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Operating worldwide in various markets, Husky stands as one of the largest energy companies in Canada. The retail distribution network of Husky Energy consists of marketing efforts for wholesale, commercial, and retail-refined petroleum products along with non-fuel-related revenues. Income also stems from convenience stores, restaurants, and car wash operations. Serving the public, the retailer ensures the safe, effective, and productive distribution of products and services. Growth opportunities remain in Western Canada, the Asia Pacific Region, Oil Sands, and the Atlantic Region.

Staff members aid in the profitably of the rapidly expanding establishment. Competitive compensation packages, room for advancement, and career options demonstrate commitments made to workers. A proud, recognised leader in diversity in the workplace, the company attracts and retains talent through encouraging unique individuals, including minorities, women, and people with disabilities, to apply for openings. The energy facilitator also maintains social responsibility by committing to the environment and surrounding communities.

Skilled labourers find successful careers working for the gas industry giant. Easy navigation on the career network allows for a swift application process. Prospective staff members choose between submitting online applications or arriving in person and requesting the attention of hiring leaders. Students may also enjoy access to apprenticeships, which often highlight specific areas of the energy industry.

Husky Positions and Salary Information

Each candidate should demonstrate an interest in creating positive and enjoyable experiences for customers. Given the diversity of patrons, labourers must adapt quickly to stressful or elevated situations. Recruiters seek out aspirants with backgrounds in retail, gas stations, or any customer service positions. High school degrees or equivalents satisfy requirements for entry-level opportunities. Roles commonly located at Husky gas stations include:

Retail Attendant

  • Flexibility to assist in many departments remains necessary for the entry-level position.
  • Typically, attendants help customers with in-store purchases, car washes, or fuel needs.
  • Desirable aspirants should appear energetic, punctual, and hardworking.
  • Knowledge of cash handling and register operation remains highly favored.
  • Occasionally, labourers operate lottery machines in order to complete customer requests.
  • Pay rates of $13.00 CAD an hour prove obtainable for individuals demonstrating customer service and store organizational skills.
  • Staff members must maintain open availability, including days, evenings, weekends, and holidays.
  • Team members should prepare to work overtime or pick up shifts for sick coworkers.
  • Retail attendant positions offer tremendous potential to advance into higher-leveled occupations.

Crew Leader

  • In retail stores, crew leaders handle merchandise, schedule activities, and train new-hires.
  • Managing five to ten labourers, leaders establish work schedules while supervising retail associates, grocery clerks, shelf stockers, and cashiers.
  • Career holders may prepare reports on sales and merchandise matters, as well.
  • Computer skills typically aid in completing assigned duties on a regular basis.
  • Ideal candidates possess seven months to one year of experience related to the industry.
  • College degrees, CEGEPs, or other non-university certificates assist in gaining hiring consideration.
  • Physically demanding attributes of openings may include standing for long periods, moderate lifting, extended walking, and pushing or grabbing objects.
  • Salary packages begin at $18.00 CAD an hour for qualified individuals.

Benefits of Working at Husky

Based on compensation, health, work benefits, and retirement, Husky rewards employees with competitive programs. Duties and responsibilities aid in determining base salary packages along with skills, qualifications, education, and industry experience. Healthcare, long-term disability, employee assistance programs, paid time off, and life insurance foster healthy and protected labourers.


Originally founded in 1938 in Cody, WY, Husky Energy emerged as a strong contender in the integrated energy field. In 1946, a refinery moved to Alberta, Canada, to access heavy oil opportunities. Creating Husky Oil and Refining Ltd., the new headquarters resided in Calgary. In the year of 1998, expansion led to the acquisition of Mohawk Oil, an independent chain of filling stations in Western Canada. Further growth expectations resulted in an agreement with BP in 2008 for a refining and oil sands business, and in 2009 yet another with Suncor Energy Inc. to purchase retail outlets in the Ontario market.


Between fuel, in-store convenience shops, carwashes, restaurants, and service bays, the gas station chain ensures customer satisfaction. Ethanol-blended gas, offered by every location, protects the environment and improves vehicle performance. Customers enjoy current specials, coffee, and refreshing beverages and snacks while visiting retail stores. Touchless washes, wand washes, and rollover washes leave vehicles clean and protected from the elements. Clients may also utilize automotive services, such as wheel alignments, minor engine repairs, lubrication, and tune-ups.


The public company appears on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol HSE. Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-Shing owns a majority share of nearly 70%. Annually, the powerhouse collects roughly $25 billion USD in revenue. As one of the largest Canadian energy companies, Husky produces close to 340,000 barrels of oil daily and maintains approximately $38.8 billion USD in assets.

Minimum age to work at Husky: 18

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