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Founded in the late 1970s, the Familiprix pharmacy chain serves residents in dozens of communities across Quebec, New Brunswick, and Eastern Canada. Familiprix locations provide pharmaceutical services with thousands of prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Like typical convenience stores, Familiprix sells beauty products, photo services, and grocery items. Over 250 Familiprix locations operate throughout the country.

Familiprix pharmacies carry hundreds of capsules and pills for customer health and well-being. Shoppers may find antibiotics, vitamins, and health capsules at Familiprix. The Canadian pharmacy also carries cold medicine, first-aid supplies, and natural products. Familiprix offers beauty products including skin creams, shampoos, eyeliner, and conditioners, and also provides extensive beauty tips. A weekly circular tells customers about upcoming deals and specials.

Familiprix ranks as one of the largest employers in Quebec, with more than 1,100 part-time and full-time workers. While many think only properly trained pharmacists qualify for jobs with Familiprix, the company offers plenty of entry-level positions for first-time workers. Familiprix wants responsible candidates for employment who demonstrate excellent communication skills and flexibility. Store associates with Familiprix must also reasonably follow all company guidelines and procedures set by the corporate dependent.

Familiprix Job Positions and Salary Information
Canadian pharmacy chain Familiprix hires new team members in several ways. Many locations encourage prospective employees to apply online for available positions. Familiprix sorts job listings by title, location, duties, and hiring requirements. On the job application form, candidates must provide contact information, work history, job skills, education, and several references. Some common positions Familiprix job hopefuls should apply online for include:

Sales Associate – Sales associates from Familiprix help keep the store organized. Associates stock products and merchandise onto shelves and displays, often after unloading delivery trucks. Familiprix sales team employees also assist customers. Sales associates may work in part-time or full-time capacities, depending on the preference of the applicant. Jobs also require a great deal of schedule flexibility, including night and weekend availability. Sales workers with Familiprix earn around $9.00 to $12.00 per hour.

Store Manager – Store managers with Familiprix oversee in-store employees. To implement corporate strategies, Familiprix managers delegate job duties and tasks among subordinate workers. However, managers must perform the same store duties as entry-level associates on occasion. Behind the scenes, Familiprix managers and supervisors perform several office duties, such as payroll, scheduling, and interviewing and hiring new employees. After interviewing qualified applicants, managers also help train and prepare new workers for jobs with Familiprix. Normally a salaried position, annual earnings for Familiprix store managers rest between $50,000 and $65,000.

Pharmacy – Pharmacist jobs with Familiprix require a large amount of education and experience in the industry. Pharmacists primarily fill out customer prescriptions, including antibiotics, vitamins, and additional supplements. The position requires a great amount of detail and precision, since pharmacists regularly work with all kinds of chemicals and materials. To receive hiring consideration from Familiprix, applicants must hold several degrees and/or certifications in pharmaceuticals. With such a large amount of responsibilities, Familiprix pharmacists earn attractive pay scales and rewards. Salary options range from $65,000 to as much as $105,000 a year. Pharmacist assistant and pharmacy technician jobs also exist with Familiprix stores.

Benefits of Working at Familiprix
Associates with Familiprix may qualify for several job benefits from the company. Familiprix applicants may find information on available benefits during the application and interview process. Each benefit with Familiprix comes with several prior requirements. For example, part-time team members earn some work benefits, but full-time workers may usually access more perks. Familiprix Inc. covers all employee benefits available to staff members.

Several of the most important employment benefits for Familiprix employees include a comprehensive range of insurance plans. Employers cover vision, dental, prescription drug, and general health insurance. Familiprix also gives associates paid sick days, vacation time, discounts on merchandise, and even 401(k) retirement plans. For further well-being, Familiprix offer performance-based incentives and employee assistance programs. Parent company Familiprix Inc. also administers several training and career development programs.

Familiprix opened as Medico-Prix in 1977. Based out of Eastern Quebec, the local chain began to grow within the immediate community. In October 1979, the company officially became Familiprix. During the 1990s, Familiprix set up operations in the Montreal area. Today, the Canadian pharmacy chain owns and operates over 250 locations throughout Quebec and New Brunswick.

Familiprix stores offer comprehensive health and nutrition advice and assistance. The store carries an extensive collection of health capsules and vitamins, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, Zinc, and Vitamin C. Familiprix beauty products include dozens of major national and international brands. Shoppers may find products from Vichy, Revlon, Clairol, Maybelline, and Pupa. Familiprix offers dozens of beauty tips, as well. The store even offers affordable digital photo finishing services, such as regular prints, passport photos, calendars, and coffee mug printing.

Corporate headquarters for Familiprix reside in downtown Quebec City. The company became popular in Canada for a series of TV commercials that introduced the catchphrase “Ah-ha! Familiprix!” Since inception, Familiprix remains independently owned, with a collective board of independent pharmacy owners and operators. One of the company’s biggest projects, Operation Enfant Soleil, operates as a humanitarian organization to help sick children in the community.

Minimum age to work at Familiprix: 14

Official Site: www.familiprix.com/SectionCorporative/Carrieres/

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