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Online Job Application for Foot Locker Jobs

Specializing in athletically-inspired shoes and apparel, Foot Locker boasts a retail presence in more than 20 countries worldwide. The American company operates roughly 3,400 stores across North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand and enjoys widespread popularity in Canada, where the footwear retailer oversees nearly 130 store locations.

Foot Locker Job Opportunities

Store locations constantly hire new employees to fill a variety of jobs available. The athletic footwear retailer maintains ongoing hiring needs for both entry-level workers and experienced managers. Employment opportunities available give Canadian job seekers the chance to work for one of the leading sportswear retailers in the world.

Full-Time & Part-Time

Most entry-level Foot Locker jobs feature part-time work schedules, while store management positions often represent full-time careers. The shoe store chain maintains an online job application process available through the Careers page of the Foot Locker Canada website. Most jobs impose a minimum hiring age of 16 years.

Foot Locker Canada Jobs and Salary Information

Canadian applicants may apply online for the following jobs:

Sales Associate

Job seekers interested in sales associate positions need to feel comfortable interacting with customers on a regular basis. The entry-level job involves a variety of customer service duties, such as:

  • Recommending suitable products, performing shoe fittings, and ringing up purchases on computerized cash registers.
  • Employees also replenish merchandise on the store sales floors, assemble product displays, and clean store locations.
  • Prospective sales associates must possess energetic personalities, positive attitudes, and the availability to work flexible schedules featuring evening and weekend shifts.
  • Though not required, previous customer service or retail experience usually benefits candidates during the hiring process.
  • Foot Locker Canada pays sales associates hourly rates typically falling between $10.00 and $11.00 CAD.


In addition to performing entry-level customer service duties as needed, Foot Locker managers coordinate and oversee daily store operations. Assistant managers and store managers work together to accomplish various business objectives related to sales, expenses, and employee productivity. Essential job responsibilities include:

  • Developing and implementing strategies to improve store performance, monitoring inventory levels, and motivating entry-level associates to achieve personal sales goals.
  • Managers also hire and train new workers, deal with customer issues, maintain the visual appeal of store layouts, and ensure storewide compliance with policies and procedures.
  • Applicants need to possess excellent customer service skills and previous managerial experience.
  • Careers in retail management also require proven leadership abilities, willingness to complete tasks proactively, and flexible full-time schedule availability.
  • Pay scales for managers start around $12.00 CAD an hour for assistant managers.
  • Store managers enjoy annual salary options generally ranging up to $35,000 CAD.

Benefits of Working at Foot Locker Canada

Foot Locker store associates enhance companywide athletic themes by wearing work uniforms designed to resemble the traditional outfits of sports referees. The company uniform program represents just one of the employment benefits provided with Foot Locker jobs. Foot Locker Canada provides employees with competitive pay, flexible work schedules, company uniforms, and athletically themed work environments. The footwear retailer also offers ongoing training programs and opportunities for professional development. Full-time associates often stand eligible for comprehensive job benefits packages, as well.

Insurance & Savings Packages

Employment benefits packages feature general medical coverage and dental plans, bonus and incentive programs, annual service awards, and employee stock purchase plans. Qualified workers also gain access to pension schemes, employee discounts, and vacation time.

More About Foot Locker

Established in 1978, the Canadian division of retail operations maintains outlets in nine provinces nationwide. Stores reside in most major cities and shopping malls throughout the country.

How Does Foot Locker Work?

The Foot Locker concept appeals to serious athletes and mainstream consumers alike. Retail outlets operating as part of the Canadian branch offer an exclusive mix of products for men, women, and children. Both American and Canadian stores feature the latest shoe styles from some of the most prominent athletic brands in the world. While offering products to support a wide range of athletic activities, the retail chain primarily focuses on basketball, running, and training. The footwear store also targets general youthful consumers attracted to trendy fashions and athletic lifestyles.


The Kinney Shoe Corporation, a subsidiary of legendary former American retailer Woolworth’s, launched the Foot Locker brand in 1974. Based in the United States, the newly formed company opened the first Canadian store in 1978. The chain expanded steadily over the next two decades and emerged as a leading global footwear retailer. By 2001, rampant success prompted parent company Woolworth’s to reregister as Foot Locker, Inc. The footwear retail chain continues to thrive, with nearly 130 stores in Canada and more than 3,400 worldwide.

Products and Services

Foot Locker stores feature extensive selections of athletic footwear for men, women, and children. The prominent retailer primarily offers shoes for basketball, running, and training. Popular brands available at retail outlets include adidas, Converse, Jordan, Nike, PUMA, Reebok, and Under Armour. In addition to shoes, stores maintains full ranges of hats, hoodies, shorts, t-shirts, and other sportswear. Customers may purchase products either in store or online via the company website, which offers free shipping on over 10,000 items. Frequent customers may join the VIP Club loyalty program and receive exclusive rewards, including access to special events.


Part of the Foot Locker, Inc. family of brands, Foot Locker operates as a sister company to Lady Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Footaction, and Champs Sports. The various brands combine to produce more than $5 billion in revenue each year. Publicly traded, the retail giant trades under the initials FL on the New York Stock Exchange and maintains global headquarters in New York City, NY, USA.

Minimum Age to Work at Foot Locker: 16

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Watch video of a Foot Locker employee discussing their job

Video Transcript

Please describe your job title and primary duties.
Foot Locker Sales Associate:
I’m a sales associate part-time. Basically, I sell shoes to customers, I greet customers. I check them out at the cashier. And that’s about it.

How would you describe the application and interview process?
Foot Locker Sales Associate:
I handed in my resume. I had to talk to the manager. She gave me an interview time and a date. And then I came back for one interview. It was a 15 minute interview. And then she called me a week later.

What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?
Foot Locker Sales Associate:
They asked me to tell them about myself, why I want to work there, what my hobbies are, what my background is with shoes or sports, if I’ve ever had any experience working with sales targets and customer service experience.

What set you apart from other candidates?
Foot Locker Sales Associate:
I was really vibrant when I was talking to the manager. I told her more about myself, so she didn’t have to ask me as many questions. So I basically answered half of her questions in my introduction when I told her about myself. And then instead of just saying… Because most people, when they do their Foot Locker interview, they just say that they like shoes, because they want to know why you want to work there. But I said, “I know about shoes. I know shoe release dates. I know when shoes are coming out. I’ve played sports. I’ve done this and that and that.” Yeah.

What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
Foot Locker Sales Associate:
Foot Locker managers, they’re basically just looking for people who know how to talk to people, who know how to help customers. You don’t have to have background in specifically selling shoes. You just have to know how to sell shoes. I mean, you just have to know how to sell and talk to people and be outgoing and just be an all around nice person. That’s about it.