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Firkin Pubs oversees the largest chain of traditional English pubs in Canada and North America. Originally based in the United Kingdom, the pub chain entered the North American market in 1987 and established operations in Toronto, ON, Canada. More than 40 pubs across the continent operate under the Firkin banner, with over 30 locations in Ontario alone. The other Firkin Pubs occupy major urban areas throughout the United States. In Canada, the majority of Firkin Pubs locations remain clustered around the Greater Toronto area. Firkins Pubs maintains an aggressive expansion policy and eventually plans to open an additional 180 North American locations, including many in the highly successful Canadian market.

With a thriving presence in Ontario and an ambitious growth strategy in place, Firkin Pubs remains an ideal source of employment for Canadian job seekers. The popular chain of pubs constantly needs to hire new associates to fill open positions at new and existing locations. Entry-level applicants and experienced workers alike routinely find suitable jobs at Firkin Pubs. For the convenience of prospective employees, Firkins Pubs maintains a standardized application form and allows candidates to apply online directly to specific pub locations. As plans for opening 180 new pubs come to fruition, job seekers in Ontario and surrounding areas should encounter growing numbers of opportunities to work for the restaurant chain with a more upscale clientele and a distinctly unique British theme.

Firkin Pubs Jobs and Salary Information
Firkin Pubs offers both entry-level employment and managerial career opportunities at each pub location. While entry-level Firkin Pubs jobs generally revolve around customer service and require minimal work experience, pub management careers demand extensive knowledge of restaurant operations and typically carry multiple hiring requirements. Due to the presence of alcoholic beverages at Firkin Pubs, applicants must meet the minimum age for employment of 18. Firkin Pubs regularly hires to fill the following positions:

Server – Entry-level server jobs at Firkin Pubs involve constant customer interaction. Workers greet guests, answer questions about the menu, take food and drink orders, and serve requested items to patrons. Other job duties include operating cash registers to process customer payment, cleaning tables and dining areas, and ensuring guest satisfaction. Prospective associates often need no prior serving experience but should have the ability to work a variety of shifts in a fast-paced pub environment. Hourly pay rates for Firkin Pubs servers typically rest at or below minimum wage, with customer tips added.

Bartender – As the job title indicates, Firkin Pubs bartenders serve customers seated at the bar area of pub locations. Essential job responsibilities include taking guest orders, pouring beer and wine, preparing cocktails and specialty drinks, and cleaning work areas. Employees also serve food to customers opting to eat at the bar. Prospective workers typically need to have thorough knowledge of various alcohols and previous bartending experience. Applicants should also have the ability to work flexible schedules often featuring late night and weekend shifts. Firkin Pubs bartenders usually receive minimum wage pay and the opportunity to earn gratuities from patrons.

Cook – Cooks at Firkin Pubs work behind the scenes in the kitchen and fulfill all customer food orders. Workers prepare menu items following company recipes and special guest requests, operate kitchen equipment, and maintain inventory. Additional job duties include cleaning work stations and washing dishes when necessary. Firkin Pubs hiring managers frequently prefer applicants to have previous culinary experience. Prospective cook associates also need to have flexible schedule availability in order to work during peak lunch, dinner, and late night hours as needed. Pay rates for Firkin Pubs cooks generally hover between $10.00 and $12.00 an hour.

Management – Each Firkin Pubs location features a management team typically composed of a general pub manager and various assistants and supervisors. Specific job titles may vary by location. The management team hires and trains entry-level workers, schedules associates for work, supervises employee work shifts, and resolves customer and staff issues. Managers also perform various tasks to ensure pub profitability, such as developing sales strategies, implementing promotions and specials, and maintaining optimal inventory levels. Managerial jobs at Firkin Pubs typically require candidates to have a high school diploma and previous supervisory experience in the restaurant industry. More advanced management positions often feature additional hiring requirements like relevant college degrees or coursework and extensive related work experience. Pay scales for Firkin Pubs managers depend on job title and experience. Leadership and supervisory positions often come with hourly pay rates falling between $12.00 and $15.00. Assistant and general managers typically enjoy salary options ranging from $30,000 to $60,000 or more per year.

Benefits of Working at Firkin Pubs
Workers at all career levels enjoy several employment benefits at Firkin Pubs. Upon hire, employees gain immediate access to competitive pay scales and salary options, flexible scheduling, fun and unique work environments, and associate discounts on meals. Firkin Pubs jobs also feature room for professional advancement, as qualified entry-level workers often receive hiring consideration for available leadership positions and management careers.

Full-time managers and other eligible Firkin Pubs employees usually take advantage of generous health benefits packages, which often include dental and vision plans in addition to general medical coverage. Other commonly available job benefits include life insurance options, employee recognition programs, and paid time off. After meeting certain eligibility requirements, Firkin Pubs associates may also choose to participate in 401(k) retirement savings plans.

Stanley Adelson and Ian Fisher introduced the British-based Firkin Pubs concept to Canada in 1987. Established in Toronto, the original location initially operated as Toronto’s Empire Pubs before Adelson and Fisher assumed ownership and changed the name to Fox and the Firkin. The new brand name directly referenced the now defunct Firkin Brewery chain of pubs in the United Kingdom. After the traditional English pub experience proved successful, Firkin Pubs steadily expanded throughout Ontario and into the United States. The pub chain continues to maintain more than 30 locations in Canada, with plans to open an additional 180 locations throughout North America in the coming years.

The Firkin Pubs concept involves replicating the atmosphere and experience of authentic English pubs. In 2012, the Canadian division of the pub chain launched a rebranding campaign dubbed Cool Britannia and updated the interior designs of several locations to match the trendy theme. Each pub location features a unique collection of British-inspired decor like Beatles pop art, Union Jack sofas, maps of the London Underground subway system, and light fixtures constructed to look like bowler hats. Firkin Pubs also assigns a distinct title to each location, usually integrating a locally applicable reference with the Firkin brand name. For example, the pub in Niagara Falls bears the moniker Falls and Firkin.

Combining tradition and innovation, the Firkin Pubs menu offers a diverse assortment of selections appealing to a broad customer base. Popular items include burgers, sandwiches, and traditional British dishes like fish n’ chips and shepherd’s pie. While conventional pub fare remains a menu staple, Firkin Pubs also features more creative offerings like chorizo poutine, fish tacos, and Parmesan-crusted grilled cheese. Beverage selections include full lines of beer, wine, cocktails, and specialty seasonal drinks. Many of the food and drink options on the Firkin Pubs menu represent original creations made in-house.

Firkin Pubs operates under the corporate name The Firkin Group of Pubs. More than 40 locations throughout Ontario and the United States combine to generate annual revenue of roughly $25 million. The privately held pub franchise maintains corporate headquarters in Markham, ON.

Minimum Age to Work at Firkin Pubs: 18

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