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Future Shop operates as the largest electronics retailer in Canada. A subsidiary of Best Buy, the electronics store maintains more than 130 locations across Canada with the flagship store residing in Edmonton, AB. Future Shop offers many departments for patrons including TV and home theater, cameras, video games, movies and music, appliances, electronic accessories, and car audio and tech accessories. The retailer sells the latest in home and entertainment products and services from popular companies, such as Apple, LG, Samsung, Sony, HP, Monster, Sharp, Alienware, Marantz, Olympus, and Rocketfish.

Electronic retail giant Future Shop stands as the leading retailer for consumer electronics throughout Canada. Future Shop employees provide exceptional knowledge and information on products and services. ConnectPro Experts maintains operations within Future Shop stores to provide customers with technology services and support. Additionally, ConnectPro Experts provides home services for customers with installation services for TVs, computers, and other home electronic products purchased at Future Shop outlets.

With the expansion of new locations throughout Canada, Future Shop needs to hire entry-level workers to maintain stores. Most Future Shop entry-level jobs consist of customer service and retail sales positions. Managerial positions stand abundant for well-qualified applicants in search of careers with Future Shop. Job seekers may apply online or at a local Future Shop store to discover employment opportunities with the electronics company.

Available Future Shop Jobs and Salary Information
Future Shop readily hires part-time and full-time entry-level workers to fill store positions. Typically, jobs suite candidates with open schedules, positive attributes, and team-oriented philosophies. Applicants must meet the required age limit of 16 for employment consideration from the electronics retailer. Quebec applicants may apply for employment with Future Shop at age 14. Job seekers may discover more employment information from the following list of Future Shop positions:

Customer Service Representative – Future Shop customer service representatives work the front-end of store locations and provide excellent customer service. Primary responsibilities include handling customer transactions, answering questions about company policies and services, informing patrons of sales, company programs, and special promotions, and answering phones. Retail and cash handling experience and excellent communication skills may provide prospective employees an edge over other candidates for customer service jobs with Future Shop. Customer service representatives typically earn hourly pay between $11.00 and $12.00.

Product Expert – Applicants with natural curiosity and passion for modern technology may consider employment with Future Shop. Product experts deliver exceptional customer service, troubleshoot and resolve technical issues for customers, and provide technical information on products and services. Qualified job seekers must possess service technician experience, high school diplomas, and certification from accredited training programs or schools. Future Shop product experts may earn salary rates up to $36,000 per year, based on experience and time with the company.

Sales Associate – Sales associates with Future Shop maintain quality relationships with customers while providing valuable information on services and products. Qualified applicants must demonstrate knowledge of current technology and industry trends for employment consideration. Additional criteria consist of staying current on competitor pricing, maintaining professionalism at work, and meeting and exceeding company goals and standards. Previous experience in sales, customer service, and excellent written and verbal communication skills serve as desirable attributes for Future Shop sales candidates. Salary options for sales associates with Future Shop range from minimum wage up to $40,000 a year, including commission.

Management – Well-qualified applicants with strong organization and leadership skills may prove excellent candidates for managerial roles with Future Shop. Primary responsibilities for managers include overseeing entire store operations, ensuring customer satisfaction, and communicating with corporate headquarters. Managers of Future Shop stores display excellent communication skills, employee motivation tactics, and enthusiasm to reach and exceed company goals. Applicants with previous retail and management experience gain more hiring consideration over other candidates. Future Shop managers earn salaries in excess of $70,000 per year.

Future Shop Job Benefits
Future Shop offers employee benefits and comprehensive healthcare packages to qualified workers. In addition to competitive wages, Future Shop provides associates with discounts on store merchandise and vendor products. Sales associates enjoy “no cap” commission policies and discounts on ConnectPro services. Future Shop provides eligible team members with comprehensive healthcare options, such as medical, dental, optical, and life insurance, and accidental death and disability coverage.

Future Shop provides financial services and options for employees concerned with future savings and retirement. The company offers 401(k) retirement plans with 100% company match and opportunities to purchase Best Buy stock with 15% match. Additionally, Future Shop provides excellent vacation and personal day programs to balance work and life.

The Future Shop chain first opened in 1983 in British Columbia. The company expanded over the next 10 years and to stand as the largest electronics retailer in Canada. In 2001, Best Buy acquired Future Shop and ran the company as a separate division named Best Buy Canada. Best Buy Canada continues to run and operate the Future Shop stores under the original name.

Special Services and Products
Future Shop provides customers with unmatched product selection, such as PCs, TVs, home entertainment equipment, gaming consoles and games, car audio and accessories, musical instruments, and movies and music. Customers may receive repairs and home instillation from ConnectPro experts, a service provided by Future Shop. Additional services from the electronics retailer include technical support, sales and clearance items, quality brand-name products, and online shopping with free shipping or pick-up in store options.

The Canadian electronics dealer operates as a division of the American company, Best Buy. The retailer maintains locations across Canada with more than 12,000 employees. Future Shop produces about $5 billion in annual revenue. Headquarters for Future Shop sit in Burnaby, AB, Canada.

Minimum age to work at Future Shop: 16

Official Site: www.futureshop.ca/en-CA/career/home.aspx

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