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Food Basics employment opportunities primarily include part-time, entry-level jobs. Food Basics needs both inexperienced and experienced individuals to work entry-level positions and professional careers.

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Food Basics Job Opportunities

Applicants in search of experience in the grocery store industry or general work experience should apply online for Food Basics jobs. Food Basics also looks to hire experienced individuals for managerial roles and corporate careers.

Basic requirements

Customer service skills often rank as the most sought after traits in prospective employees. Additional hiring requirements vary by position. Contact a local Food Basics or apply online to begin the hiring process today. Grocery store industry job hopefuls may take interest in both part-time and full-time positions available with the Canadian supermarket chain. Food Basics often hires workers as young as 14-years old to fill entry-level jobs.

Food Basics Jobs and Salary Information

Positions commonly for hire with Food Basics include:


Part-time job seekers regularly gain employment as clerks at Food Basics stores. Primary job duties for Food Basics clerk employees include:

  • general maintenance, stocking, and customer service.
  • Clerks also double as cashiers during busy store hours.
  • Most clerk associates work part-time or roughly 15 to 20 hours per week.
  • Some Food Basics clerk jobs may involve manual labor.
  • Pay scales begin around $10.00 an hour.

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Another prominent entry-level position for hire, cashier job duties with Food Basics involve:

  • Greeting customers, handling money, completing transactions, and operating POS systems.
  • Cashier workers may assist clerks during busy hours or in cases of emergency.
  • The job often includes long periods of standing on foot and dealing directly with customers.
  • Applicants must often possess open availability to work as cashiers.
  • Food Basics starts cashier employees out at minimum wage and offers pay increases up to $11.00 or $12.00 per hour, on average.

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Workers in search of pharmacy-related jobs may also find work at Food & Drugs Basics locations. Specific job titles available at Food & Drugs Basics pharmacies include pharmacy technician and pharmacist. Primary responsibilities for pharmacy associates include:

  • Filling and dispensing prescriptions, reviewing allergen and drug reaction information with customers, and ringing up purchases.
  • Food Basics pharmacy technicians must possess at least a college degree and some experience for employment consideration.
  • Qualifications for pharmacist positions include board certification, 4-year college degree minimums, and years of experience.
  • Average pay for pharmacy technicians with Food Basics begins around $11.00 an hour.
  • Pharmacists earn annual salary options based on experience and formal qualifications, which may lead to pay in excess of $100,000 or more per year.


Representing some of the few in-store full-time job opportunities offered by Food Basics, managerial roles involve:

  • Hiring and training new employees, supervising entry-level workers, scheduling associates, processing payroll, and driving sales.
  • Food Basics managers typically earn yearly salary packages.
  • Starting pay hovers around $25,000 a year for entry-level management positions and increases up to roughly $45,000 per year for Food Basics general store managers.

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Benefits of Working at Food Basics

Food Basics strongly encourages promotion from within and offers several avenues for ongoing education to eligible employees. Parent company Metro Inc. provides comprehensive paid training programs for motivated associates and performance incentives to spur growth of company employees. Generous discounts on products and services, recognition programs, and competitive wages also highlight Food Basics job benefits.

Insurance & Savings Packages

The Canadian grocer provides qualified workers with employment benefits packages, as well. Eligible associates receive healthcare options, such as medical and dental insurance and life insurance plans. 401(k) retirement plans also stand readily available for eligible Food Basics workers. Refer to the online application form to learn more about available Food Basics work benefits and employment opportunities now.

More About Food Basics

Food Basics began as an A&P Canada company in the mid-1990s. A&P Canada sought to compete with the No Frills business model created by Loblaws Companies Limited. Around 115 Food Basics locations operate nationwide. The grocery store chain primarily maintains operations in the Province of Ontario. The retail chain also includes Food & Drug Basics, which operate as general Food Basics locations with in-house pharmacies. Food Basics employs tens of thousands of associates nationally.

How Does Food Basics Work?

The supermarket uses several eco-friendly alternatives as part of company business models to manage Food Basics locations. In addition to buying and selling fresh, quality products, Food Basics limits waste and environmental impact through the use of cardboard boxes instead of plastic bags. Company business models closely resemble American membership-only chains like Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale Club and offer high volumes of product at lower prices. Convenient locations, eco-friendly practices, and low prices spur large numbers of customers to Food Basics stores on a regular basis.


The first Food Basics opened in 1995 under control of A&P Canada. In 2005, Metro Inc. purchased A&P Canada and assumed ownership of Food Basics locations. Shortly after the Metro Inc. acquisition, many Food Basics stores underwent renovations. Food Basics originally allowed franchising, but Metro Inc. bought back all franchised locations in 2008 and continues to maintain corporate governance over the 115 or so Food Basics stores nationwide.

Products and Services

Food Basics operates as a chain of high-volume, discount grocery stores. Main products sold at Food Basics locations include deli, dairy, produce, seafood, bakery, meat, and general grocery items. Food Basics also sells alcohol and tobacco products. Many stores feature in-house pharmacies, as well. A majority of Food Basics locations sit in densely populated areas or metropolitan communities.


Canadian food retailer Metro Inc. serves as parent company to Food Basics. One of the largest grocer corporations in the country, Metro Inc. manages five divisional supermarkets, one subsidiary, and sells products under five brand names. Metro Inc. trades on the TSX under the stock symbol MRU. The public company pulls in more than $11 billion in annual revenues and maintains a workforce of around 65,000 associates. Main headquarters for Food Basics reside in Toronto, ON, Canada. Metro Inc. maintains corporate operations out of Montreal, QC, Canada.

Minimum age to work at Food Basics: 14

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  • Haya says:

    Food basics is a great opportunity for everyone, especially students to learn how to communicate with more people and be self confident. It provides the training needed to be successful, and teaches you how to be a great worker in your future career.

  • Mudrika Vyas says:

    Food Basics is a great opportunity for everyone. It provides the training needed to be successful, and teaches you how to be a great worker in your future career. I worked with Food Basic store 4557 Hurontario Mississauga from 2004 to 2010 and they provided me good hours for work and helped me. They were also flexible with my schedule from time to time. Staff was very helpful and friendly.

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