Fast Food Restaurant Jobs in Canada

Basic Requirements

Some positions may ask for more formal requirements, such as previous experience, high school diplomas, and the ability to lead teams of entry-level employees. Most qualifications apply to careers in management. Entry-level jobs typically require no formal experience or work history.

Common Fast Food Job Openings

Counter Staff

Counter staff associates spend the most time with customers, providing professional and courteous service. Basically, workers take customer orders, cook food, and create sandwiches and other menu items. Employees must perform counter staff duties in an efficient, effective, and friendly manner. Managers want to hire counter staff workers with strong communication and teamwork skills, disciplined work ethics, and the ability to follow directions. Prospective associates should also maintain high standards of cleanliness and sanitation. Hourly pay rates for counter staff employees typically fall between $10.00 and $11.00

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Team Member

The position of team member involves a variety of job duties at restaurants. Primary responsibilities include operating cash registers, completing transactions, manning drive-thru windows, preparing and serving food, and explaining menu items. Team member employees also perform sanitation and basic cleanup at restaurant locations. Pay scales begin at minimum wage for most team member workers. Experienced applicants may start out at $11.50 or $12.00 an hour.

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Manager Trainee / Shift Manager

Manager trainees and shift managers act as the liaison between entry-level employees and restaurant managers. Workers possessing a positive track record of employment usually receive hiring consideration for open positions. However, applicants with leadership experience at similar restaurants may gain consideration for employment, as well. Shift managers mainly supervise employees and ensure overall customer satisfaction. Trainees also learn about all aspects of the management process in order to achieve the ability to operate a location as restaurant manager.

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Restaurant Manager

Managers essentially oversee the day-to-day operations of designated restaurants. Essential job responsibilities include monitoring sales and expenses, delegating daily jobs to subordinate workers, and performing several administrative duties. Managers strive to maintain high standards of customer service, store presentation, product display, and safety. Additional managerial office duties include scheduling employees for work and processing payroll. Many restaurant managers serve as franchise owners and regularly interact with corporate offices. Managers also routinely interview and hire new employees for open positions. Managers usually earn annual salary options starting around $30,000 and generally increasing with experience.

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