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Freshslice Pizza locations mainly reside in neighborhoods across Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Founded in 1999, Freshslice operates roughly 70 locations in Vancouver, the rest of British Columbia, and even Ontario. Freshslice Pizza remains one of the largest pizza chains in the British Columbia province. Corporate headquarters reside in the community of Burnaby.

Freshslice Pizza specializes in freshly baked pizza, pasta, and breadsticks. Using baked multigrain dough, Freshslice customers may customize orders with a variety of crusts, sauces, and toppings. Several alternatives offered by Freshslice include lasagna, spaghetti, chicken wings, salads, and even omelets. Many locations offer catering services for large parties and other events. Most food items from Freshslice Pizza feature fresh ingredients and low calories.

After more than a decade in business, Freshslice Pizza continues to expand across Canada. New franchise locations need employees conducting business in a professional manner. Open positions with Freshslice include part-time and entry-level work for short-term job seekers. Conversely, the local pizza shop also needs associates with career aspirations and long-term goals in mind with Freshslice.

Freshslice Pizza Job Opportunities and Salary Info

Freshslice Pizzas prefers that job seekers apply for work in person at a local pizza shop. The application form asks for information, such as full name, address, phone number, and the preferred position(s). Freshslice Pizza offers a number of career opportunities in restaurants. The Freshslice Pizza workforce mainly consists of:

Crew Member

  • Freshslice crew members perform day-to-day activities throughout the restaurant.
  • Restaurant employees routinely help prepare pizza and other menu items, such as spaghetti, lasagna, and breadsticks.
  • Customer service and communication stands as comparable skills for successful crew members.
  • For maintenance, Freshslice associates also clean and sanitize everything from the dining area to the bathrooms to the kitchen area. $9.00 to $11.00 per hour stands as the average pay range for Freshslice Pizza crew members.

Delivery Driver

  • Older applicants with Freshslice Pizza should consider delivery driver jobs.
  • As the name implies, drivers spend time delivering orders to customers across the community.
  • During down time, Freshslice delivery drives may perform the same duties as regular crew members, such as preparing food and ringing up purchases.
  • To qualify for delivery driver jobs, Freshslice Pizza applicants must possess a clean driving record and dependable transportation.
  • Drivers typically earn around $6.00 to $8.00 an hour, plus gratuities for expedient service.


  • Professionally motivated individuals should consider Freshslice Pizza for management jobs.
  • Supervisors mainly monitor store employees, making sure everyone stays on task and working diligently.
  • To keep business running smoothly, managers often set schedules, perform payroll, and assign jobs to workers.
  • Quite often, Freshslice managers interview applicants when looking to hire for certain positions.
  • With extra responsibilities, managers earn several extra rewards.
  • Management salary rates with Freshslice Pizza usually rest around $35,000 to $50,000 per year.

Benefits of Working at Freshslice Pizza

Franchise owners typically decide the amount of job benefits available to Freshslice Pizza workers. Owners may request support from Freshslice corporate headquarters when administering employee benefits. Associates may enjoy several financial and medical benefits when eligible. Several requirements for Freshslice work benefits depend on job title and employment status.

Many Freshslice workers enjoy paid vacation time which increases with time served with the company. Certain full-time associates may earn additional days for sickness or personal time. For health and wellness, Freshslice features medical insurance, with vision, dental, and general coverage. Certain eligible pizza shop employees may also receive 401(k) retirement options from corporate headquarters in Burnaby.


Freshslice Pizza first entered the fast food industry in 1999. Most locations conduct business as franchise operations across Vancouver and communities around British Columbia. Freshslice even oversees several stores in the metropolitan Toronto, ON, area. Many Freshslice Pizza restaurants feature delivery and dine-in service to accommodate hundreds of customers.


Freshslice restaurants make all pizzas with multigrain dough for the crust. Patrons may customize pizzas with regular or thin crust and toppings like pepperoni, mushrooms, pineapple, sausage, and bacon. Side dishes made in the Freshslice Pizza kitchen include cheese bread, cinnamon sticks, baguettes, salads, and even French fries. Freshslice features nutritional facts on many menu items, and even compares products with several other fast food chains.


With roughly 70 full-service restaurants across Western Canada and Toronto, Freshslice Pizza mainly manage franchise locations from corporate offices in Burnaby, BC. Dedicated to the community, Freshslice participates in several major causes and fundraisers. The School Hot Lunch Program contributes freshly-baked pizzas and other menu items to school districts around British Columbia. Impeccable service helped Freshslice earn several Consumers Choice Award for Business Excellence.

Minimum age to work at Freshslice Pizza: 14

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