclusive work environments promoting diversity. Workers also take advantage of generous employee discounts on merchandise. Jobs come with a variety of career paths generally available to motivated employees planning to work for the company long-term, as well. Career advancement opportunities often include access to additional job benefits, such as healthcare coverage and pension plans.

The first International Clothiers store opened in Canada in 1986. Throughout the subsequent decades, the chain emerged as one of the leading menswear retailers in the country. The fashion retailer maintained a nationwide network of more than 100 stores as of November 2013. Parent company The INC Group owns and operates the Canadian fashion chain alongside sister brands Designer Depot, Fairweather, I&F, Les Ailes, Pinstripe, Randy River, and Stockhomme.

Products and Services
International Clothiers stores offer apparel exclusively for boys and men. The menswear retailer maintains full ranges of business and casual attire featuring trendy designs capturing the latest styles in fashion. Popular selections available include suits and dress pants, shirts and ties, jeans, casual tops, and outerwear. The company brand primarily appeals to young men interested in stylish fashions and affordable values. Customers may browse the online store through the company website for weekly coupons and special promotions.

As part of The INC Group of Companies, International Clothiers operates as a sister brand to seven other Canadian fashion retailers. The highly regarded retail chain combines with the other companies owned by The INC Group to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue annually. The parent company maintains headquarters in Toronto, ON.

Minimum Age to Work at International Clothiers: 14

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