FreshCo Store Clerk

Job Description


An excellent opportunity for entry-level or first-time job seekers, FreshCo grocery stores across Ontario hire store clerks on a consistent basis.

Store clerks perform a comprehensive range of work duties, including bagging groceries, ringing up customer orders, gathering shopping carts, and stocking the FreshCo shelves and sales floor. Basically, the main concern for FreshCo store clerks involves keeping the store neat, orderly, clean, and hassle-free for the everyday customer.

FreshCo looks for excellent personality traits when hiring new store clerks. Relevant work skills may be taught. Dependability, promptness, and a friendly attitude, however, will give job seekers an important advantage in seeking employment with the supermarket company.

Salary / Pay

Like many grocery store chains, FreshCo offers earnings and pay scales in levels. New and first-time workers frequently earn around minimum wage. Experience in the grocery store industry may help increase pay rates. Store clerks generally do not earn yearly salaries.

In addition to competitive wages, FreshCo offers several employment benefits and rewards. Starting off, many FreshCo items may be purchased at a significant discount. Team members that show great work ethic may receive performance awards, which often include gift cards to major retailers. Job benefits for eligible FreshCo employees include paid vacation and health insurance plans.

Job Outlook

FreshCo operates exclusively in the Province of Ontario. Communities of service range from Brampton and Georgetown to Toronto. With so many locations, job seekers may find positions with the nearest FreshCo store. As more FreshCo locations open throughout Canada, the supermarket chain will need to hire many more store clerks to operate grocery departments and provide excellent customer service.


  • Joshua Nunes says:

    Yes. I worked as a Diary Clerk from September 2016 – January 2017 as my Co-op Placement. I did the following
    • Stocked milk crates
    • Faced milk in front and put crates forward
    • Cleaned diary fridges
    • Stocked Shelves – for example sugar, salt and water
    • Swept the floors
    • Put away buggies
    • Picked up baskets and stock them
    • Direct customer to the isles they are looking for
    • Maintain log sheets

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