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H&M Job Interview Experience
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Hiring Process

Phone Interview
H&M often starts the interview process with preliminary phone screenings. Typically brief, the phone interview serves as an assessment to verify the qualifications of prospective workers and determine whether applicants advance to onsite interviews. Aside from the initial phone screening, H&M usually conducts job interviews as traditional face-to-face meetings or interactive group sessions.

Possible Group Settings
H&M management teams either oversee traditional in-person interviews together as a panel or elect to have store managers meet with candidates unaccompanied.

What Do They Ask?
Interview questions generally cover employment histories, prior knowledge of the H&M company and fashions, and how applicants would react to certain situations on the job. H&M hiring managers also fully explain the job requirements of desired positions and probe for additional information regarding hobbies, interests, and personal style.

Group Interviews
Group interviews at H&M often use various roleplaying activities to measure the aptitude of participating applicants. During group interview sessions, candidates typically perform common merchandising tasks, like putting together a stylish outfit from randomly selected garments and assembling simulated window displays.

Job seekers should research H&M thoroughly before embarking on the interview process, as the popular fashion retailer tends to hire workers with extensive knowledge of company culture, history, and products.

Go Early
For in-store job interviews, arrive early and equipped with a few relevant questions to ask at the end of the session. Use a firm handshake to greet H&M hiring managers, remain attentive and relaxed during the interview, and express gratitude for the job opportunity at the conclusion.

Second Interview Expectations
The H&M interview process regularly entails multiple rounds of interviews for entry-level jobs and management positions alike. Typically conducted by an H&M store manager, the second interview usually features a traditional one-on-one format. H&M managers often ask similar questions used in previous interviews to ensure consistent responses when discussing prior work experience and other material from the job application. Additional questions at this stage of the hiring process focus on issues like departmental work preferences and schedule availability.

Be Flexible
H&M usually prefers to hire applicants with the ability to work flexible hours as determined by specific store needs.

Follow Up
Within a few days after the second interview, candidates should follow up with H&M once to reiterate enthusiasm for the position and inquire about the anticipated timeline for a hiring decision.

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Possible Interview Questions and Answers

Q: What do you know about H&M?
A: I’ve been shopping at H&M for about five years now, and I really enjoy the trendy and diverse clothing lines and accessories. They began in Sweden and serve as one of the most popular fashion retailers in the world.

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Q: Describe your personal fashion style.
A: I like my fashion to be a little eclectic but trendy and stylish. I’m more traditional – less stripes, more bold colors – but I always like seeing where fashion goes with modern trends, and I’ve never been afraid to experiment.

Q: If there was a long line of customers at the cash register, merchandise scattered on the sales floor, and shoppers waiting for fitting rooms, how would you handle it? Which situation would you prioritize first?
A: Well, to start, I don’t mind taking on large workloads. I would pick a few pieces of the merchandise off the floor on my way to the cash register and ring up one or two of the customers to get the line moving. If there was anyone else available, I would ask if they could continue to pick up the rest of the merchandise and assist the customers waiting on the fitting rooms. If not, I would jump back and forth between the register and fitting rooms until I had every party satisfied.

Common Interview Questions

Interview Tips

Attire: What to Wear
As one of the leading fashion retailers in the world, H&M expects workers and job seekers to look good in stores. Interview attire should reveal personal style and flair while remaining tasteful and professional. Dresses and skirts, blouses, dress pants, and button-down shirts with ties represent appropriate clothing to wear on H&M job interviews. Applicants should consider wearing H&M apparel to the interview to demonstrate familiarity with current fashion trends and passion for the brand.

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