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Druxy’s Fresh Deli Revolution offers traditional sandwiches and deli items in a contemporary environment. The Ontario-based restaurant chain holds more than 40 locations in neighborhoods throughout Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, and Oshawa. Although Druxy’s operates as a quick-service deli, the company promotes personal choice with a menu emphasizing fresh ingredients. Due to steady franchise growth, customers may find plenty of Druxy’s delicatessens in hospitals, office buildings, airports, and shopping malls across Southern Ontario.

Focusing on selection, Druxy’s deli restaurants offer an astounding number of sandwiches, salads, and even breakfast items. All sandwiches feature a variety of meats, breads, vegetables and toppings, cheeses, and sauces. Locations even allow customers to create customizable grilled cheese sandwiches, with a choice of cheese, bread, and toppings. The restaurant chain also features salads with over two dozen unique dressings. Druxy’s offers an extensive catering menu for office parties or any other event, complete with breakfast trays, desserts, salads, sandwiches, appetizers, and beverages.

With close to 50 locations across the Ontario area, Druxy’s employs a rather sizable workforce. The company hopes to open at least six new locations every year for the foreseeable future. Both new and old establishments will need to hire dependable and courteous employees for a variety of jobs. Whether looking for a first job or pursuing more advanced work in the restaurant industry, Druxy’s provides ideal employment opportunities for job seekers at all career levels. Druxy’s encourages entry-level workers and professional associates alike to apply for available jobs.

Druxy’s Job Positions and Salary Information
Druxy’s delicatessen franchise features a mix of entry-level jobs, management positions, and professional career opportunities. Interested individuals may apply online with a resume or visit the nearest location and fill out a job application form. Druxy’s clearly defines all available positions, complete with job responsibilities, required skills, and additional information about the Druxy’s work experience. Most Druxy’s delicatessens feature the following available jobs:

Counter Staff – Counter staff associates spend the most time with Druxy’s customers, providing professional and courteous service. Basically, workers take customer orders, cook food, and create sandwiches and other menu items. Employees must perform counter staff duties in an efficient, effective, and friendly manner. Druxy’s managers want to hire counter staff workers with strong communication and teamwork skills, disciplined work ethics, and the ability to follow directions. Prospective associates should also maintain high standards of cleanliness and sanitation. Hourly pay rates for counter staff employees typically fall between $10.00 and $11.00

Manager Trainee/Shift Manager – Manager trainees and shift managers act as the liaison between entry-level employees and restaurant managers. Workers possessing a positive track record of employment with Druxy’s usually receive hiring consideration for open positions. However, applicants with leadership experience at similar restaurants may gain consideration for employment, as well. Shift managers mainly supervise employees and ensure overall customer satisfaction. Trainees also learn about all aspects of the management process in order to achieve the ability to operate a Druxy’s location as restaurant manager.

Restaurant Manager – Managers essentially oversee the day-to-day operations of designated Druxy’s deli restaurants. Essential job responsibilities include monitoring sales and expenses, delegating daily jobs to subordinate workers, and performing several administrative duties. Druxy’s managers strive to maintain high standards of customer service, store presentation, product display, and safety. Additional managerial office duties include scheduling employees for work and processing payroll. Many restaurant managers serve as franchise owners and regularly interact with Druxy’s corporate offices. Managers also routinely interview and hire new employees for open positions. Druxy’s managers usually earn annual salary options starting around $30,000 and generally increasing with experience.

Benefits of Working at Druxy’s
Job benefits available to Druxy’s employees usually depend on certain eligibility requirements, though all locations provide associates with several benefits and perks. Major employment benefits may include medical coverage, financial security programs, and associate rewards that help with the overall work environment. Applicants typically learn more details about available job benefits during the application and interview process.

Every Druxy’s employee enjoys discounts on meals during lunch breaks and visits to the store when not working. Additionally, many stores give out raises, gift cards, and other awards for excellent service. Savings plans and health insurance programs do exist, though typically only for full-time workers, such as assistant managers and restaurant managers. Additionally, qualified workers may apply for 401(k) retirement plans in certain locations. Both part-time employees and full-time associates earn paid vacation time depending on the amount of experience with the company.

Druxy’s Fresh Deli Revolution first began in Toronto, Ontario in October of 1976. Initially, Druxy’s resided in many office buildings, making the delicatessen very popular with corporate workers. Years later, Druxy’s operates more than 46 restaurants, predominantly around Southern Ontario. Major metropolitan and suburban areas hosting a Druxy’s location include Toronto, Niagara Falls, Barrie, London, and Oshawa, to name a few. Aside from office buildings, other venues for Druxy’s include hospitals and healthcare facilities, shopping malls, and even museums and airports.

The Druxy’s concept features several unique menus for customers across Canada: sandwich menu, salad menu, breakfast menu, and catering menu. Popular sandwiches include chicken breast, roast beef, ham, and corned beef, among many others. Bread includes French, pumpernickel, whole wheat, and Kaiser. Salads feature plenty of fresh greens and toppings like tomatoes, black olives, walnuts, mixed peppers, and mushrooms. Dressings include everything from Asian sesame to Creole Dijon. Breakfast foods consist of a variety of sandwiches, as well as classics like French toast, eggs and bacon, oatmeal, and assorted pastries.

Brothers Bruce, Howard, and Peter Druxerman founded Druxy’s in the mid-1970s. The brothers currently manage and oversee the Canadian deli. Extensive franchising makes Druxy’s expansion possible and facilitates financial success for the company. Capable business owners and entrepreneurs may make an initial investment and manage their very own Druxy’s deli restaurant. Prospective franchise owners and customers may contact Druxy’s at corporate headquarters in Gormley, Ontario.

Minimum age to work at Druxy’s: 16

Official Site: http://www.druxys.com/contact-us

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