FreshCo Manager

Job Description


FreshCo managers demonstrate competent leadership in overseeing daily business operations and motivating store personnel to achieve optimal levels of efficiency and service.

Managers at FreshCo apply an array of professional skills to analyze budgets, implement sales strategies, maintain inventory levels, and handle customer concerns. Other managerial job duties include hiring, training, and delegating tasks to entry-level workers. Applicants with FreshCo should have the ability to work full-time schedules frequently including night, weekend, and holiday shifts.

Experience Required
The position requires applicants to have a high school diploma and previous management experience, preferably within a grocery retail environment. Relevant college degrees often prove helpful in gaining managerial employment with FreshCo. Additional hiring requirements include excellent communication, planning, and problem-solving skills.

Salary / Pay

Full-time managers at FreshCo enjoy access to competitive annual salaries and generous employee benefits. Assistant managers typically earn around $40,000 to $45,000 per year, while general store managers often receive salary options of $65,000 or more annually.

In addition to attractive pay rates, FreshCo offers such work benefits as healthcare coverage, life and critical illness insurance, performance bonuses, paid time off, and pension plans to eligible employees.

Career Training
FreshCo also helps managers advance into corporate careers by providing training programs and tuition reimbursement for qualified workers.

Job Outlook

Established in 2010, FreshCo operates roughly 75 stores located exclusively in Ontario. With a focus on extensive selections of fresh and ethnic products, the discount supermarket chain appears well-positioned for continued expansion as the demographic composition of Canada becomes increasingly more diverse. The resources and support of parent corporation Sobeys, which generates roughly $16 billion in annual revenue, also promises a bright future. As FreshCo continues to make inroads on the Canadian supermarket scene, the company will regularly need to hire for jobs in grocery retail management.