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Earls Kitchen & Bar operates as a popular Canadian restaurant chain specializing in burgers and beer. Primarily located in Western Canada, Earls Kitchen & Bar also manages locations in Ontario and America states like Illinois, Washington, and Colorado. Today, Earls Kitchen & Bar operates over 65 locations across Canada. Headquarters for Earls Kitchen & Bar reside in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

An award-winning restaurant, Earls Kitchen & Bar offers high-quality dishes that are expertly made with the finest ingredients around. Known for offering exquisite Angus beef burgers, Earls Kitchen & Bar also earns notoriety for steaks made from grain-fed, 28-day-aged Angus beef. Fresh fish tacos serve as a long-standing favorite dish with customers. Other popular items offered at Earls Kitchen & Bar include fresh baked bread and yam fries.

In addition to a tantalizing menu, Earls Kitchen & Bar wows guests with a stylish, laid-back atmosphere. Focused on guest comfort, Earls Kitchen & Bar employs designers to create the perfect dining backdrop. Designed to maximize the dining experience, the Earls Kitchen & Bar atmosphere offers an organized, timeless, and dynamic appeal. Earls Kitchen & Bar also earn notoriety for offering impeccable service.

Earls Kitchen & Bar Canada Jobs and Salary Information

Earls Kitchen & Bar offers a wide range of entry-level jobs and full-time careers. With large, highly active restaurants, Earls Kitchen & Bar requires a sizable workforce. A host of part-time jobs and full-time careers exist at the restaurant. Workers may take interest in guest-service jobs in the front of house or food-preparation jobs in back of house. Leadership positions exist in back of house and front of house. Outside of the restaurant, Earls Kitchen & Bar offers head-office careers in business development, operations, culinary and bar development, marketing, HR, finance, design, logistics, and office administration. Popular in-restaurant job titles include:


  • A host acts as the first point of contact in an exceptional dining experience.
  • An Earls Kitchen & Bar host engages patrons and creates a memorable, customized experience.
  • Earls Kitchen & Bar looks for workers with strong communication skills and pleasant, helpful attitudes.
  • Hosts earn between $9.00 and $11.00 an hour.


  • Setters create a clean and organized dining environment for guests to enjoy.
  • Responsibilities include clearing tables, setting silverware and napkins, and arranging tables and seats for groups.
  • Setters also help great and seat customers when needed.
  • Earls Kitchen & Bar needs upbeat individuals to fill setter jobs.
  • On average, setters earn about $10.00 an hour.

Prep Cook

  • A prep cook makes ingredients in house and prepares fresh, skillfully crafted dishes.
  • An entry-level position, the prep cook job serves as a stepping stone to a career as a chef.
  • Prep cooks make an average of $11.00 an hour.
  • A chef may earn a salary of about $60,000 a year.


  • An Earls Kitchen & Bar Bartender takes orders and delivers drinks in a fast and efficient manner.
  • Additional duties include cleaning the bar and glassware and monitoring and ordering supplies.
  • A bartender needs strong customer service skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Bartenders generally make about $13.00 an hour.

Benefits of Working at Earls Kitchen & Bar Canada

Dedicated to maintaining a top-notch team, Earls Kitchen & Bar offers excellent work benefits to qualified associates. Eligible workers earn financial benefits, such as 401(k) retirement plans, service rewards, and bonuses. Medical benefits may include health and wellness plans, life insurance coverage, and disability care. Associates typically need to work at least 40 hours a week to qualify for Earls Kitchen & Bar employee benefits.

In addition to work benefits packages, Earls Kitchen & Bar offers benefits that all associates may enjoy. First and foremost, the restaurant chain provides a positive work environment and boasts that working won’t feel like work. Employees also enjoy flexible scheduling and restaurant discounts. Career-minded associates may access ample career advancement opportunities. Dedicated to employee success, Earls Kitchen & Bar often promotes from within. Entry-level front-of-house workers may transition into management jobs and back-of-house jobs may lead to chef careers. Hardworking, productive, and effective associates may even progress into careers in the corporate offices.


Experienced restaurateur Leroy Earl Fuller and his son Stanley Earl Fuller wanted to open a burger and beer joint that offered quality food in a relaxed atmosphere. In 1982, the pair opened the first location in Edmonton, Alberta and simply called it Earls Kitchen & Bar. The concept quickly caught on and Earls Kitchen & Bar spread across Western Canada. Over the years, Earls Kitchen & Bar then moved into the rest of Canada and then international with locations in the United States. An environmentally focused company, Earls Kitchen & Bar improved sustainability by introducing LED lighting into the restaurants in 2011. A growing restaurant chain, Earls Kitchen & Bar remains family own and operated.


Staying true to the original concept, Earls Kitchen & Bar specializes in burgers and beer. Earls Kitchen & Bar burgers combine top-grade Angus beef and quality add-ons, like melted aged cheddar, dry cured bacon, and sautéed mushrooms. Freshly prepared in house every morning, the signature fresh sesame seed bun completes the Earls Kitchen & Bar burger. In addition to burgers, the Earls Kitchen & Bar menu includes a wide range of appetizers, dinner entrees, and desserts. Appetizers range from simple delights like chicken wings and ribs to unique creations like yam fries, dynamite prawn, and baby calamari. Dinner options include salads, pizzas, noodles, sandwiches, and steaks. Accommodating all customers, Earls Kitchen & Bar offers vegan and gluten free options for most dinners. Earls Kitchen & Bar offers a number of exquisite desserts, like berries and cream short cake, chocolate sticky toffee pudding, and hot toffee Sunday.


A Family owned and operated venture, Earls Kitchen & Bar remains a privately held company. Financial earnings and records remain undisclosed. Earls Kitchen & Bar also owns sister companies Joeys and Cactus Club Café.

Minimum age to work at Earls Kitchen & Bar: 16

Official Site: http://earlswantsyou.com/