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Décor retailer Home Outfitters operates almost 70 stores across Canada. Average store size for Home Outfitters rests around 34,000 square feet, allowing a large selection of housewares. Largely based in most urban centers, Home Outfitters stores may be found in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. Corporate headquarters for Home Outfitters reside in Toronto, ON.

Home Outfitters décor stores offer a wide range of products for the home. Customers may purchase small appliances, bathroom accessories, bedding, furniture, and hundreds of name-brand products. Home Outfitters offers English and French-speaking services, in addition to customer rewards. Home Outfitters sends out a weekly flyer, with unique specials and sales in stores across the region.

Arguably the largest appliance store in Canada, Home Outfitters routinely seeks out experienced or motivated job seekers. Home Outfitters jobs require impeccable customer service abilities and social skills. Home Outfitters also prefers that workers learn about products sold, though store managers, supervisors, and experienced employees train new hires about store products. Apart from entry-level jobs, Home Outfitters may also provide career opportunities in management or the corporate atmosphere.

Home Outfitters Job Titles and Salary Info
Home Outfitters stores offer a variety of employment opportunities to aspiring retail workers. In general, applicants must be at least 16 years of age in order to complete the hiring process with the home goods chain. Positions often available with Home Outfitters include:

Sales Associate – Sales associates with Home Outfitters may work in a variety of departments, depending on store needs and sometimes to the preference of the applicant. As the name implies, sales associates spend the day helping customers find products in a particular department. Sales associates talk about products, best uses, and any warranties or other customer concerns. An hourly position, sales associates with Home Outfitters earn roughly $10.00 to $12.00 an hour.

Department Head – Successful sales associates with Home Outfitters may graduate to department head in the store if interested. Usually, the most hardworking or knowledgeable employees sit as department heads. Home Outfitters needs department heads in kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or home appliances. Regular sales associates often look to the department heads for help with product information and customer assistance. Wages for Home Outfitters department heads rest around $12.00 to $15.00 per hour, with the possibility for bonuses or commissions.

Management – Careers in Home Outfitters management generally require some experience in retail or supervising. Generally, manager candidates get promoted from within the current workforce, but the store may consider applicants from competing furniture and appliance stores. Managers with Home Outfitters mainly perform office and behind-the-scenes duties, such as payroll, scheduling, and following corporate mandates. Additionally, managers seek out new workers by screening, contacting, interviewing, and preparing new hires. A salaried position, Home Outfitters managers typically earn pay rates from $40,000 to $55,000 a year.

Benefits of Working at Home Outfitters
Most major job benefits for Home Outfitters employees go through parent company Hudson’s Bay Company. Qualified workers may take advantage of several medical and financial perks. Requirements may include job title, employment status, and time spent with the company. For example, a full-time store manager or corporate associate may earn more employment benefits than entry-level and part-time store workers. However, Home Outfitters still offer several smaller rewards to each employee, such as discounts, flexible schedules, and competitive wages.

Financial benefits for Home Outfitters associates include flexible savings accounts, wealth management services, and even a 401(k) retirement plan. Additional financial perks include paid vacation and bonus pay and performance rewards. Medical insurance plans for Home Outfitters employees include vision, dental, and general health coverage. Workers may claim certain dependents on the insurance plan, as well.

Home Outfitters home décor stores officially opened in 1999. Most stores operate out of open-air shopping centers across the country. The Home Outfitters network of stores includes over 70 locations. Urban cities carrying Home Outfitters stores include Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Calgary, and other major Canadian cities. Corporate headquarters for Home Outfitters reside in Toronto, ON.

Home Outfitters stores sell hundreds of appliances and fixtures for homes. The retailer offers departments for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and other furniture. Home Outfitters appliances come in a variety of designs and materials, for just about any household. Major brands sold by Home Outfitters include Cuisinart, Keurig, KitchenAid, Dyson, and Gluckstein Home. Home Outfitters stores even allow custom orders and parts from the company catalog.

Hudson’s Bay Company stands as the current parent company for Home Outfitters. Founded in 1670, Hudson’s Bay operates heavily in the Canadian retail industry. In addition to Home Outfitters, Hudson’s Bay also manages retailers The Bay and Zellers. Home Outfitters helps contribute more than $7 billion in annual revenue to the Hudson’s Bay Company. A public company, Hudson’s Bat trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the initials, HBC.

Minimum age to work at Home Outfitters: 16

Official Site: www.hbc.monstermediaworks.ca/2012/homeoutfitters/

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