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Founded in 1952 in Los Angeles, CA, fast casual restaurant chain Fatburger didn’t enter the Canadian market until many years later. The Canadian market takes up just a small fraction of Fatburger’s international presence. The fast food chain holds more than 30 locations in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. All Fatburger Canada restaurants conduct business as franchise locations with independent owners and operators.

Fatburger Canada offers many of the same signature burgers and sandwiches as their American counterpart. The casual restaurant features close to a dozen burger varieties, though stores allow customers to create their own burger. Additional items include chicken sandwiches, turkey burgers, salads, and several side dishes. Fatburger also carries a kids menu and gluten free options. The Fatburger drink menu features milkshakes, a modest selection of beer, frozen margaritas, and cocktails.

Franchise owners with Fatburger Canada frequently look to hire new workers for a variety of jobs and positions. Job seekers may find entry-level work and career opportunities with the fast casual restaurant. The minimum hiring age for Fatburger Canada employees stands around 16, though younger individuals with work permits may receive special consideration. Canadian residents may find plenty of local job opportunities by undergoing the Fatburger hiring process.

Fatburger Canada Job Positions and Salary Information

Job seekers must fill out an official application form for employment consideration with Fatburger Canada. Prospective workers may apply online or bring the form into the nearest Fatburger location. Personal information on the application includes name, address, and contact numbers. Some general information includes the job desired, date to start work, availability, and how the applicant came across the job. Standard information on the application form also includes availability, educational background, job skills, employment history, and references. Common jobs on the Fatburger job application include:


  • Younger applicants and new employees usually start working for Fatburger as cashiers.
  • The position basically requires associates to ring up and cash out customer orders.
  • Cashiers spend time at both the front-end registers as well as the drive-thru window in some locations.
  • Employees process payments and handle paper money, credit cards, coupons, gift cards.
  • Fatburger uses a fairly simple register system for new workers to learn on, as well.
  • Pay scales for Fatburger cashiers usually stands around minimum wage, depending on experience.

Crew Member

  • Crew members perform the same duties as cashiers, such as greeting customers, taking orders, and finally serving meals.
  • Additionally, crew members take on many more duties by working in the kitchen area of Fatburger.
  • Crew members routinely operate grills, fryers, ovens, dishwashers, and other machinery used in Fatburger restaurants.
  • Sanitation remains essential, and crew members need to clean the kitchen, dining area, and the bathrooms.
  • Crew members typically earn minimum wage, though experienced members may see an increase in pay.


  • Many Fatburger franchise owners manage their own stores.
  • Some owners may interview and hire qualified applicants for management positions.
  • Associates use their expertise and leadership skills to communicate with customers and coworkers alike.
  • Administrative responsibilities often include scheduling, payroll, monitoring sales goals, and discussing performance and business plans with franchise owners and corporate offices.
  • Many locations promote applicants with career goals in mind when looking for managers.
  • However, individuals with managerial experience in other restaurant chains may find plenty of work opportunities.

Benefits of Working at Fatburger Canada

Fatburger franchise owners in Canada may offer several unique job benefits and perks for their employees. Rewards may start out as discounts on merchandise, but savings accounts, medical insurance, and retirement plans also exist for qualified workers. Eligibility requirements include job title, employment status, and experience. Use the job interview and hiring process to find more information on work benefits with Fatburger.

Financial benefits for Fatburger employees often include paid vacations, discounts on meals, and even savings accounts with parent company OTC Markets Group. Insurance plans from Fatburger often include health, vision, and dental coverage. To help with future planning, Fatburger also features a 401(k) retirement program for qualified workers. Locations across the country reward their employees with raises, performance awards, and partnerships with several retailers and other companies.

USA Fatburger Application


Tucson native Lovie Yancey started Mr. Fatburger in Los Angeles, CA in 1947. After operating for more than five years, Yancey dropped “Mr.” from the title and became Fatburger from there on out. Popular throughout California for many years, the company initiated a franchise system for independent business owners. After growing around California, Fatburger began to expand to other states, such as Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey, and New York. In the late 1990s, Fatburger finally moved into the Canadian market, along with several other countries. Based out of Los Angeles, Fatburger became increasingly popular with many celebrities, including actors, athletes, and even musicians.


All burgers from Fatburger feature a 6 ounce AAA Angus beef patty. Customers may add up to three patties to their burger if they so choose. Fatburger strongly encourages customers to use their imagination and create their own burger. The Canadian menu features close to a dozen specialty burgers, including the Hawaiian Cheeseburger, California Burger, and the 1/4 pound Baby Fatburger. Among the other sandwiches offered by Fatburger include grilled and fried chicken, turkey burgers, and two types of veggie burgers. Side dishes found in many stores include French fries, gravy, chili cheese fries, nacho fries, and the popular Canadian dish poutine. Fatburger even features a few salad options.


The Fatburger chain of fast casual restaurants act as a wholly owned subsidiary of OTC Markets Group, a financial services firm. Fatburger helps contribute more than $30 million in annual revenue. Company headquarters for Fatburger continue to reside in the Beverly Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA. Fatburger holds more than 120 full-service locations in 11 countries. Outside of the United States and Canada, Fatburger also operates restaurants in countries like Lebanon, China, South Korea, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

Minimum age to work at Fatburger Canada: 16

Official Site: http://fatburgercanada.com/contact-us