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Returning to Canada for the first time in over 30 years, the iconic orange sunrise logo representative of the Gulf Oil brand may appear in over 100 locations across the country. With nearly 2,400 branded gas stations located in 100 countries around the world, the company maintains a good reputation and a global brand presence. XTR Energy Company, best known for operating gas stations in rural areas of the provinces, now owns the rights to use the Gulf brand name in Canada. The company plans to use the recognition and reputation of the brand to spur an expansion of new gas stations in urban centers throughout the country.

As a majority of the available job positions at gas stations revolve around basic retail functions, working at a Gulf station provides an excellent opportunity for employees to develop customer service skills and leaderships abilities. Entry-level employment opportunities working as cashiers, food service associates, or attendants may transform into fulfilling careers in the retail industry. Many gas stations maintain extended hours or even 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing associates to choose from a wide range of flexible work shifts. Interacting with travelers, local residents, and commercial drivers requires friendly professionalism, which allows workers to meet interesting folks from all over.

Gulf stations continue to open across the country offering more and more opportunities for dedicated job seekers to find positions within the company. While application forms may exist online for some local stations, the best way to find a job remains delivering hiring documents and resumes in person. Applicants should include relevant prior work experience and highlight skills such as customer service, oral communication, and point of sales operation. Successful employees may receive opportunities for career advancement or monetary incentives.

Gulf Employment Opportunities in Canada & Salary Package Information

Individuals seeking full-time retail careers or merely hoping to find lucrative part-time employment on flexible schedules may apply for Gulf station jobs. As the brand develops and opens more locations, the number of available work openings may increase dramatically. Entry-level positions or roles requiring little formal training may include work as cashiers and shift managers.


  • The role of cashier stands open to any hard-working individuals with Grade-Nine educations or higher.
  • While previous retail experience proves helpful, on-the-job training prepares new hires with the skills necessary to successfully perform required duties.
  • Essential responsibilities encompass handling gasoline, kerosene, diesel, and propane filling and storage, assisting vendors and managers with receiving deliveries, stocking shelves and organizing items, keeping store areas and pumping stations clean and accessible, and cultivating atmospheres of excellent customer service.
  • Workers in the role may work non-standard hours, holidays, and weekends.
  • Pay rates start between $10.00 CAD and $11.00 CAD an hour.

Shift Manager

  • Earning hourly wages up to $20.00 CAD per hour, shift managers stand responsible for the daily operations of Gulf gas stations.
  • Through leadership, oversight, and skilled communication, shift managers guide cashiers and pump attendants toward meeting store goals.
  • Daily duties include assigning tasks, shift scheduling, enforcing store policies, and resolving customer service issues.
  • Associates also stand responsible for assisting cashiers with daily duties and higher management with administrative tasks.
  • Preferred candidates for managerial positions possess Grade-12 educations and previous customer service or retail management experience.

Benefits of Working at Gulf Canada

One of the greatest job benefits of working at Gulf remains the chance to grow with an internationally renowned company. The iconic brand carries decades of respected history, which inspires employees to continue the legacy of excellence. Eligible full-time associates also receive additional work benefits, such as generous discounts, enrollment in company-sponsored retirement savings plans, paid time off, the ability to earn vacation time, and employee assistance programs.


Founded in Spindletop, TX, in 1901, Gulf Oil soon became a successful global company with refineries, terminals, and pumping stations in countries all over the world. Initial success came from innovative branding efforts which successfully associated the iconic orange sunrise logo with quality gasoline and petroleum products. The company experienced great success in Canada until another corporation bought out Canadian operations and discontinued the brand in 1985. Due to the brand maintaining a well-received reputation in existing locations elsewhere in the world, XTR Energy Company bought the Canadian brand rights in 2015 for use in urban areas.


Gulf primarily operates as a commercial retailer of gasoline and petrol products, such as kerosene, jet fuel, and diesel. Reducing dependency on foreign oil holds high importance for the company, which operates local refineries to supply pumping stations with nationally produced motor fuel products. The oil company allows station operators great flexibility in pricing, holding promotions, and producing additional streams of revenue.


Despite fluctuations in the global price of oil as alternative energy sources become more viable, Gulf maintains a strong financial foundation. The company remains extremely profitable, with plans in place to expand into new refinery sites, drilling operations, and energy research. Investors enjoy receiving high dividends and comfortable earnings-per-shares. With operations worldwide, the company continues to stay on top of a challenging global economy.

Minimum age to work at Gulf Canada: 16

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