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Gymboree manages a network of more than 630 retail stores specializing in clothing for children throughout North America. In addition to retail locations, the chain operates roughly 700 music and play centers, which serve to inspire and educate young children. The music and play program offshoot of the company stood as the original concept of the brand. Founded in the late 1970s and building on early successes, operations branched out into apparel retail sales in the mid-1980s. In total, around 1,300 music and play centers and retail locations operate under the company namesake. The international retailer operates in approximately 35 countries outside the U.S., with nearly 40 locations in Canada alone.

The retail concept combines music and early childhood education with fun and colorful apparel sold at reasonable prices. Clothing lines available include apparel for newborns, infants, toddlers, and young children. Stores sell seasonal outfits, including outerwear and accessories, with playful designs for both boys and girls up to 12 years of age. The unique learn-and-play environments of Gymboree Music and Play Centres stimulate creativity in children and offer fun and educational experiences for the entire family. Across Canada, locations reside in major metropolitan areas easily accessible by large populations. Surrounding suburbs and various rural areas also host stores and learning centres.

Applicants with desires to work with children should fill out an online job application for Gymboree jobs now. The international retail chain needs to hire motivated, dedicated, and caring individuals to work as entry-level customer service representatives and sales associates. The chain also offers viable career paths for full-time job seekers. Most hiring managers screen for trustworthy and reliable individuals during the interview process. Applicants should expect to sit through at least two interviews during the hiring process. Certain positions, such as managerial opportunities, may require additional job interviews.

Popular Positions and Salary Information
Gymboree stores conduct hiring for entry-level jobs and professional careers on a regular basis. A variety of employment opportunities available in various fields make the retail/learning centre chain an ideal place to find meaningful work. Retail positions prove the most accessible jobs available at company stores. Applicants must stand at least 14 years of age in order to gain employment as entry-level workers. Hiring ages typically increase with added levels of responsibility. Jobs for hire include:

Sales Associate – Gymboree hires friendly, fun-loving, and personable job seekers to work as sales associates. During the hiring process, applicants must demonstrate positive personality traits and the ability to work well with children in high-energy environments. The ability to work effectively as part of teams also benefits prospective workers. Similar to most retailers, entry-level jobs available require no formal experience for employment consideration. Sales associates traditionally work part-time hours. The position often includes cashiering and stock duties in addition to assisting in sales. Workers receive between minimum wage and $10.00 CAD an hour.

Management – Hiring requirements for management jobs typically include previous experience in leadership positions or track records of proven abilities in retail settings. Available job titles include sales lead, assistant manager, and manager. Primary responsibilities consist of hiring and training new workers, setting schedules, processing payroll, motivating entry-level employees, monitoring inventories, ordering supplies, driving sales, and analyzing profits. Effective managers work well with children and maintain professional attitudes at all times. The Canadian retail offshoot pays sales lead associates between $12.00 CAD and $13.00 CAD per hour. Assistant managers make around $30,000 CAD to $35,000 CAD annual salary. Typical salary options for Gymboree store managers exceed $45,000 CAD a year.

Benefits of Working at Gymboree
As a major international chain, Gymboree offers employees comprehensive work benefits packages in addition to paid training and competitive hourly pay and salary options. Employment benefits often consist of medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug programmes, paid time off, retirement schemes, employee assistance programmes, bonus schemes, flexible spending accounts, and employee discounts. Specific job benefits available typically vary by position and time spent with the company. Most associates must work full-time schedules in order to qualify for employee benefits. The retail chain also offers career development opportunities to motivated workers looking to advance within the company.

USA Gymboree Application

Gymboree originated as a network of play centers founded in 1976. Based on the initial popularity of the brand, the learning centre chain incorporated retail sales into existing business plans in 1986. After amassing a sizeable presence in the retail industry, the clothing retailer launched international expansion of retail outlets into Canada in the early 2010s. Just prior, the nationwide company debuted sister brand Crazy 8 in 2007. Around the same time, another sister brand debuted called Janie and Jack. Collectively, the international business operates over 1,300 company-owned and franchised locations worldwide.

Products and Services
Retail stores operating under the Gymboree banner sell clothing and apparel for children ranging from newborns up to age 12. Product lines include onesies, t-shirts, pants, socks, coats, hats, gloves, and other fashion accessories. A majority of merchandise available features animal characters or bright colors. In addition to physical retail locations, the fashion purveyor offers an online store accessible through the company website.

A private company, Gymboree operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Bain Capital Group. The prominent mall-based retail chain generates annual sales of roughly $105 million and annual revenues in excess of $900 million. Parent company Bain Capital operates as one of the largest private-asset management firms in the world, with investments in companies like Dunkin’ Brands, Staples, Toys R Us, Burger King, Clear Channel Communications, Domino’s Pizza, and Sports Authority as well as Gymboree stores and sister brands. Bain Capital accounts for nearly $66 billion in annual revenues. The company maintains retail and music and play centre locations from world headquarters in San Francisco, CA, USA.

Minimum age to work at Gymboree: 14

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