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What should you expect if you have an interview with Fortinos?

Hiring Process

Ontario-based supermarket chain Fortinos maintains over 20 full-service grocery stores. Fortinos routinely looks to hire qualified new employees for several positions. To filter out worthy applicants, Fortinos conducts standard job interviews with potential workers. Usually, a store manager will oversee a conversational interview with an applicant.

What Will You Discuss?
Topics of discussion may include past job experience, education, skills, and personal interests. Interviewers typically provide information about job requirements, responsibilities, hiring requirements, and the work atmosphere at Fortinos.

Ask Questions
At the end of the interview, candidates should ask questions regarding relevant issues, such as employment benefits, schedule availability, and other information about the position desired.

Second Interview Expectations
Although many Fortinos managers hire applicants after a single interview session, some grocery store locations do request candidates come in for multiple interviews. Second interviews usually remain standard for workers applying for supervisory positions and store management jobs. The second interview with Fortinos features more of the same questions about work ethic, employment history, education, and job skills.

Make Your Case
Applicants need to demonstrate genuine enthusiasm for the job and make a compelling case for receiving hiring consideration above the competition. During the interview, candidates frequently participate in a Fortinos store tour, effectively getting a closer look at the work atmosphere and meeting current employees.

Fortinos Pharmacy Assistant Interview

Video Transcript

Please describe your job title and primary duties.

Fortinos Pharmacy Assistant:
Okay. Well, I work in the pharmacy. I’m not a certified pharmaceutical technician, but I’m an assistant. Basically, I run cash, I package medication, I fill out prescriptions, I call doctors, fax doctors, and I take care of the working environment, so I do cleanups.

How would you describe the application and interview process?

Fortinos Pharmacy Assistant:
Well, I did fill out my resume. There was no formal application process. I booked an appointment with the head pharmacist and we had an oral discussion and I discussed my qualifications.

What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?

Fortinos Pharmacy Assistant:
Okay. Well, they wanted to know my job history. I had no job history. They wanted to know my qualifications for working in the pharmacy, so a background in science. I brought in my grades for science and I did a miniature test exam that she gave me to say that I knew some things about science, so I could work in the pharmacy.

What set you apart from other candidates?

Fortinos Pharmacy Assistant:
While working at the pharmacy specifically, she was definitely looking for somebody that was qualified. I had minor qualifications, but if I was more qualified, I would have gotten the job right away. She called me back after a couple of weeks, but she wanted somebody who was properly qualified for my job.

What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?

Fortinos Pharmacy Assistant:
Working for Fortinos, you would definitely want to be available to work longer hours and more shifts a week, because they’re very demanding with the shifts they want in a week. If you’re working in the pharmacy, you’d want some kind of knowledge in pharmaceuticals or science-based materials.

Possible Interview Questions and Answers

Q: How would you describe good customer service?
A: Making sure the customer leaves happy and satisfied.

Q: Please describe your work ethic.
A: I like to arrive a little early to each shift to get a feel for the day and then stay on task until I leave. I do like to have fun when I work, though. I just make sure I get done what needs done.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish with a job at Fortinos?
A: I’m looking for experience. Eventually, I’d love to work as a manager. I think this position will provide the right stepping stone for me.

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Interview Tips

How to Dress
Fortinos may not have a major corporate atmosphere, but potential hires should dress appropriately for the job interview. A business suit may seem a little excessive, though professional attire ranks as the best option for serious job seekers. Comfortable slacks or khakis may suffice, along with formal-looking footwear.

What to Wear
Dress shirts and appropriate tops present several options for interviewees. While a classic, button-down, collared shirt often proves suitable, applicants may look into other options, such as polo shirts and sweaters.

Women applicants may take advantage of several wardrobe options for a Fortinos interview. While some women may settle for professional pants and shirts, individuals should also consider conservative yet classy dresses or skirts.

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