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What to expect if you have an interview with FreshCo.

Hiring Process

Initial Phone Screen
After reviewing submitted hiring materials, FreshCo hiring managers often start the interview process by conducting pre-screening phone interviews. Typically brief, the phone interview usually involves general questions designed to gauge applicant levels of familiarity with FreshCo stores and interest in available jobs.

Show Enthusiasm
Expressing genuine desire for FreshCo employment opportunities generally leads to onsite interviews. While job seekers sometimes encounter traditional one-on-one or panel interviews, particularly for store management positions, the FreshCo hiring process often entails group interview sessions with multiple candidates.

What Happens Next?
During in-store job interviews, applicants commonly participate in interactive activities, like pretending to sell merchandise or devising creative meal ideas with items found in the FreshCo weekly flyer. Hiring officials also outline basic job requirements and expectations in interviews at FreshCo store locations.

Discuss Your Experience
Job seekers should come prepared to discuss previous work experiences and respond to a variety of hypothetical workplace situations.

How Long is the Interview?
FreshCo job interviews often last for 30 minutes or longer due to the group format, though one-on-one interviews typically feature much shorter lengths. The discount grocery retailer generally prefers to hire workers with flexible schedules and reliable transportation.

Be Ready to Ask Questions
Prepare a few thoughtful questions and relevant talking points before the job interview, remain confident and relaxed during the proceedings, and thank the interviewer for his or her time afterwards. Follow up one time within a few days to reiterate interest in the job with FreshCo and inquire about the hiring timeline.

Second Interview Expectations
Employment officials at FreshCo usually decide whether to hire entry-level job seekers after the initial onsite interview and typically reserve additional rounds of interviews for managerial applicants. The store management team or various corporate executives often conduct second interviews together as a panel.

More In-depth Questioning
Frequently more in-depth than previous meetings, second interviews tend to focus on specific details of prior jobs and expected work schedules. FreshCo hiring personnel often use complex or increasingly difficult scenarios when asking behavioral and situational questions at this stage in the interview process. Applicants should still perform due diligence in preparing for and following up with second interviews at FreshCo.

FreshCo Store Clerk Interview

Video Transcript

Please describe your job title and primary duties.

FreshCo Store Clerk:
I was just a regular store clerk and I would just walk around. I would stack certain ingredients, certain products and stuff, and I’d be box boy most of the time. And that’s pretty much it.

What was the work environment like?

FreshCo Store Clerk:
It was pretty friendly. All my managers were usually much older. And they related… They tried hard to relate to young people and stuff. And they understood to relate sometimes. They weren’t as strict. But, you definitely had three strikes.

How would you describe the application and interview process?

FreshCo Store Clerk:
I had one initial interview with the manager and that’s it.

What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?

FreshCo Store Clerk:
Name a couple traits that would be really beneficial in the job. And I remember saying, “Charisma, a proactive person, a knowledgeable person”. So, I guess that was pretty much it.

What set you apart from other candidates?

FreshCo Store Clerk:
I think I gave off this confident, happy-go-lucky aura. So, I figure that they picked up on that. And I just was really ecstatic about getting the job. It was my first job.

What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?

FreshCo Store Clerk:
I would say confidence. Be charming. That goes to say with any interview. And that’s it.

Possible Interview Questions and Answers

Q: What would you do if a customer wanted an advertised item but the store was sold out?
A: I would call around and direct the customer to another FreshCo location that had the item or place an order for the product and give them a rain check.

Q: What does it mean to have good customer service?
A: Good customer service helps keep customers and creates good word of mouth. It also means the business runs more effectively and smoothly.

Q: What makes FreshCo different from other grocery stores?
A: FreshCo offers thousands of products at great prices. FreshCo also goes out of the way to assist customers, which I really think is the main difference.

Q: Describe a time when you had to work as part of a team.
A: At my last job in fast food, we worked as team members, and everyone performed the same jobs on an as-needed basis. When something needed done, you had to step up if everyone else was busy. It helped me learn a lot about taking responsibility, which I hope to bring to the FreshCo team with this job.

Frequently Asked Interview Questions

Interview Tips

How to Dress
While FreshCo offers lower prices to customers, the discount grocery retailer has no plans to lower hiring standards. FreshCo typically hires neatly groomed applicants and expects workers to maintain professional appearances on the job. Looking professional, however, starts at the job interview. Applicants should strive for professionalism by wearing business-casual attire to FreshCo interviews and standing out from more informally dressed candidates.

What to Wear
Dress or khaki pants with a collared shirt and tie create an appropriate ensemble for men, while women should consider wearing a skirt or dress pants with a coordinating blouse or sweater. Complete the professional look with a clean pair of dress shoes, heels, or other appropriate footwear. Though often uncomfortable, dressing up for the interview at FreshCo indicates effort and maturity and greatly increases chances for employment.

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