Food Basics Manager

Job Description


Consisting of the general store manager and various department managers, the Food Basics management team oversees all aspects of daily grocery store operations. Primary job duties include implementing sales strategies, monitoring inventory levels, coordinating the execution of product displays and other merchandising tactics, delegating tasks to entry-level workers, generating staff work schedules, and ensuring storewide customer satisfaction.

Train Employees
Food Basics managers also hire and train new employees to achieve consistently high standards of customer service.

Due to the advanced nature of the work, management positions with Food Basics carry more restrictive employment requirements than entry-level jobs. Prospective managers must have a high school diploma and may need a related college degree, as well.

Previous management experience, preferably within a grocery store or retail environment, also proves valuable and many times necessary for hiring consideration from Food Basics. Successful candidates should demonstrate proficiency in decision making, leadership, and problem solving.

Food Basics hiring officials typically prefer managerial applicants with the ability to make a flexible, full-time commitment to the job.

Salary / Pay

Management positions at Food Basics come with competitive salary packages and extensive employment benefits. Starting pay generally falls between $25,000 and $30,000 per year for department managers, while general store managers typically earn around $50,000 annually.

Food Basics managers also receive job benefits, like health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, career development programs, and employee recognition and other performance-based incentives. The Canadian grocery store chain offers paid training and merchandise discounts to qualified workers, as well.

Job Outlook

Food Basics maintains a network of roughly 115 grocery stores located exclusively in Ontario. Metro Inc., the third-largest grocer in Canada, owns and operates Food Basics as part of its discount supermarket division. The influence and resources of its parent company have allowed Food Basics to establish a stable presence and emerge as a major employer at the heart of the Canadian populace.

Although the discount grocery store chain does not extend nationwide, Food Basics provides ample career opportunities for workers pursuing retail management jobs in Canada’s most populous province.