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International fuel company Esso operates a sizeable chain of gas stations in North America. In Canada, the major gas retailer carries out business under the corporate governance of Alberta-based Imperial Oil, which also manages On The Run and Tiger Express convenience stores found within company refueling stations. Job seekers join over 5,000 current employees serving locations throughout the country. Employment opportunities remain available in part-time, full-time, and seasonal capacities.

Work at gas stations generally includes the potential for late hours and irregular schedules. Upon hire, most Esso associates assume part-time positions offering varied workloads. Individuals with experience in the industry may begin in more traditional shifts, such as morning or mid-afternoon hours extending into the early evening; however, most applicants outside of managerial candidates work late-night or after-hour roles until shown abilities prove useful and attitudes appropriate.

Esso gas station applicants must demonstrate a variety of abilities in order to gain employment. While no formal qualifications remain in place for entry-level job seekers, workers must enjoy interacting with the general public, understand and know how to operate computerized point of sales machines, process transactions and provide exact change, and maintain shop upkeep without provocation. Entry-level associates often work in solitude and receive little-to-no direction during given shifts. The independent nature of the work available requires resolute, dedicated, and self-motivated individuals able to carry out duties in effective and efficient manners while providing excellent customer service.

Positions and Salary Information for Esso

In some provinces, Canadian governments allow for individuals as young as 16 to work in gas stations. Depending on merchandise sold in stores, such as alcohol, tobacco products, or other age-restricted materials, workers may need to stand at least 18 and sometimes up to 21 years of age. Both entry-level and career-level positions remain available. Esso often hires to fill the following job titles:


  • The primary roles of Esso cashiers include accepting payments, processing sales, providing change, and answering questions about station amenities and services.
  • Cashiers also maintain service counters, organize and stock out merchandise, and take inventory, as needed.
  • Most cashiers work part-time in entry-level capacities.
  • Hourly pay rates hover at $10.00 CAD or so, with opportunities to earn more with experience gained.
  • No real requirements sit in place for employment consideration; however, individuals with flexible schedules often receive additional review from hiring personnel.


  • Motivated cashiers and other entry-level workers may receive promotion into shift supervisor or station manager jobs.
  • Outside applicants must stand at least 18 in order to work as managers and hold high school diplomas or equivalents.
  • Managers train, orient, and hire staff, set schedules, assign responsibilities, and order supplies.
  • Coordination of fuel shipments also falls on Esso management.
  • Entry-level managers may work part-time or full-time and earn around $11.00 CAD or $12.00 CAD.
  • Station managers typically maintain full-time schedules and earn between $30,000 CAD and $50,000 CAD annual salary.

Benefits of Working at Esso

Job benefits packages generally extend to both part-time and full-time employees. Workers in part-time roles may receive discounts on merchandise, paid time off, and healthcare options. Full-time associates receive similar access to medical insurance plans, paid holidays and vacation time, and merchandise discounts in addition to pension plans, retirement funds, and legal assistance. Some positions may also provide housing and travel assistance.


Operating as Standard Oil until 1912, Esso resulted from a court-ordered division of labour handed down by Supreme Court of the United States magistrates, which effectively dismantled the original monopolizing corporation. ExxonMobil, which owns the naming and franchising rights to the gas station chain, maintains a majority stake in the Canadian oil refining and retailing company Imperial Oil. Lending the brand name, ExxonMobil works alongside Imperial Oil to promote the fueling station franchise across Canada. The gas station first appeared in the North American country in the 1880s. Innovation over 100 years saw the release of premium-graded gasolines for the first time in Canadian history in the late 1970s. Other innovations and expansion across the country remain imminent in the future.

Products and Services

Esso gas stations sell wide varieties of products, including low- and high-test gasolines, kerosene, butane, propane, flint, lighters, and matches. Customers also enjoy compressed air, miscellaneous travel supplies, snacks and drink items, gifts, memorabilia, and age-restricted merchandise, such as tobacco products and lottery tickets. Some locations may sell treated firewood and auto parts.


A subsidiary of Imperial Oil, Esso operates as a Canadian extension of international oil conglomerate ExxonMobil, which maintains a two-thirds majority stake in the international parent company. Imperial Oil alone generates close to $31 billion CAD and contributes to annual sales in excess of $395 billion for ExxonMobil. Both companies trade on international stock markets. Imperial Oil lists as IMO on the Toronto and New York Stock Exchanges, respectively. ExxonMobil maintains a public listing on the NYSE as XON. The gas station retail chain and Imperial Oil operate out of Calgary, AB, headquarters. ExxonMobil head offices reside in Irving, TX, USA.

Minimum Age to Work at Esso: 16

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