Food Basics Cashier

Job Description


Prominent Canadian grocery store chain Food Basics regularly conducts hiring for cashiers.

How Old Do You Have to Be?
The entry-level position requires applicants to stand at least 12 years of age at time of employment in most provinces.

Food Basics imposes no real requirements in terms of work history or job-related experience for employment consideration. Potential new hires with friendly personalities and trustworthy characteristics often make ideal candidates. Strong communication skills also benefit prospective workers with the supermarket company.

Key responsibilities for Food Basics cashier jobs include operating cash registers, scanning coupons, ringing up purchases, handling money, completing transactions, and providing basic customer service.


Depending on previous experience, most Food Basics cashiers receive starting pay around minimum wage. With time and proven work ethic, supermarket employees may earn as much as $11.00 or $12.00 per hour. Entry-level cashier jobs often lead to management careers with Food Basics featuring lucrative salary options.

Basic employment benefits offered to new-hire and tenured associates alike include time off and discounts on products and services. Food Basics also offers comprehensive job benefits, like 401(k) retirement plans and healthcare options, to eligible employees. Career development programs and growth potential exist at every level of Food Basics employment, as well.

Job Outlook

Cashier positions represent the backbone of most grocery stores, as associates in cashier roles come in a great deal of contact with patrons daily. The growing network of Food Basics stores provides ample job opportunities for both entry-level workers and long-term career seekers. As the number of stores operating under the Food Basics banner continues to grow, the Ontario-based grocery store chain should need motivated and dedicated workers on a regular basis.