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Job Interview Experience (What to Expect)

After scheduling a job interview, spend some time preparing for the session, by reviewing the page below.

Hiring Process

Most locations in the Food Basics supermarket network conduct individual hiring processes. However, each store still uses the job interview to hire potential workers.

After submitting an application to local Food Basics stores, applicants can expect to wait anywhere from a few days to two weeks to hear from a company hiring manager.

What Will You Talk About?
Topics covered during Food Basics interviews include employment history, personal qualities, aspirations, and availability. Interviews may shed light on work requirements and responsibilities, as well. Answering questions in a respectful and articulate manner may serve as the deciding factor when managers make final hiring decisions.

Second Interview Expectations
Many Food Basics applicants only go through one job interview prior to hiring. However, certain positions may require additional interviews, such as department manager, supervisor, or store manager jobs.

How to Behave?
Applicants participating in second interviews typically undergo further professional scrutiny. The second interview with Food Basics requires even more professionalism and tact than initial interviews.

Panel Interview
The second hiring session may also feature a panel interview with several managers and possibly Food Basics corporate members.

Bring Your Resume
Potential workers often must bring a professional resume to the second interview. Resumes should cover educational background, previous employers, professional and personal accomplishments, and career objectives.

Bring Your Own Questions
Applicants should compile a list of questions to ask about the job, work environment, fellow employees, and any other aspect of the position.

Video interview with a Food Basics employee:

Possible Interview Questions and Answers

Q: How do you handle working with a large group of people?
A: I’ve only ever worked with two or three people at a time, but I’ve built good social skills working with the public at previous jobs, which I feel readied me for this position.

Q: Describe a time when you had to act in a professional manner.
A: At my previous job, it was always customary to greet customers in a friendly and professional manner.

Q: What are some things about your personality that you could bring to Food Basics?
A: I’m energetic, self-motivated, and stay on task. I feel as though I would help lighten workloads for others and solidify existing teams as an employee.

More Common Interview Questions

Interview Tips

How to Dress
Food Basics applicants should wear classy, professional, and business-appropriate attire.

What to Wear
For men, a button-down, collared shirt and ironed slacks serve as suitable options, along with clean, professional footwear. For women, a sensible skirt or dress may prove appropriate for the job interview. Additionally, applicants should wear jewelry and accessories at minimum. Just as for men, female applicants should wear sensible shoes during the interview, such as flats, short heels, and similar options.

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