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A leader in the petroleum industry, Exxon holds a rich history of customer satisfaction stretching back over a century. Job seekers find entry-level work as well as fulfilling careers within the various company brands, including Esso and Mobil. Both part-time and full-time positions exist within the three oil refineries, over 7,000 retail service stations, and corporate offices located in Canada.

The oil industry stands rife with competition, and Exxon seeks out the brightest innovators in the job market. Looking for committed, passionate, and honorable employees, the industry leader expends many resources on campus recruitment. Recent university graduates and students close to finishing degrees receive opportunities to begin careers early. Young associates just entering the workforce enjoy mentor programs, hands-on experience, paid job training, and favorable advancement prospects.

Experienced professionals and entry-level workers with little-to-no previous experience also earn supreme job opportunities by demonstrating knowledge of the industry and interest in professional growth. Areas of employment within Exxon operations include electronics, engineering, analysis, laboratory research, and maintenance. Job seekers may obtain work in warehouses and as drivers, as well. Individuals with degrees in science, engineering, and math may receive careful hiring consideration for laboratory and mechanic jobs, while workers with drive, customer service capabilities, and knowledge of company procedures and policies may receive preference during the application process for entry-level positions.

Exxon Jobs and Salary Expectations

Given the self-driven nature of many Exxon entry-level jobs, applicants must typically stand at least 18 years of age. Related employment experience in customer service, retail, and food service helps candidates gain preference for hire. High school diplomas and open availability also paint job seekers as favorable. Regularly available work opportunities sit below:

Service Station Attendant

  • Organized and friendly individuals fare best in service station attendant jobs.
  • Associates hold unconventional hours and often work late nights, early mornings, and holidays.
  • Regular shift duties may include stocking shelves, greeting customers, answering questions, ringing up purchases, preparing foodstuffs, and maintaining the cleanliness of stores.
  • Service station attendants must prove physically capable of standing, bending, squatting, kneeling, and lifting items of substantial weight over the duration of shifts.
  • Available in full-time and part-time capacities, station attendants make hourly wages between $8.00 CAD and $10.00 CAD.

Customer Service Representative

  • Working in call centers to keep Exxon patrons happy, customer service representatives should enjoy problem solving and possess developed written and verbal communication skills.
  • Typically filling full-time commitments, associates in customer service positions garner pay rates between $10.00 CAD and $15.00 CAD an hour.
  • Job responsibilities include answering phones, keeping detailed and accurate records, listening to customer concerns and complaints, offering possible solutions, and maintaining knowledge of and suggesting various company products and services.

Benefits of Working at Exxon

In addition to competitive salary packages, job security, and advancement opportunities, Exxon offers workers comprehensive employment benefits packages. Employees enjoy flexible hours, paid time off, holidays, paid vacations, extensive training programs after hire, and company-paid education opportunities. Both full-time and part-time associates may also take advantage of health insurance, dental plans, life insurance, short- and long-term disability, pension plans, and 401(k) retirement plans.


With operations in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific, Exxon remains one of the largest petroleum enterprises in the world. Officially founded in 1882, the company history relates back to the times of Rockefeller and Standard Oil Company. 15 years after the U.S. Supreme Court mandated split of Standard Oil into several different and unrelated companies, the Esso brand came into being. Finally, in 1972, the company underwent a rebranding and became the Exxon Corporation. The industry leader enjoys continuous development and advancement.

Products and Services

Exxon company organization remains divided into three sectors: upstream, downstream, and chemical operations. Upstream involves exploration for oil, extraction, and shipping. Downstream entails the marketing and refining of oil. Retail service stations fall under the dominion of downstream operations. Finally, the chemical division of the company deals with experimentation.


The industry leader employs over 82,000 individuals worldwide, with company headquarters in Irving, TX, USA. Subsidiaries of Exxon include Aera Energy, Esso, Imperial Oil, Mobil, SeaRiver Maritime, Superior Oil Company, and Vacuum Oil Company. Publically traded on the NYSE as XOM, the company brings in an average annual revenue of nearly $395 billion USD.

Minimum age to work at Exxon: 18

Official Site: https://www.exxonmobil.com/Canada-English/HR/careers.aspx