Gas Station Jobs in Canada

Common Positions for Gas Station Employees


A gas station cashier’s primary job is ringing up store merchandise and tobacco products at the checkout counter. Along with running the register, these employees answer customer questions, take inventory, and maintain cleanliness in the store and around the gas pumps. Cashiers should have basic math skills, a friendly demeanor, and must be willing to work all shifts, including holidays.

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Station Attendant

Similar to the cashier role, gas station attendants greet customers, run the register, stock products, and clean indoor and outdoor work areas. At full-service stations, these employees also assist customers at the pump by fueling their vehicles, wiping windows, topping off fluids, and checking tire pressure. Since this job involves manual labor, applicants should be energetic, hardworking, and reliable.

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Shift Manager

Shift Managers are responsible for overseeing daily operations and guiding workers to meet store goals. They train and hire new staff, assign tasks, schedule shifts, enforce store policy and resolve customer complaints. Supervisors also set sales goals, track inventory, and coordinate fuel shipments. Good leadership qualities, organization, and problem-solving skills are a must for this position.

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Customer Service Representative

Some gas station jobs in Canada are administrative. Customer service associates work in a call center where they assist patrons over the phone. At all hours of the day and night, these employees answer questions about gas station services and offer solutions to various customer concerns. Customer service reps are highly motivated, have extensive IT skills, and must be able to handle difficult customers.

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