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Founded in the late 1970s, Gabriel Pizza manages nearly 30 locations in Ontario and Quebec. The company concept centers on providing customers with bigger, better pizzas using fresh toppings, fast service, and convenient locations. Gabriel Pizza locations incorporate both delivery and carryout services typical of the pizza shop industry and traditional dining services. The Canadian pizza chain employs hundreds of entry-level associates and full-time professionals across two provinces.

Gabriel Pizza menus often prove the most common draw to the Canadian restaurant chain. In addition to traditional menu selections, Gabriel Pizza offers breakfast items and altered delivery menus. Traditional restaurant menus consist of pizza, Buffalo wings, pasta, subs, deli sandwiches, salads, soups, and appetizers. Gabriel Pizza cooks prepare menu items like true restaurants may and offer high-quality and broad tastes for most any palette. Patrons may choose from appetizers like Canadian favorite poutine, bruschetta, jalapeno poppers, or garlic bread. Pizzas available feature both traditional and gourmet offerings, such as cheese pizzas and vegetarian pizzas or the Go Canadian, Texas Bold-Em, and Orleans Fave. Gabriel Pizza delivery menus often feature smaller portions and less side choices. The bold flavors and unique creations stand out amongst other pizza chains and draw large, returning crowds on a regular basis.

As an expanding franchise, Gabriel Pizza needs to hire entry-level workers for part-time and full-time job opportunities. Gabriel Pizza also offers work as delivery drivers and careers in management. Applicants with a love of pizza and customer service often prove ideal candidates for Gabriel Pizza jobs. Additional hiring requirements vary by position but generally include certain personality traits, work ethics, availability needs, and overall attitude toward management and teamwork. Fill out an online application form for Gabriel Pizza jobs today and discover meaningful employment with competitive pay and access to employee benefits now.

Gabriel Pizza Positions and Salary Information

Ontario and Quebec allow for businesses like Gabriel Pizza to hire for workers as young as 12 with special permits. The average hiring age at Gabriel Pizza shops hovers around 14. Additional age requirements may prove necessary for delivery driver positions and careers in management. Gabriel Pizza starts entry-level new-hires off at competitive wages. Tenured pizza industry professionals with Gabriel Pizza earn lucrative salary options. Learn more about available Gabriel job titles with the following detailed list of positions:


  • Gabriel Pizza provides culinary job seekers opportunities to work as pizza cooks and line cooks.
  • Similar job duties, each position carries food preparation and sanitation responsibilities.
  • Pizza cooks and line cooks with Gabriel Pizza often work together to create menu items.
  • Applicants must possess the ability to work quickly in fast-paced job settings and to adhere to safety and health guidelines at all times.
  • Hiring for Gabriel Pizza cooks typically involves basic skills assessments.
  • Pay scales generally begin at minimum wage and increase overtime.

Delivery Driver

  • Applicants for delivery driver jobs with Gabriel Pizza must hold valid permits to gain employment.
  • Clean driving records and the ability to provide fast and efficient services also play vital roles in hiring Gabriel Pizza delivery drivers.
  • Prospective associates with reliable means of transportation generally receive hiring consideration over other potential employees.
  • Primary job duties involve delivering food to customers.
  • However, Gabriel Pizza delivery drivers often work as cooks during slow hours of business.
  • Gabriel Pizza delivery drivers possess the ability to earn tips and usually make between minimum wage and $12.00 an hour.


  • Careers in Gabriel Pizza managerial capacities offer room for personal and professional growth into life-long positions.
  • Mostly administrative in nature, management positions also feature supervisory responsibilities.
  • Job duties range from setting employee schedules and processing payroll to communicating with Gabriel Pizza corporate offices and hiring new associates.
  • Gabriel Pizza typically prefers to hire applicants 18 years and older for careers as assistant managers and general managers.
  • Pay rates often begin at $12.00 per hour for assistant managers and reach in upwards of $14.00.
  • General managers working for Gabriel Pizza earn annual salary rates between $30,000 at start up to $45,000, depending on location and previous experience.

Benefits of Working at Gabriel Pizza

An environmentally conscious company, Gabriel Pizza promotes green initiatives and offers associates ways to become involved in the community in a positive manner. Upon hire, Gabriel Pizza employees receive viable monetary compensation. Gabriel Pizza jobs also feature paid training and career development programs. Additional work benefits stand readily available for qualified associates as well, such as complimentary uniforms and meal discounts. Consult the Canadian chain to find further details on work available in the pizza shop industry with Gabriel Pizza today.

Gabriel Pizza benefits packages provide sound financial assistance and healthcare options to eligible workers. Though employment benefits may vary location to location, Gabriel Pizza employee benefits typically include 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, medical insurance, and life insurance plans. Eligibility requirements typically include associates in full-time jobs and corporate careers. Apply online to access Gabriel Pizza employment opportunities and job benefits now.


Gabriel Pizza began as a single location in Orleans, ON, Canada. First opened in 1977, several Gabriel Pizza locations sprouted up through Ontario and Quebec over the next two decades. By the late 1990s and early 2000s, Gabriel Pizza established a sound customer base and received numerous awards for green initiatives and menu items. As of March 2013, Gabriel Pizza managed nearly 30 pizza shops.


Unlike many other traditional pizza shops, Gabriel Pizza offers patrons wide selections of pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, appetizers, desserts, salads, and soups. Nearly 15 gourmet pizza creations grace the Gabriel Pizza restaurant menu in addition to create-your-own pizza options and traditional pizzas. Gabriel Pizza shops offer dine-in, carryout, and delivery services. The restaurant chain provides a separate menu for delivery services featuring smaller portions and limited selections. Gabriel Pizza also offers regular promotions and deals on menu items.


Gabriel Pizza operates as a mostly franchised private chain of pizza shops. The pizza chain stands a member of Canadian Franchising Association, which oversees several franchises in multiple industries throughout Canada. Collectively, Gabriel Pizza shops generate around $3 million in annual revenues. The pizza shop company maintains a corporate presence in Ottawa, ON, Canada.

Minimum age to work at Gabriel Pizza: 14

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