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Domo operates as a prominent Canadian gas station chain with locations in four provinces. Primarily located in the west, the fuel retailer maintains close to 80 principal properties and supplies several others across the nation. Founded in Winnipeg, MB, in the mid-1950s, the chain grew in size and scope significantly after redesigning existing locations and implementing a modernized business plan in the early 1970s. Retail operations eventually moved further west and include portions of Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia in addition to locations in Manitoba where the chain began.

A competitive chain, the fuel retail company hires articulate, friendly, and motivated individuals to carry out daily business. Workers must enjoy interacting with others, maintaining regular schedules, and living up to clearly defined standards of cleanliness and social acumen. Typical hours for each location run well into the evening and include weekends. Storefronts also remain open on most major holidays when travel generally increases. Positions available also regularly require manual labor. Examples of physical job duties include cleaning and wiping down pumps and checkout countertops, and sweeping and mopping station interior floors. Loading and unloading shipments from suppliers may also comprise daily activities. Applicants must stand in excellent health and possess the ability to move between 11kg and 26kg comfortably.

Job hunters usually encounter entry-level job titles at retail fueling stations. Regardless of positions desired, workers must pass through introductory assessments prior to official hiring. The gas station chain compensates individuals for participating in training programs covering basic operations and expectations of interactions with customers. Training generally covers three eight-hour shifts with a manager. Domo offers continual training for employees throughout the duration of each tenure with the company. The additional training programs take place at irregular intervals and reinforce basic concepts of business as well as supervisory and managerial responsibilities.

Domo Jobs and Salary Expectations

Entry-level positions comprise a majority of available job opportunities at Domo retail stores. Workers may also find supervisory and/or managerial opportunities featuring increased pay and access to job benefits. Part-time, entry-level associates often assume 15- to 30-hour schedules upon hire, while managers traditionally work full-time. Descriptions of the most common positions available sit listed below:

Team Member

  • A general job title, team member encompasses full-service pump duties, cashiering, and stock responsibilities.
  • Applicants must feel comfortable moving around on foot throughout each shift and assisting customers.
  • Late hours may place new-hires in undesirable schedules upon hire; however, individuals demonstrating teamwork, punctuality, and overall enjoyment of station work environments typically move into more agreeable hours over time, such as morning, afternoon, or evening shifts.
  • At minimum, most team members earn between $11.00 CAD and $12.00 CAD hourly.
  • Pay scales move into the $13.00 CAD and $14.00 CAD range with experience gained.


  • Domo gas stations offer lucrative opportunities for full-time employment as managers.
  • Workers may choose from part-time and full-time supervisory roles or assignments as general store managers.
  • Supervisors often start around $15.00 CAD per hour, while store managers enjoy starting salary options in excess of $25,000 CAD and up to $40,000 CAD annually.
  • The fueling station chain stands a firm believer in promoting from within and typically favors inside candidates over outside workers vying for the same positions.
  • Daily tasks include overseeing subordinate employees, setting work schedules, taking inventories and ordering supplies, processing payroll, and assisting in sales as needed.
  • Other duties range from hiring and training new associates to performing sales audits and reporting profits to the company corporate headquarters.

Benefits of Working for Domo

Comprehensive paid training programs and regular opportunities for promotion make Domo gas station jobs ideal for prospective associates. Employees also gain access to bonus rewards, including monthly performance reviews and general recognition for service. Managers typically qualify for employment benefits packages consisting of medical insurance, RRSP plans, and paid time off. As added work benefits, the fueling station chain hosts company outings to honor employees, including holiday parties, outdoor events like ski trips and potlucks, and indoor activities like bowling.


Domo originated as an offshoot division Canadian car dealership of Dominion Motors in the late 1950s. After opening the first location in Winnipeg, MB, in 1970, the chain spread out across Western Canada, with stores in Edmonton, AB, and Vancouver, BC, by 1980. Later in the decade, the gas station moved into Calgary, AB, Saskatoon, SK, and Regina, SK, markets.

Products and Services

The overarching business concepts used to run Domo gas stations include full-service operations, which cover every individual need of customers. Workers pump gas, wipe and wash windows, check fluids, and ring up purchases for every vehicle. Each location sells assorted snacks and miscellaneous travel items, as well. Most stores also offer restroom facilities.


A privately owned company, Domo maintains corporate headquarters in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. The gas station consistently pulls in annual revenues over $100 million CAD, with projected earnings for 2015 in excess of $200 million CAD. Due to widespread popularity, the major retail chain plans to launch an IPO in the coming years to increase profits and further involve customers in daily operations.

Minimum Age to Work at Domo: 15

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